The 30 Scientifically Amazing Facts about Water

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Amazing Facts about Water

Water is the most needed and most common substance that exists on earth. No life can survive without water. There are some scientifically amazing facts about water that you would love to know.

  1. A human body is made of almost 65% water. Babies have more water in their bodies than adults. Our brain and heart contain more than 70% water whereas the kidneys and muscles have almost 79% water. The skin has 64% water and the bones are made of more than 1/4th part water.
  2. 97% of the Earth is filled with water, and that too, salty. Out of this 97%, only 0.3% is freshwater which is found in lakes, streams, ponds, and rivers.
  3. Around 68% of the freshwater is frozen and in form of glaciers. Therefore, more than half of the freshwater is unavailable for usage. The remaining percentage is on the ground and hence, can be consumed.
  4. The freezing point of water is 0 °C. it lowers down when the amount of salt dissolved in it is increased. The average freezing point of seawater is – 2 °C.
  5. Under certain circumstances, hot water freezes faster than cold water. This phenomenon is known as the Mpemba effect.
  6. The saltiness of the ocean water varies from ocean to ocean. The Pacific Ocean is less salty than the Atlantic Ocean. The world’s saltiest water is found in a lake known as Don Juan Pond, in Antarctica.
  7. When liquids solidify their density increases. This is because the atoms come closer to each other when they form a solid. In the case of water, it is the opposite. Solid water, that is ice, has less density than liquid water. This is the reason; ice cubes float in your glass of water!
  8. 1 gallon of water is approximately equal to 3.7 liters. 1 liter of water is equal to 1 kilogram whereas 1 cubic meter of water measures 1 ton.
  9. More than 700 million do not have access to clean drinking water. The top countries that lack basic water services include Ethiopia, Somalia, Chad, Niger, and Mozambique.
  10. Water is said to have a sticky nature. It forms droplets and forms a round shape. This characteristic of water makes it suitable for plants as well. The water molecules stick themselves with the xylem of the plant and easily travel from the roots towards the stem and the leaves.
  11. The food a family consumes daily takes around 6800 gallons of water. Talking about the water intake, an average man drinks around 3.7 liters of water whereas the average daily water intake of women is said to be around 2.7 liters.
  12. If you lessen your daily water intake you can face a lot of health issues. These include constipation and abdominal pains. Also, if you do not get a sufficient amount of water, you may lead to dehydration which can cause other complications.
  13. The Earth’s atmosphere is comprised of various gases that make the existence of life possible. The Earth’s atmosphere holds around 37.5 million billion gallons of water in a gaseous state, that is water vapors. If compared, the Earth’s atmosphere has more water than the water in all the rivers combined.
  14. Water expands when frozen. Before reaching its freezing point, water expands approximately 9%.
  15. To manufacture 1 ton of steel, around 300 tons of water is needed. To make 1 gallon of gasoline, 19 liters of water is required.
  16. Water is the only substance that we can see in all three forms. All three forms of water have a temperature that can be heard by humans.
  17. Around 1000 gallons of water are evaporated from swimming pools every month.
  18. If all of the water from the Earth’s atmosphere is distributed evenly, it would make around 1 inch on the entire Earth.
  19. A faucet that leaks can drip around 3000 gallons of water annually.
  20. A single toilet can waste around 200 gallons of water per day. For a single bath, around 70 gallons of water is consumed.
  21. According to the World Health Organization, a person needs around 5 gallons of water per day. This includes food requirements and other hygiene needs.
  22. The process of manufacturing a car takes more than 39,000 gallons of water.
  23. The making of 1-pound chocolate consumes around 3170 gallons of water.
  24. To make a single gallon of wine, more than 1000 gallons of water is wasted.
  25. Water has a higher boiling point than many other substances. Therefore, it can absorb a good amount of heat. This is the reason behind the use of coolants in the radiators of cars.
  26. If calculated the daily water consumption in a house, more than 50% is used in the bathrooms.
  27. A human being can live only a week without water.
  28. A cucumber has around 95% water.
  29. Around 200 children die every hour due to impure water.
  30. Drinking excess water can be dangerous to health.


These are the less-known facts about water. Water is life, and no living thing can survive without water. Saving water is not only our responsibility but also, a necessity as many countries in the world are facing water shortages. Saving water is in our hands. Saving water can help save the Earth and several lives. Save every drop of water before we run out of it!

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