Top 5 Benefits of Using a Dishwasher Water Filter

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Nearly everyone loves using clean sparkling dishes. However, once they are used, cleaning needs to be done. You wouldn’t like to reuse a dirty dish, would you? To help maintain clean dishes, some opt for handwashing them. On the other hand, others invest in a dishwasher water filter to help perform the task. What is it and what are some of the benefits of using a dishwasher water filter.

Benefits of Using a Dishwasher Water Filter

What is a Dishwasher Water Filter?

Most households using tap or well water have to deal with its hardness. Whether you have a private water source or rely on the one supplied in your taps by the water plants hard water can be a challenge.

The significant mineral content in such water can be challenging to your dishwasher too. Therefore, using water with no minerals in cleaning your dishes in a dishwasher can do you some good. A dishwasher water filter is one that uses filtered water to clean the dishes.

Benefits of Using a Dishwasher Water Filter

Every dishwasher helps in saving time compared to handwashing. Also, it proves to be cost-efficient in the long run and also help prevent your dishes from breaking. Furthermore, dishwashers are healthier and safer to use.

However, there are specific benefits attributed to a dishwasher water filter. Below are some of the wonderful experiences you will have if you opt to use a dishwasher water filter;

  1. Cleaner Dishes

The tap water supplied through the water systems to your house usually contain dissolved minerals which make it hard. Additionally, that kind of water has high concentrations of magnesium and calcium in it. Moreover, it contains other chemicals and contaminants which can have adverse effects on your health.

Furthermore, when the hard water you use in cleaning your dishes evaporates, the minerals harden on glassware and silverware surfaces. Therefore, using hard water in cleaning your dishes can leave calcium and magnesium deposits on your dishes. Who would want to have their dishes stained? It is at this point when a dishwasher water filter comes in handy.

The water filter will soften the hard water by removing a greater percentage of the dissolved minerals and contaminants. So, using a dishwasher water filter allows you to enjoy cleaner dishes. This is because if you use it, there will be less mineral build-up on your dishes, hence your dishes are left cleaner.

  1. Fewer Clogs

As we have seen, hard water contains mineral deposits. Such deposits can clog up pipes and components containing water in your dishwasher. The clogging happens when scale or limescale deposits pile and build upon such surfaces.

The results are that the piping is hardened hence causing them to clog. Furthermore, you can easily remove some of these clogs by changing the pipes and other components containing water in your dishwasher.

On the other hand, some clogs may destroy your machine for the remaining service life. Therefore, if you want to avoid or reduce the clogging in your dishwasher pipes, you can opt to use a dishwasher water filter which will reduce or get rid of the deposits.

  1. Reduced Rusting of Metals

Your dishwasher has components that are made of metal. When the hard water from your tap passes through such surfaces, the amount of scale deposits is increased. Therefore, they build up and can eventually corrode the layers protecting the metal surfaces from rusting.

Once the protective layer is stripped off, the metal components rust at an increased rate. Moreover, you will notice reed coloring on your pipes due to increased deposits that attract iron and rust. The results? The corrosion of metal components of your dishwasher forms small holes that later corrode other metal surfaces to cause more rusting.

Therefore, to avoid or reduce the rate of rusting of the metal components of your dishwasher, you can use a dishwasher water filter. The rate of build-up and corrosion will be decreased since the mineral deposits responsible for this will be removed or decreased.

  1. Longevity of Pumps and Valves

Your dishwasher is composed of parts that are moving such as valves and pumps. Hard water in your taps may cause build-up scales on such components. After some time, the thickness of the scale may prevent the movable parts from stopping their motion and hence not functioning properly.

Furthermore, the components moving at a very fast speed may become weak or lose shape when they pass through the scales. This means that the pumps and valves together with any other movable component in your dishwasher will not stop functioning well, but will also last for a shorter period.

You will then need to make a costly replacement. Therefore, to help lengthen the life of the components of your dishwasher which are in constant motion, you

  1. Less Soap

The hard water in your water system is prone to forming scales and deposits. When such scales are formed on the water used to clean your dishes, the amount of soap used increases. This, therefore, means that you spend lots of money. However, the scales and deposits will be reduced or removed when you invest in a dishwasher water filter.

With this, your dishwasher will also thank you, it will perform better and give you an improved cleaning experience. When the cleaning is that effective and the water filter, you will use less amount of soap. Therefore, you get to save money on the soap used in cleaning.

A dishwasher water filter allows you to cut the usage of soap to almost 50%. Isn’t that wonderful? Continued usage of such a dishwasher can save you quite a lot of money for the time you use the machine. Who wouldn’t want his or her dishwasher water filter working efficiently and saving some money as a result?


Using a dishwasher filter to clean your dishes allows you to save time and money in the long run. However, dealing with hard water can be challenging. Therefore, a dishwasher water filter is a way to go, It comes with different types including under sink, inline, and reverse osmosis systems, So choose as per your requirements.

Not only will you get cleaner dishes, but you will also reduce clogging and rusting in the machine’s components. The above benefits of using a dishwasher water filter may prompt you to give it a try.

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