How Long Do Water Filters Last? and When to Change Them

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When to Change the Water Filter

Getting a water filtration system installed is one huge investment. You no longer need to buy bottled water. Furthermore, your family is now able to get access to fresh, clean water. However, the water filter comes with additional maintenance requirements.

One of these involves knowing how long do water filters last. In this article we will talk about water filters and when to replace them.

Why Replace the Water Filter?

If you wonder why it is important to change the filters, you are in the right place. While removing contaminants from water, the water filters remain with mineral deposits that may build up and interfere with the overall process of filtration.

So, the moment your system filters water to remove the contaminants and make it fresh, it usually gets dirty after a while. Also, remember that each water filter has its life span, hence, you should not exceed the period. Do not be scared to do the replacement.

Additionally, replacing the water filter is vital to prevent impurities and other harmful substances from getting inside the water. If the harmful substances get dispensed through your water faucet, they may lead to health complications. Nonetheless, the water filters help remove rust. So, if you leave the filter for a prolonged period, the rust may continue building up and may eventually pass through the filter.

This will interfere with how long the system will last. Therefore, it is important to replace the water filters to prevent harmful substances that may cause health problems to pass through the system and get dispensed. Besides, constant replacement of the water filters ensures they function efficiently and correctly.

Also, replacing your water filter ensures you have better tasting and smelling water. Moreover, if you change the water filter, you increase the water pressure and the rate of flow of water.

How Long Do Water Filters Last?

Before purchasing a water filter, it is important to know how long it will last so that you determine how economical it is. This is because a water filter system in your home should always be replaced and maintained. The mineral deposits can build up, thus interfering with water filtration.

Therefore, for the water filter’s efficiency, it needs to be replaced after some time.  How can you know it is time for a replacement? How long do they last?  Water filters such as PUR normally take 2 to 3 months to be replaced. On the other hand, some manufacturers give instructions on how long the filter can be used before getting a replacement.

However, it is important to note that various factors determine how long a water filter lasts and how often it should be replaced. The following are some of them;

  • The usage

The frequency at which you use the water filter will determine when to replace it. This depends on the number of people who use filtered water in a household.  The more users, the more the workload on the water filter, hence, the more frequent it should be replaced.

Moreover, the amount of filtered water produced also plays a key role here. Therefore, those water filter systems that are constantly used will need to be replaced more frequently than others.

  • The level of contaminants

If the water supplied to your area contains a lot of contaminants, the system will need to be replaced more often. This is because the filter works extra hard to remove the contaminants present and this may cause the filters to wear out faster compared to that filtering water with fewer contaminants. So, the moment you notice sediments in your water, quickly consider changing the water filter.

  • The brand of filter

Depending on the manufacturer, some filters wear out faster than others. Therefore, they will need to be replaced quicker than those that do not wear out faster. So, if you are thinking of getting a water filter, go for a company with a good reputation. In so doing, you get the value for your money and a good water filtration system that will give you good service for a longer duration.

When to Change the Water Filter?

Different water filter brands have different systems. Some manufacturers incorporated indicators in their systems to alert the users when it is appropriate to change or replace the water filter system.

How Long Do Water Filters Last?

However, there are water filters with no such indicators. Still, there are other obvious ways of detecting when to change your water filter and not use the water anymore. Below are some of them;

  1. Different Taste or Smell

If you notice a funny or weird taste or smell in your water from the filter, then the system is not working anymore. Therefore, the chemicals and minerals are no longer controlled and removed from the system. Your experience will also tell you when the water no longer gets filtered. So, the moment you sense bad taste or smell in your water, you can consider changing your cartridges.

  1. Water Pressure

If you check the water pressure in your filter and notice it has reduced, the filter is probably clogged with minerals. You will then need to change your filter.

  1. Lights and LED

Some manufacturers implemented filter change indicators in their water filter system to automatically inform you when it needs replacement. Therefore, the moment you see a flash, such as red in some filters, it’s time to replace the water filter. It means that you need to be on the lookout for the indicators.


Due to the presence of contaminants in water, there is a need for a water filter system in a household. However, knowing how long the filter will last is not easy. Furthermore, different types of filters take different periods before the need for a replacement. Furthermore, other factors determine how long the filter will take. Therefore, choose a good brand of filter that can last longer.

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