What Should My Water Softener Hardness Be Set At

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A water softener is a filtration system for your whole house. It has the sole purpose of removing minerals that causes hardness in water. These minerals are calcium and magnesium that are present in your water. They are removed through a process called ion exchange.

What Should My Water Softener Hardness Be Set At

Why it is beneficial to use a water softener?

Hard water will create chaos in your household as the scale can build up inside your pipes. This can cause decreased water pressure and clogging of pipes. Along with that, the scale gradually shortens the lifetime of your appliances that are, coffee maker, ice-machines, dishwasher, and washing machines.

Moreover, if the temperature of the water is high, the magnesium and calcium will solidify more inside your water heater. People living in hard water territory would relate to how their water heater may sound like popping popcorn.

It happens due to the scale that has been attaching itself to the heating element. So when the temperature of the heater will raise and the tank will expand, the solidified rock deposits will crack up. This is the main reason for the machine making a popcorn sound.

Had it not been for the water softener, your laundry would have demanded more detergent to keep it from looking gloomy and drab. The dished would come out as stained and streaky and your soap or shampoo will not make lather. So, the only solution to this chaos is a water softener for you.

What should my water softener hardness be set at?

When you get to check your water softener and see if it needs more salt in your brine tank. It may look like that you have been adding the salt less than what you used to. So is the setting of your water softness is incorrect or when should the setting of water softener hardness be set at?

Well, the amount of hardness in your water should determine the setting. Along with that, old water softeners set the hardness of the water softener slightly higher than usual because the resin becoming less efficient.

But, when the conditions are ideal enough, set your new water softener on your water hardness. When this happens, your water softener will do all the work for you. There may come times when the situations and water may differ so you will need to set your water softener hardness on an amount that is different than what the water hardness has.

How would your water softener know the hardness of your water?

Originally, the hardness of your water should determine the setting for your water softener hardness. As you know by now that the old water softener needs the setting of a slightly higher than the usual level of setting if iron is needed to be removed from the water.

So to have soft water to be available for your home, your water softener needs to know how much hard your water is.

Before regeneration, the water softener has a resin that can remove a limited amount of hardness from your water. Along with that, the setting of hardness is the thing that informs the water softener about how much quantity of water it needs to use. After this, it will generate the water resin.

As for the electric water softener, they use the number of hardness which will aid in calculating the number of times of water softener regeneration. Along with that, it also controls the usage of salt that needs to generate the amount of resin inside the water softener.

Some of the water softeners that are basic, need to set the salt dosage manually that will also depend on the hardness of your water. The setting of the dosage of salt is very easy that you can set it yourself. You only need to check the user manual that will let you know about the setting of the salt dosage on your water softener.

Is the setting of hardness on a non-electric water softener easy or difficult?

The setting of hardness on a non-electric water softener is a bit difficult. The reason is that the non-electric softener does not contain any mechanical disc that aids to determine when the regeneration needs to be done.

There is a benefit of having a metering disc and that is that you will never feel the need of changing the setting of your water softener.

But we all know that the situation or the condition of the water changes with the pace of time. Therefore, there may come a time when the softener might not get regenerated properly and you will receive hard water.

Another possibility is that it can regenerate so many times that it may waste your water and salt. When the situation of water changes, you will have to make a water professional change the meter disc.

When should I check for the correction of my water hardness?

Mostly, the water hardness does not change for many years, but this phenomenon can depend upon where you live and what could affect the hardness of your water in that area. Even a construction site a mile away from your place can be a factor affecting the hardness of your water.

Furthermore, a slight power malfunction can make your water softener lose its programmed setting. This can cause more regeneration of resin or maybe not even enough for your home. I would strongly suggest testing the hardness of your water that will let you know how you can change the hardness settings.

You can use a simple water hardness test kit. This kit is very efficient and will let you know in seconds that whether there is a change in your water hardness or not. If you need adjustments to your water softener’s hardness, the test will also inform you about that.


After reading the whole article, I hope that you are aware of what your water softener hardness should be set at. I also hope that this article has answered all of your fundamental queries. Thank you for giving it a read!

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