How Many Cups in a Pitcher Filter?

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In attempting to make more water available for various uses, human beings have employed different criteria. Among them is the filtration method that uses a biological process, a physical barrier, or a chemical process to free water from contaminants.

How Many Cups in a Pitcher Filter

Filters have been used to purify water for agricultural purposes, recreation at swimming pools, and aquaculture in the aquariums and fish ponds. At homes, people use water filters to make drinking water safe. This is because we barely can control the quality of water that comes through the municipal piping system.

Water filters come in handy to help make the water taste better and also kill pathogens that could pose health risks to the family. For this, households make use of under-sink systems, pitchers, countertop filters, dispensers, and faucet attachments.

Talking about pitcher filters, How Many Cups in a pitcher filter? The general answer is 8 cups, but there are different sizes of pitchers available on market.

How Many Cups in a Pitcher Filter?

This article gives details on the different pitcher filter sizes with the number of cups they equate to.

10-cup water pitcher filter

There are water pitcher filters that have a capacity of 10 cups. For instance, on Amazon, you can get a BPA-free water pitcher that holds 10cups of water. Such a water pitcher filter has a dimension of 11.94 by 7.38 by 17.56inches.

When the entire water is transferred to a reusable bottle, it fills 3such bottles, each with a capacity of 24 ounces. When used at home, every household can save the planet earth from pollution released by some 1800bottles annually.

The 10-cup pitcher filter also fits well in the refrigerator, posing no liabilities. Waterdrop offers such pitcher filters at affordable prices that can be accessed online.

The filters perform well and can remove Cadmium, Zinc, Mercury, Copper, and both the odor and taste of Chlorine. This water pitcher filter is exclusively wonderful. It is designed in such a way that an electronic indicator is fitted to it to make reminders take place effortlessly.

There is yet another water pitcher filter with the same capacity of 10 cups. It is produced by a company called DuPont. The available colors are white, silver, and turquoise.

Like the filter by Brita, this one too can fill 3 containers, each with a capacity of 24 ounces. The lid has a flip-top design that makes it quite easy to open. Inside it is a 40-gallon filter.

This plays a significant role in removing odor from the water while making t taste great. The pitcher filter also has protection against microorganisms. The protection is facilitated by in-built cartridge housing. This media also increases the pitcher’s lifetime.

7-cup water pitcher filter

Do you have a fairly small family? Are you a bit worried that you might have to buy the big 10-cup water filter that your family does not need? Relax; there is no need for you to freak out. At Amazon, all family capacities are taken care of.

Both small and big families can get something that just fits them, even in the sector of water pitcher filters. There is a pitcher that contains 7 to 8 cups of water, a capacity that is ideal for a sizeable family. The widely available color is silver and this is dealt in by a brand called Aquagear.

This pitcher filter measures 10 by 6 by 10 inches. The model is branded the name Gravity Model owing to the principle of gravity that it uses. Although small in size, the pitcher is quite efficient in its functionality. It eliminates contaminating particulates in water to less than 1micron.

Also taken care of by this pitcher are substances like lead, cysts, organic compounds with high volatility, chlorine, and sediments. To extend its lifetime, a pleat is added to its design. This pleat optimizes the ability of the filter to trap and hold dirt that could otherwise spoil it.

pitcher filter working

6-cup water pitcher filter

In case the 7-cup water filter is still bigger for your family that is small, there is an alternative. At Amazon, it is believed that customer satisfaction is the sole responsibility of a service provider. Thus, they are committed to satisfying all their customers.

They have availed the water pitcher filter that has a capacity of 6cups for there are families that might need just that. The pitcher has wonderful features. For example, unlike the 2-stage filtration by many filters, this one has four stages of filtration. Its performance is almost close to that of the zero water filters with five stages of filtration.

Because of these four stages, the pitcher removes almost all contaminants from the water. Its lid has a flip-top design and this prevents spillage.

11-cup pitcher filter

Probably you have a larger household that requires a slightly bigger pitcher filter. That too is available. Amazon online platform sells the 11-cup pitcher filter that suits your family’s needs. The pitcher’s model is CR1100CV and the brand is named PUR.

The typical dimension of such a pitcher is 11.25 by 6.23 by 10.75 inches. The pitcher has unique features such as an in-built life indicator that is made of coated lead. The lid is also easy to fill and allows no spillage.

It is efficient in water filtration. This is because inside it is a PUR filter labeled PPF900Z that makes it efficient and stands out different from other pitcher filters by Brita.

Apart from being unique, this brand is certified to remove contaminants from the seemingly clean tap but that could be having microscopic pathogens. This brand is also trustworthy for it has been in the market for over thirty years with the full operation.


The advent of technology has brought with it much advancement that makes our life easy. One way they have done so is the development towards fighting the fast-evolving micro-organisms.

Of course, they are an important component of our ecosystem but they can still pose health risks especially when drunk in water. That is why today every developed home tries to have a water filter for we cannot control the quality of the water in our taps.

The pitcher filters have been in the market for a long time and are certified to remove major contaminants from your drinking water. This article considered the cup capacity of the various pitchers in the market.

They greatly vary, from the small ones of 6 and 7 cups to the large ones of 10 to 11 cups. Irrespective of the size, these pitcher filters perform excellently because of their unique design. Peer into the article and see these features.

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