How to Unclog PUR Water Filter in Easy Steps?

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PUR water filters are designed to remove harmful wastes from water. Its estimate of clearing the water can be known from the fact that it eliminates over 70 contaminants from water to make it healthy enough for drinking. It is made in such a way that it only allows the helpful ingredients in the water to flow and blocks unhealthy ingredients.

How to Unclog PUR Water Filter

Their advanced technology makes them even easier for users to see and maintain filters, letting you know when it’s time to change the filter. PUR water filter works up to 300 gallons means I can work up to 3 months.

To ensure pure and healthy water, experts suggest that one should change the filter after 40 days of use, although it has a variety of filters varying in size and design. PUR makes filters for a variety of users depending on their needs.

Why PUR Water Filters?

Along with its health effects, PUR is also cost-effective. According to research PUR filter can save up to 1000 dollars as compared to the bottled water using a faucet filtration system. It takes 145 bottles of water from PUR to match the cost of single bottled water. PUR maintains its excellence in maintaining its prices to match its user’s budget.

How do PUR Water Filters work?

PUR water filter is divided into three different sections. They are as follows:

  1. Crude sediment filter:

It physically filters the water, removing larger particles present in the water.

  1. Carbon filter:

It contains carbon granules and small Styrofoam balls, when water flows through this part of the filter, impurity, and bacteria are killed by carbon and Styrofoam balls don’t help in purifying the water.

  1. Pleated accordion style filter:

By filtering finely sized particles. The inner layer of this section is known as porous but the pleated surface has tiny holes in it, that’s where the Styrofoam balls get stuck when the water flows down from the second to 3rd section.

How to Unclog PUR Water Filter?

PUR water filters may be slow due to air blockages, high sediment levels, hot water, ineffective installations, or excessive usage. This may cause serious complications that are why when you feel that your tap is becoming slow; you need to unclog your filter.

Now that you know what the PUR water filter is, following instructions may help you to overcome the problem.

Step one:

Shake the filter. This will help dirt and debris to move down to the third section of the filter from the carbon filter section, which contains carbon granules and small Styrofoam balls .water flow through the filter will now be facilitated without carrying any dirt Particles with it.

Step two:

Now that you have done the previous step, take the filter, place the pleated end under your tap, and rinse it with water. Make sure that the water enters all the little openings or segments that you might see the lining at the bottom surface of the filter.

Step three:

After rinsing the plates with water, reassemble the units of filter, pass some water through the opening of the filter for 5 to 8 minutes straight. Do this before you start using it, this will ensure that you get pure drinking water that is safe to drink and your health is not compromised.

Step four:

Right after you do the 3rd step, let it air dry before you reinstall it in your dispenser or pitchers. Wash your pitchers with dishwashing soap as well. Make sure your soap is mild. Now sit at ease and watch your family drink from healthy water and see them disease-free and sound. You can also read the detailed troubleshooting guide for PUR water filters.

Variants of PUR Water Filter:

PUR provides a variety of filters to meet the user’s desired outcome or needs. It has four variants depending on its size and design. Following are the types of filters that PUR offers.

  1. PUR basic and Classic Facet Filter:

This variant can filter up to 100 gallons of water and is sustainable for three months. It is made of plastic and weighs 0.55 pounds.

  1. PUR MineralClear faucet filter:

This variant, also made of the plastic ingredient, has 3 months. Activated carbon and ion exchange produce heavy metals like led and other contaminants, exclusive mineral clear for a refreshing taste.

  1. PUR basic filter pitcher:

This basic filter pitcher has a capacity of up to 40 gallons and has a life span less than the previous one which is 60 days. It weighs 0.2 pounds which is slightly less than the first two. It removes 95 percent of mercury and reduces chlorine.

  1. PUR faster filter pitcher:

It also has the same duration and capacity as a basic filter pitcher. It has larger holes therapy soaking is prevented. Water flows through materials to remove contaminants such as fluoride, also traps small particles for great tasting cleaner water.


Q: How do I know if my water filter is clogged?

If water fresher in the fixture around the house has dropped steadily, you may have a filter that is clogged completely and needs to be replaced. The drop can also come from other sources such as extensive leaking.

Q: Why is my PUR water filter not draining?

If your filter is slowly draining or not draining at all, this is a sign that there is dirt in the filter and is being clogged due to it and therefore is not working efficiently.


From the above-given discussion about PUR water filters, we can say that it has to be the first choice of buyers. Having a variety of designs and sizes PUR provides the best filters in the market. Also, the cost-effectiveness makes it even more unique and reasonable.

Ensuring safety and help to maintain the health of users, PUR should be the utmost need of every family. Remember to change the filter after the given time to ensure the proper health of your near and dears with PUR.

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