How long do Brita Filters Really Last?

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Drinking clean and pure water is very important for our health. It is a pivotal need for the survival of our health. Unfortunately, today lean and pure water is not available. We cannot tell confidently if the water we are drinking is safe or not, no matter how much cleaner it looks.

How long do Brita Filters Really Last

The answer to making sure that we are drinking safe and clean water is Brita filters. These filters make your water free from contaminants, whether physical or chemical. This will even make your tap water clean and pure enough to drink straight from it.

Now you have a Brita filter for your water purification but your query is that for How long do Brita Filters Really Last? The answer is that Brita Company advises changing their filters after every 2 months or after 40 gallons of water has been purified or filtered.

These filters include standard filters and bottle filters. There is a Faucet mount filter that is advised to be changed after 4 months or after 100 gallons of purification of water. Their long-lasting filter is advised to be changed after every 6 months or 120 gallons of water purification.

However, if water contamination is more often, it may make your filters be changed earlier than usual.

Moreover, everyone wishes to live a healthy lifestyle. Most people want to do things that make them healthy and fit, Of course when it is easier to do. This is the main reason water filters to become so famous.

How can Brita filters improve water quality and for how long?

It is essential to know that when your water for drinking passes through a charcoal activated filter used in Brita filters, it will only purify water from impurities. Now this will cause your water to have an unpleasant taste.

Brita filters need to be changed more frequently as there is no semi-permeable membrane for long-term filtration. The immoderate amount of salts and other solids that are dissolved in water are easily removed.

The Brita filter ensures that you will be drinking pure water. The other contaminants removed by the Brita filter are cadmium, copper, asbestos, benzene, particulates, and others.

These contaminants add an unpleasant taste and odor to your water.

Do Brita Filters Remove Chlorine?

Chlorine is one of the main reasons why people choose Brita filters to filter municipal water. The unpleasant taste in your water is because of chlorine. This makes it less desirable to drink.

The level of chlorine in your water varies from household to household. If the water you are using has a high level of chlorine, then the Brita water filter will last long.

The Brita water filter will remove chlorine from the water that you use. However, the carbon is not effective forever and you will need to change the filters of Brita on advised time.

What happens if you do not change your Brita filters on time?

Regardless of whether the Brita water filter has served its purpose is not viable at this point, at eliminating pollutants from your water, it does not imply that the Brita filter is not influencing your water by any means. A Brita water filter that is left in your water allocator can be a favorable place for microbes.

The carbon utilized in a Brita water filter turns out extraordinary for eliminating impurities from your water; however, it likewise makes for an incredible spot for microbes to develop. Leaving a Brita water filter in your distributor for a long time than it is advised to may imply that it will foster microbes and aggravate your water instead of better.

The central issue to detract from this is that a Brita channel that eliminates undeniable degrees of copper from your water because of erosion of the copper plumbing in your home may not keep going extremely sometime before your water will foster a metallic taste it.

This is on the grounds of the filter that can immediately get immersed with the copper particles which are bigger than the majority of different particles that a Brita water channel is intended to eliminate.

How to change a Brita filter?

The Brita filter cartridges are bound to be soaked before installing them into your purification system. If you have an original styled filter installed, soak that in the clean and cold water as well. This is also mentioned in the filter package.

  • The first step to installing your Brita filter is, washing your hands with clean water and then drying them with some paper towels.
  • Using a benign or bland dishwashing detergent, clean them and set them aside on a paper towel.
  • Take a bowl deep enough to cover the Brita filter and fill it with clean and cold water. Place the filter for soaking for 15 minutes.
  • Remove this filter from the cold water; let the water drip away for few minutes. Now align the filter to the filter housing in such a way that the groove on the filter meets up the notch present inside the housing of the filter.
  • Keep the filter straight enough in-line to the housing then insert the new filter inside and press to keep it in a tight fit.
  • If the filter feels loose, remove it completely and re-insert it following the insertion steps.
  • You may find some carbon dust as the filter comes with carbon. Due to this carbon dust, the first pitchers of water may come as cloudy. Do not use that water for drinking purposes.
  • You can use that for watering plants or flowers and house cleaning.


After reading this whole article, I hope that you now understand the time that your Brita filter lasts and how it removes contaminants. Moreover, I am hopeful that this article has answered all of your queries. Thank you for giving it a read!

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