SimPure Water Filter Faucet Review

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SimPure Water Filter Faucet Review

Most effective water filters either require heavy installation or regular maintenance which makes them drag on your routines. Furthermore, these filtration systems don’t often provide filtration for fluoride which bothers you more.

This tap mount water filter comes with easy installation and removes maximum contaminants, including chlorine, lead, and fluoride. SimPure Water Filter Faucet is one of the best tap mount filters which provide you with clean and healthy water.

Moreover, this faucet also has a larger capacity and easy maintenance. It provides you with a heavy flow rate and comes in a visible transparent shell. It removes 99% of the contaminants and also removes odors which give you superior quality drinking water.

SimPure is a renowned brand that provides a variety of filter systems for the whole house. They also provide air purification solutions. This experience in the industry vouches for their premium quality in the filtration of your water supply.

Let us now get to the key features of this innovative water filtration system:

SimPure Faucet Filter’s Features

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  1. Superior Filtration

This faucet mount filter provides you with superior filtration than other filters. It is contained ultra-absorptive and activated carbon material which provides you with maximum filtration.

This system removes more than 80 types of harmful substances from your water, making it safer and healthier to drink. Moreover, tlar filter also reduces heavy contaminants like fluoride, chlorine, and lead up to, ais a feature hardly offered by other filters. It also removes other heavy metals from your water as well.

  1. High Water Flow

This tap mount filter provides you with a higher capacity water filtration of 320 gallons. This is almost 3 times more than other tap mount filters. Hence, you can use plenty of water and require less maintenance.

Moreover, while providing more capacity, this filter also provides a faster flow rate of filtered water. This feature allows you to fill almost 4 water bottles in a single minute.

  1. Retain Beneficial Minerals

This filter is packed with membranes as narrow as 0.1 micrometers which are 99% of the harmful contaminants but it doesn’t filter any of the healthier minerals. Hence, the minerals which are beneficial for your body will remain in the water for your benefit.

Clean and tasty water is needed in every household, but if your filtration system also takes out the healthy minerals, water is less beneficial for you. SimPure Water Filter Faucet not only gives you pure but also healthy water by retaining those health beneficent minerals.

  1. Easy Installation

This faucet mount filter comes in a DIY design and doesn’t require any plumbing skills or equipment. You can install it in less than a minute and get cleaner and safer water at your disposal for drinking and kitchen use.

Moreover, it also comes in an effective trathatent design which allows you to see how the filtration pandoing on and also tells you when the filter requires cleaning or replacement. Its body is both durable and scratch-resistant.

Installation of the SimPure Water Filter Faucet

The installation of this SimPure Water Filter Faucet is extremely easy. You don’t require any plumbing skills or equipment and still, you can do it yourself within less than a minute. Hence, you have quick access to cleaner, healthier, and tasty drinking water.

You just need to mount this filter on your faucet. This tap mount filter also has a separate output of raw water, hence when you aren’t drinking or cooking, you can easily access raw water and save your filter capacity for a longer time.

Although this filter faucet fits most faucets, there are some which it doesn’t. For that you will need a specific size or adapter, hence you must consult with the provider and give details about your faucet before buying.


The maintenance of this filter is also very easy. It is made easier by the transparent design and filter change reminder. Both of these features allow you to know exactly when to change the filter, making it cost-effective.

The transparent design allows you to watch the filtration and also observe when to clean or change the filter. You are required to change the filter every 4 to 6 months or whenever you have reached the peak limit of 400 gallons.

The inside of the filter is washable and you are required to clean it once every week. The filter change reminder is like a month’s clock. Hence, when you change the filter, you can move the dial to the current month and you will always know when you have changed the filter.

  • Superior Filtration
  • Filter Change Reminder
  • Fluoride Filtration
  • Easy to Install
  • High Flow Rate
  • Retains Beneficial Minerals
  • Transparent Shell Design
  • Requires cleaning once a week
  • Some Reported Leaking Issues (Solvable)


Here are some frequently asked questions:

  1. Does SimPure Water Filter Faucet remove fluoride and other heavy metals?

Yes. This water filter removes fluoride and other heavy metals up to 99%. However, it retains beneficial minerals in your water for healthy drinking.

  1. Is there a diverter to use raw water?

Yes. This filter comes with a design that allows you to use raw water or filtered water as per your need with just a simple switch.

  1. How often do you have to change the filter?

You have to change the filter every 4 to 6 months. It may vary as per your water usage. The filter provides you with a high capacity of 320 gallons which can peak at 400 gallons if you keep up regular maintenance.

Final Views

This faucet mount filter is one of the best choices for your kitchen or office. You can get clean and safe water within seconds which will also be healthy for you. Moreover, SimPure Water Filter Faucet is very easy to maintain and provides you with superior filtration.

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