Quality Water Treatment SoftPro GREEN RO System Review

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SoftPro Green RO System

Handling drinking water with a lot of care has always been a practice that households have seriously considered. The emergence of water-borne diseases, or better put, the discovery of such agents due to technology, led to water treatment procedures.

One of such essential equipment in the industry is SoftPro Green that treats water by reverse osmosis technique. If you have been reading through the spectacular reviews on the item’s client review section, you won’t stop but be tempted to try one. The complete package comprises a sedimentation unit with coconut shells activated carbon-block filters and its installation kit with accessories.

Features of SoftPro Green RO

To help you evaluate the functionality of the SoftPro green water purification system, we discuss exciting aspects that will help you make a better buying decision.

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  • Filtering Capacity

The water purifier comprising a 5-stage reverse osmosis filtration system has enough volume to sustain your extended family for a whole day. With a capacity to clean 75 gallons of tap water, the SoftPro system is one of the high-efficiency water-treatment systems on the market. Additionally, you will have a 3.2-gallon storage tank.

You do well reviewing its waste ratio compared to other reverse osmosis systems out there to develop some respect for this master design. In most, the rate at which they lose water as wastes is alarming. The SoftPro Green design advances the water treatment procedures that most you find with other brands. It has a 1:1 ratio of wastewater after the purification process, contrary to other filtering systems with up to 3 to 4 waste ratios.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

Its reverse osmosis system may come with an alkalizing or a standard carbon filter. The alkalizing filter is better for your health than its substitute, which lowers the pH of the end product. Consequently, it derives a name from alkaline properties that improve your water quality for consumption.

The SoftPro Green design has a 5-stage reverse osmosis filtration procedure that ensures thorough water purification before reaching the tap. The pores on the sediment filters have a size of five microns for trapping large particles of dust. The second stage brings water into contact with a ten-micron coconut shell that has activated charcoal.

The third stage reduces chlorine, odor, and organic contaminants in the water as it passes through a ten-micron block of carbon. The water afterward faces the highest scrutiny in the reverse osmosis system that traps all toxic heavy metals. This purification process also does the final elimination of fine-dissolved solids.

Stage-4 is the most critical step in the SoftPro Green purification system. When stage five tunes to place, all dirt and contaminants are out of the way. It winds up the process by dealing with odor and giving a taste to the water. The above five stages are essential SoftPro osmosis filtration processes that earn the design its reputation.

  • 5 Stages RO System
  • Easy DIY Installing
  • Low water wastage as compare to other ROs
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Installation Kit Included
  • Large size design
  • Standard carbon filter may remove healthy minerals as well

Why Can You Consider Buying SoftPro GREEN RO?

Several reasons flash through our memories regarding reasons for using the SoftPro Green water purifier at your place.

  • Advanced Filtration System

The water treatment procedures that most conventional bodies certify should ensure low harm to human life. Consequently, using the SoftPro Green filter is a sure guarantee, especially if you resort to alkalizing filters.

With a five-step reverse osmosis filtration process, you can gain confidence as you gulp from every fill that your system provides. Impurities such as heavy toxic metals, microorganisms, and acid-inducing minerals like chlorine don’t find a place in your pure water.

  • Efficient wastewater management

Every household that uses SoftPro Green has the advantage of not wasting much of its precious liquid of life through wasteful purification systems. SoftPro will ensure that you get the services for your acquisition with satisfactory returns.

You will not lose more than a gallon for every gallon of water you filter using this product. Likewise, you get the best of aftersales services from an ever-concerned customer desk at the company’s offices.

  • Installation

You don’t have to be an expert plumber to mount your SoftPro system. You can manage it personally if you closely adhere to the installation procedure on the manual book. Additionally, you can contact the item’s service department team for clarifications and other assistance.


Any water treatment procedure with certification should strive to lower as many contaminants as possible in drinking water. If you think of it, SoftPro Green reverse osmosis system accomplishes that feat to a satisfactory level. Its many positive reviews from consumers on its website are proof of the quality it has.

You can trust to get clean drinking water with the taste and presence of essential minerals for your health and that of your loved ones. Its efficacy is unique, toppling most competitors contending for its ranks. Its five-stage purification is an outstanding feature with high efficiency and reduced havoc in the operation of its system.

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