iSpring WGB32B Review – 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

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iSpring Wgb32b Review

Did you know that the iSpring WGB32B can treat your household water with zero effect on water pressure? If yes, why settle for a single tap system for clean water? It comprises high-tech coconut shell carbon filters to reduce chemical contaminants and chlorine.

Additionally, it contains a polypropylene sediment filter for clearing sediments up to five microns. Every cartridge is certified for meeting the ANSI/NSF standards and is also tested independently for quality performance.

It comes with a 100,000-gallon capacity that can serve a family of five individuals for approximately one year. You’ll always enjoy the great filter changes it offers throughout this period. Let’s follow this iSpring WGB32B review for more guidance.

Features of iSpring Wgb32b Filter

iSpring WGB32B
  • Filtered contaminants

There’s always a difference in everybody’s water. Therefore, the most challenging area in determining a filter is finding the one targeting the right contaminants. For this ISpring WGB32B, the following are reduced;

  • Rust
  • Chlorine
  • Silt
  • Dirt
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Industrial solvents

Other optional filters have features that eliminate minerals like lead, manganese, and iron. For iSpring WGB32B, essential minerals are retained including magnesium and calcium. Again, the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level is not tempered in any way. The TDS is used to measure the water quality that demonstrates the number of substances dissolved in water.

In case the level is higher than expected, then something is wrong. However, this reading doesn’t show the difference between useful minerals and potentially harmful substances. It’s the reason TDS measuring is recommended and is only helpful if done by water analysis.

Doing this can be accomplished by getting a report issued by treatment authorities to municipal supply homeowners. Water can also be checked by a home test kit- available in hardware shops. Another option is taking a water sample to the lab for testing.

  • Micron size

Contaminants filtration is done by forcing water via pores. These pores’ thickness is given in microns. The lower the measurement the lesser the particles removed. You’ll be surprised that iSpring WGB32B has a five-micron rating, which is more than ten times smaller than a single human hair diameter.

While this width isn’t small enough to prevent bacteria passage, it’s proper for removing sediments and other significant contaminants present in city water treated by chlorine.

  • Flow rate

In a filtrationto remove time taken for water to flow through it underonditions is determined by its maximum flow rate. Generally, the flow rate highly relies on water pressure and quality. But don’t worry if your family has high water needs.

You only require a vigorous flow rate like one provided by WGB32B, which allows 15gallons in a minute. This rate is sufficient for toilet flushing, showering, and other household water deals with no significant drop in pressure.

  • Design and set up

Installing WGB32B is easy. It’s an entire home filtration system designed to fit in your primary water line. Its parts comprise three cartridge housings and a wall-mounted frame. It measures 28 inches wide, 21 inches tall, and has a 45 pounds weight in total. These dimensions comfortably fit most crawlspaces and basements.

For people with knowledge of plumbing, DIY installation cannot be a problem. You might only require courage to slice the pipes with the aid of a soldering iron. Be sure it’s an easy job, especially for a pro.

  • Service life

Most home water filtration structures have been designed with permanent features. That means any time they’re expended, the whole thing should be replaced. On the contrary, the WGB32B filter utilizes replaceable cartridges. You don’t have to buy another complete unit in case they fail to function.

It delivers 100,000 gallons of averagely between primary filter changes. This is enough water to serve around four people in one year. Furthermore, replacements are quite affordable due to competition in the market. Suppose you provide good care to the external housing, be sure it can last a lifetime.

  • Help and support

iSpring Company is a family-owned business whose customer care team is in the US. On buying the WGB32B, be sure to get a 30-day money return guarantee in case it doesn’t work as intended. The company has been in business for more than 20 years and is well-known for buying and filter parts replacement. You can easily reach the support team from Monday to Friday through the iSpring website or phone.

  • It retains beneficial materials as the unnecessary is eliminated
  • Contains a highly performing sediment filter that preserves the life of carbon filters
  • Has a lower effect on water pressure
  • It has a no-fuse back up
  • Requires minimal maintenance due to its extended capacity system
  • Has 30 days satisfaction guarantee
  • Basic plumbing skills required for DIY installation, though videos and technical support is available

Why you should use this product?

The reason you should choose the WGB32B filter over others is that it gets rid of most contaminants households struggle with using city water. It’s less expensive as compared to other competitors and has certification for great performance with high standards. Its high water capacity is more meaningful as compared to the bottled water that may only pollute the environment after consistent deliveries.

Its cartridges are large-sized for removing contaminants without affecting the water pressure. This suggests that you’ll keep enjoying your shower with the same flow. Don’t worry about clogged fixtures because with fewer sediments, nothing is a risk. A plumber has no Youinstalling the entire unit. Moreover, you canbecausead the video showing how to install and do it by yourself.


There’s no point in going for expensive bottled water and leave the iSpring WGB32B, a home water filtration system providing crystal clear water. It’s also not as expensive as many people who’ve not researched would suppose.

For the individuals aspiring to buy one, please follow this iSpring WGB32B review to get prior information before deciding to purchase one for your family. Don’t forget that various companies and seller stores have different water filtration systems, but the iSpring WGB32B is outstanding for its features and functions. Place your order today and enjoy healthy and tasty water.

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