santevia alkaline water pitcher
Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher
  • Size
  • Build quality
  • Taste
  • Ease of use
  • Purification


While most filters just add minerals to the water, this pitcher is more responsible as it takes care of the alkalinity of your water allowing your body cells at peak levels. It has a respectable size that can store a lot of water while also being compact enough to fit into a refrigerator.

Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher (Black)
  • Comes with 1 filter included
  • Produces mineralized, alkaline water as recommended by the World Health Organization


  • Alkalinity levels achieved are second to none
  • Nicely sized
  • Gets rid of lead


  • Not the easiest to handle

Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher is the latest filtering pitcher introduced by the Santevia systems. It was launched under the Mina Slim range and has a large tank capacity and adds minerals and ions back to water through its filter system. More importantly, it makes the water alkaline which helps in better digestion and maintaining the overall pH of the body.

Who Needs The Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher?

Fresh and clean water is always a priority, however, in the process of cleaning and making the water drinkable, it loses all its minerals. To retain these minerals and ions you need to switch to properly filtered alkaline water as it will also provide you with added advantages.

Santevia Systems have built this water pitcher to provide you with all of the above benefits and more.

It makes the water alkaline which means water having a pH of 8 to 9. In other words it is more basic than that provided by the tap water which generally has a pH of 7. This alkalinity reduces the acidity in the gut and hence maintains pH of the body. It is important to maintain the overall pH of the body as our lungs and liver work on the principal of this acid-base balance. More acidic state in the cells causes lack of oxygen and hence cells must constantly be alkaline in nature to function effectively. 

Who Needs The Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher?

Also, alkaline water contains alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium which are important for your bones. It also boosts up the immune system and helps in weight-loss, hydration of skin and also has antioxidant properties. 

This pitcher helps in making water alkaline in nature. Also reduces contaminants from the water and add minerals and ions back to it. Daily use of this alkaline water pitcher will give you lifelong wellness.

Why We Recommend The Santevia Alkaline Water Pitcher

With tank capacity of 48 ounces and fast filter speed and good flavour this pitcher is an incredible option for several reasons Let’s discuss a few of them:

  • Large capacity: As already mentioned above, this pitcher can hold upto 1.42 liters of water that can serve one person for half the day. This pitcher has capacity of 72 ounces. It also comes with a filter included and its filter capacity is almost double of what other filters can hold as it produces 12508 glasses of water. 
  • Size: Having dimensions as 11’ ×11’×4.7’, it’s a handy container which comes with an easy to fill lid cover. The body is transparent and is made up of Tritan plastic. This plastic is BPA free and eco-friendly. It is good for storing water for long period and will show no harmful effects. Additionally, because it is not a glass body; it can be stored well and will give long life to the pitcher as the plastic is unbreakable . 

It has a large V-shaped mouth giving it a conventional tumbler look. Also comes with a comfortable and wide handle on the side, to hold the pitcher which makes it easy to handle. It has a covering lid over the top to prevent water from spilling out. It comes in a variety of color options including black, white, red, blue. Overall, it has an appreciable size that easily adjusts within a refrigerator and does not take much space. 

  • Inbuilt alert system: It has a countdown clock that alerts you when it’s time to change the filter so that every glass of water consumed has a right amount of ionic content in it. The countdown clock is the timer set from particular date of installation and will send an alert when the end date arrives so that you don’t have to remember the time periods to change the filter. Every time that you change the filter, you should reset the indicator and the countdown clock starts its work. The indicator is fitted onto the lid of the pitcher that  alarms you every time it needs maintenance . 
  • Improves taste– The filtration process that this pitcher has; enhances the taste of the water and gives you really good and refreshing feeling. The water feels natural and has a bit sweet taste, exactly like the one dripping from a fresh water body. 
  • Filters water – Since conventional cleaning methods such as boiling, sedimentation of water and adding alums do not remove the harmful metals effectively, you should use a good filter instead for the same.   

       In  addition to storing bulk amount of the water and adding flavour to it, this pitcher filters and mineralise  the normal tap water poured into it. It has a solid 6 stage filtering system. The filter removes chlorine, toxins and heavy metals harmful for your health which adds up during agriculture processes.  This filter is claimed to reduce 99 percent of lead and chlorine from the tap water. 

  • Raises pH– The normal tap water comes with acidic-neutral pH and hence this pitcher should be used, as along with filtering and adding minerals to the water it also raises its pH to make it more alkaline which boosts immunity and helps regulate overall body pH. 
  • Built qualityMade up of Tritan plastic, this pitcher is quiet unbreakable. We can surely assure that this product can survive well even if it falls on hard flooring for upto 8 times. It has a good built. Talking about the lid, it stays fit and tight to seal water from dripping down except that the filling flap is a bit delicate and can break easily if used roughly. 

Having a good sized pitcher will also help you keep track of the amount of daily water intake and hence you can maximise the water intake according to your body type which will give you added health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. Is this plastic eco-friendly?

It is BPA free and eco-friendly. 

Q. How does this water taste like?

It has a fresh sweet taste.

Q. Is it travel friendly? 

It’s not the most travel friendly pitcher but you can easily store it if traveling by car.

Q. What color options does the company provide for this pitcher?

You can buy this pitcher in black, white, red and blue color.

Q. Can you fit this pitcher in a refrigerator?

Yes, it is easily adjustable. 

Q. Does it make the hard water soft?

Not really. However, it will certainly reduce many hard metals. 

Q. Can the filter remove fluoride content in the water?

No, it cannot remove fluoride but can reject chlorine and lead effectively. 

A Final Word

This pitcher is a durable one. With good built quality and filtering system, it also provides with good taste of drinking water. It takes a high pitch in the range of price that it offers but is extremely apt for all the features that it has hence this product is a good to buy option. So, if you are looking for a filtering pitcher that can also provide you with alkaline water then you should not miss this one!

Santevia Water Systems Alkaline Water Pitcher (Black)
  • Comes with 1 filter included
  • Produces mineralized, alkaline water as recommended by the World Health Organization

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