8 Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

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Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

We belong to a country that is blessed with clean water to drink. Most people worldwide are deprived of this blessing, and there are alarming numbers of diseases that are directly or indirectly linked to contaminated water. The water supplied by local municipalities is often hard; it contains calcium and magnesium in high quantities.

Although both of these minerals are necessary in small quantities for maintaining good health, regular intake of large quantities is not desirable and can lead to serious health issues. Moreover, many other compounds found in tap water, such as lead and pesticides, harm our health.

Many people tend to drink bottled water as it is clean, free of contamination, and tastes better than tap water. But bottled water is an expensive solution; moreover, water bottles are made of plastic, the production of which increases pollution and our carbon footprint. If you are a fan of bottled water because it is cleaner and tastes better than tap water, you should try giving filter water a shot instead.

Filter water is as purified as bottled water, and it tastes the same – sometimes better! Filter water is also healthy, as well as being better for the environment than buying bottled water. Here are eight health benefits of drinking filtered water:

  1. Beneficial for skin

Drinking water is crucial for overall health, and hydration is especially important for our skin. The cosmetic industry is always striving to sell us products to make our skin look healthy and glowing. But you can go a long way towards achieving this goal simply by keeping yourself hydrated.

Filtered water tastes delicious; you’ll always want to drink more. And your skin will benefit as it gets the hydration it needs to improve its health. Keeping your skin well hydrated also helps with common skin problems like acne and pigmentation. You will look fresh, feel healthy, and as a bonus, you will save the money that you might have spent on cosmetics and trips to the dermatologist.

  1. Detox your body

Did you know that detoxification can help you lose weight and also offers many other health benefits? Detoxification is one of the key benefits of drinking filtered water. Toxins and chemicals can build up in our bodies due to unhealthy eating habits, including the excessive consumption of junk foods.

Drinking alkaline and filtered water has a significant impact on the body’s ability to rid itself of toxins. Boiled or distilled water can also help to lose weight and detoxify the body, but drinking distilled water for an extended period can invite its own health prFiltered water is the best affordable solution tolems. To help detoxify our bodies and improve our overalsolution.

  1. Mineral intake

Not only does filtered water remove toxins and chemicals from our bodies, but it also preserves healthy minerals that are good for our health. There is a misconception about the filtration process that it also filters out helpful minerals along with contaminants.

But that’s not the case – a quality filtration plant is specifically designed to maintain the appropriate amount of minerals in your water. This stands in contrast to purification processes like distillation, which can result in a loss of healthy minerals.

  1. Maintain pH balance

Filtered water is beneficial in keeping an appropriate pH balance in our bodies (particularly alkaline ionized water). Poor eating habits, including the consumption of junk food, frozen foods, and non-organic foods with high acid levels, are hazardous for our health.

All of these disturb the pH balance in our bodies, which can lead to many health issues, including cancer. Drinking a sufficient amount of alkaline ionized water and filtered water is an excellent way to counteract this problem and helps to maintain a proper pH balance.

  1. Better immune system

Drinking water is vital for everyone – that includes children. Filtered water is the healthiest way to hydrate your body, and it helps to develop a strong immune system. An adult with a developed, healthy immune system can take a few more risks; we can close our eyes to a health risk once in a while and still be confident that our immune system will protect us.

But a child’s body and the immune system are still in the process of developing, and taking extra care of their health is essential. Drinking pure and filtered water is crucial f andelopment and a properly balanced diet and suitable exercise. You may not realize it, but providing your children with filtered water for drinking is one way of fulfilling your responsibilities toward their health.

  1. Change water nature

Filtering water through a high-quality filtration plant has many significant benefits we haven’t yet mentioned. Filtration removes salt and excess calcium from the water, softening it. When water becomes neutralized (a state is also known as soft water), it becomes more beneficial.

For instance, you can cook more quickly and your meals will taste better, and also, importantly you will have fewer health problems such as stomach issues. An Ion Exchange Filter is one of the best quality filters that remove non-digestible calcium and harmful coexchangefrom water and exchanges them with orgainerals to improve your health.

  1. Improved metabolism

Filtered water helps your body to absorb nutrients. Filtered water folds water molecules and nutrients together so that our body’s cells can quickly absorb them. This improves overall health and gives a boost to our body’s metabolism. Sound metabolism is essential for digestion and a well-functioning body.

When you have good digestion your body is better able to detoxify, which leads to a stronger immune system. A healthy metabolism also helps to burn unnecessary fat, which eventually leads to a lower cholesterol level and better health (also, it helps to lose and maintain weight).

  1. Tasty water means drinking more water

Filter water is tastier than tap water, and if you switch to filtered water you will naturally feel the urge to drink more of it. That will make consuming the recommended daily intake of water easy. Tap water is often hard and doesn’t taste as good, so people tend to avoid it and drink less water overall, which in turn leads to our body becoming dehydrated and makes us sick.

Filtered water is soft and light, easy on the digestive system, and its excellent taste naturally leads to drinking the amount your body needs.


Filtered water is a much better option than bottled water. It is a tasty, economical, and eco-friendly choice. But no matter what option you choose, make sure you are drinking the right amount of water for healthy living.

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