Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier Review
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Looking for a top-notch water purifier and yet not something too bulky? You have found it, then. The Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier takes care of virtually all germs in water and makes it even more hygienic than bottled water. What’s more, it cuts plastic pollution drastically, as it acts as a substitute for some 19,000 500ml water bottles. 19,000?!


  • It is the most certified water purifier there is!
  • Ultra effective
  • Compact in size and fits in standard fridge doors
  • Very easy to use


  • Does not have a flashy appearance
  • Some users have reported malfunction of the UV light within months after usage

Have you been using a water filter in your house to maintain the utmost hygiene? Especially at times like these when hygiene is literally the barrier that guards against the horrific life-threatening disease?

Well, if you are, then let us say that’s not enough. A water filter is a good – no, a very good – idea to make sure you always have drinkable water. However, a water filter cannot compete with the latest water hygiene technology today. For instance, it cannot hold a candle to water purifiers when it comes to pure efficacy. And there is arguably no other water purifier as powerful and reliable as the Waterlogic Firewall WL-3101 Hybrid Home Water Purifier.

Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier Review

Who Needs This Product?

This premium water purifier is suitable for most people in the world, really. It is light in weight (just under 8 pounds) and can fit easily into a refrigerator door of standard size. Moreover, it needs just one maintenance session a year. What? Yes, only once a year! Not every few weeks like a water filter, but just once a year!

So why did we say it’s suitable for most people, and not for everyone? That’s because people on a budget might want to opt for a water filter, or other sanitation processes. Furthermore, those who are frequently on the go (not now though with the pandemic) cannot and probably should not invest in a top-notch water purifier. They may look for a water purifier flask instead.

Why We Recommend This Product


  • 99.9999% bacteria
  • 99.99% viruses
  • 99.9% cysts
  • Several sediments such as lead and chlorine 100% of the time

So many 9’s out there! Yes, the numbers aren’t there for exaggeration; they have actually been tested. The Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval from the US Water Quality Association, in addition to filling WHO and American standards NSF P231, ANSI-55 Class A, ANSI-53, ANSI-42. Yes, it’s a huge deal! And no other water purifier has received such acclamation.

We would like to draw particular attention to the fact that the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier tackles viruses. This is something that water filters don’t do. There are three pieces of technology which the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier uses to maintain this feat:

  • The active carbon filter takes care of filtration of germs and other pollutants, thereby keeping the water drinkable and tasty too!
  • The Firewall™ UV technology is the one which removes bacteria. It works 100% of the time and eliminates 99.9999% bacteria.
  • The BioCote® makes sure that the bacteria stay removed. It does so by making for a bacteria growth inhibiting layer on exposed surfaces. This protection lasts for a long time too.
Why We Recommend This Product
A Water Pitcher Filter won’t cut it like a Water Purifier


As mentioned, the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier lightweight and portable as far as water purifiers go. At 3.6 kg or 7.9 lb., it isn’t exactly light as a feather. And it is supposed to be like that. It’s not like a water filter or a water purifier flask that you can carry on you bag. When comparing water purifiers though, this product scores high on portability. Moreover, it fits easily on most refrigerator doors.


The product is silver and black in color, sporting a classy look. Personally, we dig the look. It looks standard to us in a good way. If you are someone who likes fancy colors, you may not be impressed with its appearance.


Water purifiers are very easy to use! You just have to plug the water purifier in, and then fill it with water. Then what? Then just push the button. That’s it! There is a removable 1.5 liter reservoir. No need of any installation whatsoever. And if the filter gets damaged, just replace it; no need to replace the whole product.

You remember the once a year maintenance we talked about? It’s not so much maintenance as it is replacement of the filter. Just replace the carbon filter and the UV lamp. Yes, there is a UV lamp which gives off a pleasant glow. The lamp will let you know if any further maintenance is needed beyond the one year thing.


Water purifiers aren’t cheap. As they come with advanced technology and overall superior usability to other water sanitation systems, they are somewhat damaging on the pockets. Yet, if you look at the cost of using bottled water on the long run, then a water purifier beats it by miles.

Specifically speaking, the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier will provide you up to 2500 gallons of purified water a year. That’s an insanely large amount of water bottles. If you do the math, you will know that a good water purifier will save you hundreds of dollars in the long haul.

And do you know what’s even more important? Plastic pollution. Water purifiers are a foolproof way to cut on plastic usage in our lifestyles. If we opt for a water purifier as a substitute for bottled water, we get as pure or even purer water (if you opt for the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier, for instance) with a reduced cost and do our part on saving the planet!

Tips On Using This Product

Since the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier is compact in size, it can fit into most refrigerator doors. See if it fits into yours. If not, don’t fret. You can place it anywhere you have room and where you can plug it.

Technically, the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier is unable to dispense cold water. We have seen this as one of the complaints in its product reviews. We have a solution for this limitation: put some ice cubes on the water purifier, and voila! Ice cold pure water for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the water capacity of the removable reservoir that comes with the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier?

The Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier comes with a removable reservoir which has a capacity of 1.5 liters.

2. What impurities do the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier filter?

The Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier purifies water from the sediments (which are visible residue in water such as sand, metals, dust), chemicals such as chlorine and zinc, cysts, bacteria, viruses. The fact that it tackles viruses as well is quite novel among water sanitation systems.

3. How much does the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier weigh?

The Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier weighs at 7.9 pounds, or 3.6 kg. Compared to other water purifiers, it is light in weight and compact in design. It is designed to fit conveniently into most fridge doors.

4. How much water in total can the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier filter?

The Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier purifies 2500 gallons of water in a year! Afterwards, the filter should be replaced along with the UV lights.

5. How do I know that the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier is malfunctioning?

You should change the filter yearly, along with the UV lights. If, for whatever reason, a water purifier declines in service, you may not notice unless you test the water with sophisticated tools. However, with the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier, you will know immediately, courtesy of the UV light!

A Final Word

Without a doubt, the Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier is a dependable product, one that will serve you beyond purified water throughout its shelf life. And if you want to extend its lifespan, you need not do much. Just don’t let it get physically damaged. And if there is any complications, you will know of them anyway because of the UV light signal!

Wash you hands, and drink pure water as well. The Waterlogic Firewall Hybrid Water Purifier wishes you all hygiene-filled days to come!

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