How often to Change Refrigerator Water Filter

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If you are looking for the answer to how often to change refrigerator water filters, you are in the right place. This article will answer your basic queries related to refrigerator water filters replacement.

How often to Change Refrigerator Water Filter

Most of the machines come with accessories that need to be replaced or changed after some time. The same is the case with the refrigerator’s water filters. They also require replacement after some time so that you can get an effective filtration.

How often to Change Refrigerator Water Filter?

Most experts and refrigerator manufacturers recommend that you change your refrigerator’s water filter at least every six months. However, certain factors should be considered for replacement such as usage and flow rate expectancy.

Signs that indicate that Refrigerator’s Water Filters need to be changed:

First of all, if you find that water flow through your refrigerator’s water filters is slow, it means you have to check whether it is because of excess contaminants or some other reason. This may be the sign that your refrigerator’s filter is done with its usefulness.

Most contaminants clogged up into your water filters and stopped their normal functioning. This clogging may also require the replacement of your refrigerator water filter as water flow is no better because of pores blockage.

Moreover, a change in the taste of water is also an indication that refrigerator water filter needs replacement. A nasty and unpleasant taste maybe because of contaminants that are clogged up in the filters.

In addition, a bad smell or odor is also the result of old filters. If you notice a bad smell and odor in the filtered water which was not before, it means there is something that needs to be fixed. This fixation can be on your refrigerator’s water filters as well.

You can also know whether the refrigerator’s water filters need replacement or not by conducting a small test. Just leave the filtered water in a glass if sediments appear it means the filters need to be changed.

Why Filter Replacement is necessary?

The question might hit your mind: why do we need to change the refrigerator’s filters. So, here is the answer!

As we are aware of the importance of water in our lives, it is the basic necessity of life. Without healthy and purified water your health is at risk. So, several filtration techniques are used to get purified and safe water for drinking and cooking purposes.

Refrigerator Water Filters are also utilized for filtration, but if they don’t do their job efficiently, you cannot guarantee that your filtered water is safe to drink. To get effective filtration you need to change your refrigerator’s water filters when needed.

Old and malfunctioning filters may cause bad odor and change of taste in water, resulting from ineffective filtration. However once you install a water filter, it is also important to change it periodically.

With that everyone enjoys the convenience of having water and ice readily available in the fridge, but dirty, unfiltered water can harbor some nasty stuff.

Steps to Change a Refrigerator’s Water Filters?

Changing a Refrigerator’s Water Filters is not a great deal. You can do it by simply following a few steps:

Firstly you need to buy a replacement filter. You can use your refrigerator owner’s manual or go for the model number online so that you can get the right filter replacement.

Then you have to locate the Water Filter. Again, it can be done by using the manual or looking online to locate your unit’s water filter.

Now the next step is to turn off the water supply. Pull your refrigerator away from the wall and use the water supply valve to shut off the water supply.

Having done that remove the filter. It depends on the model and brand that either you need to twist the filter a quarter turn and pull the filter out or push the release button.

Moving on now install the new filter. Twist in the new filter or simply push it into place. It is also dependent on the water filter housing.

Lastly, turn the water supply back on. Turn the valve to the ON position and push your refrigerator back into place. You are all set!


Q: What are the harmful effects of not changing water filters when needed?

Failing to change your fridge’s water filter can cause scaling and deposit buildup in the water and ice machine, which can seriously damage your fridge. This buildup tends to slow down the system, causing low flow, and negatively affecting your water’s flavour.

Q: Can you clean and reuse refrigerator water filters?

Some modern refrigerators have a slim filter in the back and top of the refrigerator. You can either put in a new filter or clean the old one if it’s not too far gone. After dumping all the debris from the old filter into a bag, soak the filter in a gentle cleaner, such as rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or liquid soap.

Q: Why refrigerator leak after changing the filters?

Usually, this is due to a broken connection between the fridge and the filter. Sometimes, the wrong sized filter was installed, and needs to be replaced. If the water filter is old, it may just have cracked with overuse.


To cut a long story short, we can say that you need to change your refrigerator’s water filters after six months, but you also need to check other factors as well which may cause filter replacement such as clogging up of contaminants in the filters, etc.

After going through the whole article, I hope that now you have some knowledge about how often to change refrigerator water filter. I am hopeful that this article has at least answered your basic queries. Thank you for giving it a read!

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