NuvoH2O Review – Revolutionary Water Softener

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NuvoH2O Review

Most water softeners use harsh salts to remove harmful minerals from your water, while others use conditioning mechanisms through electricity or other methods. NuvoH2O Water Softener is a unique innovation that uses neither and still produces the same results. We bring the detailed NuvoH2O review to showcase the amazing features and pros & cons of this product so keep reading.

The innovative technology of this water softener system allows for it to be placed anywhere in the house as it is not limited to an electric supply or a drain pipe. This particular water softener comes with ease of use and in terms of maintenance does not bother the owner at all.

The revolutionary technology which is used in this new model by Nuvo uses propriety formulation and a chelating agent to remove the hardness from the water by keeping the minerals intact. Hence, now those earlier harmful minerals will be beneficial for you.

The NuvoH2O is particularly for couple’s residences because it has a small capacity, but if you live in a big house, Nuvo also provides larger models that have more capacity as per family needs. It is also rated eco-friendly and easy to use.

Let’s take an insight into the NuvoH2O review in detail.

NuvoH2O Review

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Key Features You Must Know

  1. Salt free Water Softener

Water softeners usually use harsh salts to treat your water. These softeners use the reaction of those salts and hard water to regenerate soft water which also creates waste material that has to be drained out.

This NuvoH2O Water Softener doesn’t use salts but rather an innovative process to make your water soft. Hence, this removes the need for a drain. The hard water goes into one and softly comes out of the other.

  1. Revolutionary Technology

The NuvoH2O Water Softener uses a revolutionary process to treat the water. It uses the scientific process of chelation to treat tap water. The chelating agent bounds the minerals causing the hardness of water which turns the minerals soluble for you.

This technology also allows for easy management. This softener doesn’t produce any waste and needs a filter change only twice a year, if necessary. The method for checking whether you need filter replacement is also very easy.

  1. Eco-Friendly Compact Design

This water softener comes in a compact design which allows you to place it anywhere. Since it doesn’t need much maintenance, you are not required to visit it daily to keep it at an important place. Moreover, lack the need for electric supply, a proper drain, and salt input, this water softener is famed as an eco-friendly design.

  1. Enhances Water Pressure and Lifetime of Appliances

The groundbreaking water softener transforms the water hardening minerals into soluble ones which retain the strength and integrity of the water supply of your home while also keeping removing the hardness of the water.

This reduces the scaling impact of hard water which stacks up in pipes of your home water system and also the water-using appliances. Hence, it improves the water pressure in your home as well as the lifetime of water-using appliances like heaters, refrigerators, etc. in your home.


The installation of this water softener is easier. You can do it yourself at home without much difficulty. A user installation guide is provided but isn’t much needed because the process is very much simple.

You require some basic plumbing skills for its installation which can be easily learned if you try doing it. However, you will surely need the pieces of equipment:

  • Connectors
  • Pipe Tapes
  • Piping Wrench
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Screwdrivers (Or drill’s accessory)

Although the compact design makes the placement easy and installation requires only basic plumbing, you still need this basic plumbing equipment. If you don’t have them, getting them will surely equip you for future plumbing needs, or you can get a plumber for installation service.

Maintaining the NuvoH2O Water Softener

The maintenance of this NuvoH2O Water Softener is also very easy and simple. It comes with a plastic jack which makes the job much easier for you. The replacement carriages are easily available from the company. The checking process for the need for change is also simple.

Here are the key points for maintenance of this water softener system:

  • Unscrew the container and remove the internal cartridge.
  • Shake it to see if it still produces lightning, if yes keep using the same, if not change it.
  • Change is required after approximately 6 months.
  • Replacement cartridges are installed ready and don’t require any other process.

For cleaning, the outsides can be cleaned with warm soapy water. The use of chemicals for cleaning is restricted because it might pollute your water. However, you can use a good water softener cleaner that is compatible with your product to clean the water softener.

  • Revolutionary Technology
  • Retention of Minerals
  • Reduction of Scale Buildup
  • Improvement in the lifetime of appliances
  • Healthy Soft water
  • Easy Maintenance
  • DIY Installation
  • You require a separate filtration system to remove other containments
  • Cartridges are a bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:

  1. Does NuvoH2O Water Softener remove water hardening minerals?

It doesn’t exactly remove those minerals. It binds them to become soluble in water. Hence, those are freed from their harmful and hardening nature and become beneficial for your home and family.

  1. How often do you have to change cartridges?

You have to change the carriage with a replacement carriage after every 6 months or after the use of 20,000 gallons of water. If the cartridge shows lightning when shaken, it is still useable.

  1. Is this water softener difficult to maintain?

The eco-friendly design and innovative technology make maintenance very easy. You only need to change the cartridges once every 6 months. It doesn’t need any other maintenance.

Final Views

All in all, this water softener is best in its efficiency and ease of use. It requires some budget but removes the uncomfortableness of continuous maintenance. It is also an eco-friendly model that protects both the environment and your family.

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