Why Does My Water Taste Sweet

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Water is a rich source of vital nutrients that make up most of the body fluid, and also it keeps the body healthier and fit. Moreover, it maintains the circulation of blood in the body.

Why Does My Water Taste Sweet

Drinking adequate water helps in the expected growth of cells and tissues that carry oxygen, as water contains magnesium, calcium, and iron. Drinking water daily also keeps the skin fresh and glowing.

However, sometimes you feel your tap water tastes sweet because it’s not a big problem that can’t be solved. Mainly the water tastes sweet due to the mineral imbalance and the disturbance of Ph value.

Furthermore, the plumbing issues also affect the taste of water and the medical problems, and the food you consume also affects the taste buds, and you feel the water is a bit sweet.

To learn why does my water taste sweet, keep reading;

5 Reasons that Makes Water Taste Sweet


Water is a vital source of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium necessary for the healthy growth of the body. In addition, drinking water rich in minerals can make the skin fresh and glowing.

However, the slightest imbalance of minerals, especially calcium, can make the water sweet and feel the taste of water odd.


Water has a Ph value of 7 which makes it neutral, neither acidic nor basic, however, a slight change in Ph can affect the taste of water and makes it sweet.

Low Ph value can change the taste of water and makes it bitter & acidic which can cause serious stomach problems.

High Ph value makes the water highly sweet and you feel the taste unpleasant and also it reduces the consumption of water due to the sweetness.


The water pipes made up of metals can also alter the taste of your water because the plumbing issues cause the leaching of arsenic and cadmium into the pipes.

Moreover, the water present in the pipes also contains limescale deposits that can change its smell and taste and make it sweeter for use.


Medical problems like diabetes can enhance the sugar level in the blood which may also affect the taste buds and you feel the water tastes sweeter because the salivary glands add sugar to the saliva.

Furthermore, the flu, cough, and certain other inflammations can change the water taste in your mouth as the body adds glucose to the saliva.

However, it can be cured with the help of medicines that restore the natural efficiency of taste buds.


The food you consume can also affect the taste buds and it changes the taste of water in your mouth as if you have consumed water after eating something sweet, you will feel the water taste sweeter because of the sweet residue left on your tongue.

In other cases, if you have eaten something sour and then you drink water, it will obviously feel sweet in taste as the sourness alters the chemical composition and makes the taste sweeter.


Consuming water can help keep the body hydrated and fresh. It also restores the minerals and eliminates the wastes in sweat.

However, you sometimes feel the water is sweet because of the mineral imbalance and the high or low Ph value of water that affect the composition.

Medical problems like diabetes add sugar to saliva and you feel the water a bit sweet as well. The plumbing issues and food you have consumed can affect the taste buds.

These are the 5 reasons that the water tastes sweet and I hope this article will help you to learn them in detail. Thanks!

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