Frigidaire Water Filter EPTWFU01 Review – Pure Source Ultra II Model

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Frigidaire Water Filter EPTWFU01

Impurities in your home’s water supply can cause harm to both you and your family. Although community tap water is drinkable it is often said that those purifiers are too lenient and some harmful contaminants might escape to your home’s water.

Frigidaire Water Filter EPTWFU01 is a certified and low-budget refrigerator water filter that provides you with clean, safe, and healthy drinking water. It comes at a low price and provides effective filtration which removes most of the contaminants in water which you can feel in its superior taste.

It also proves itself environment friendly as on one hand, it saves the cost of bottled water and on the other to re-use your used plastic bottle for water filling hence reducing plastic waste in the garbage.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Filters make a genuine promise of quality and taste. They are completely certified and tested to provide safe and tasty drinking water by reducing harmful contaminants from the water.

Let us now get to the key features of this efficient refrigerator water filter:

Key Features of Frigidaire EPTWFU01

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  1. Effective Filtration

This water filtration system removes 99% of the contaminants in the water. Hence, the water is pure and healthy to drink. Moreover, it also treats water for chlorine taste and odor which provides you with superior quality water that you can feel in taste.

Besides chlorine, this Frigidaire EPTWFU01 Refrigerator Water Filter also reduces other contaminants like particulates class I, cysts, lead, mercury, pesticides, insecticides, BPA, asbestos, pharmaceuticals, and more which only makes your water more safe and healthy.

  1. Reduces Plastic in Society

This water filter frees you from the need for bottled water since you can get pure and safe water from your refrigerator now. Hence, you won’t be going to the market for more plastic bottled water which is good for the environment.

You know what else is good for the environment, the plastic will also be reduced in the pollution. This filter will allow you to reuse the plastic bottles by refilling them and using that water when needed. Hence, you will be sending much less plastic in your garbage.

  1. Long Durability in Low Price

This water system works for as long as six months at a low price. You need to replace the filter after every six months or if it has reached the limit of its filtration which is 200 gallons. This capacity is large if you consider it just in terms of drinking water.

Moreover, the filter also comes at a cheap price hence is budget-friendly. You can buy it easily and maintenance won’t cost you much either. This makes it the best choice which gives you quality drinking water at a decent price.

  1. Certified and Genuine Seal

One of the flaws of producing a good filter is that people start spamming with your brand, selling fake filters that reduce the performance quality and customer reviews and can risk the health of someone from your family on the other.

Frigidaire has put a genuine filter seal on its filters which can help you recognize the authentic device. Moreover, this filer is also certified by both NSF and Water Quality Association to provide clean and safe drinking water.

Installation of the Frigidaire EPTWFU01

The installation of this Frigidaire EPTWFU01 Refrigerator Water Filter is very simple. You don’t require any plumbing skills or high-end equipment, you can place it easily within minutes. It comes concerning your refrigerator model and fits inside the refrigerator.

However, you have to keep one thing in mind: buy a filter compatible with your refrigerator. The sellers provide you with guidance from that perspective. Other than that, no worries at all. With just a push and a twist, you have clean and safe drinking water in seconds.


The maintenance of this refrigerator water filter is also very easy. You only need to change the filter every 6 months. The filter also comes at a low cost so it won’t be much of a problem for your budget.

You simply need to twist the older filter to 90 degrees and pull it out for maintenance. After that, you can put in the new filter with just another push and twist. A 90-degree push to the right will lock it in its place.

The filter needs to be changed every 6 months but this period can vary as per your use. The capacity it holds is 200 gallons. If you have run out of that before 6 months, you need to change it earlier, if you haven’t you can use it longer.

  • Effective Filtration
  • Push and Twist Installation
  • Plastic Recycling
  • Treats Chlorine Taste and Odor
  • NSA Certified
  • WQA Certified
  • Genuine Seal
  • You need a separate purifier for bacteria
  • It doesn’t soften water

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:

  1. Does Frigidaire EPTWFU01 Refrigerator Water Filter fit all refrigerator models?

No. Each filter fits a specific or a range of specific models. You must make sure before buying.

  1. How often does this filter need replacement?

This filter needs replacement every 6 months, but it varies with your water usage. It has the capacity of 200 gallons of water, so when it expires you need a replacement.

  1. Why should we install this filter in our refrigerator?

The water provided to you in your community supply might contain contaminants that can harm the health of your family members. This water filter reduces 99% of those contaminants from the water.

Final Views

This is one of the best innovative options for your drinking water. The filter hardly requires any maintenance and cleans your water of almost all contaminants. Hence, you have healthy and great-tasting water with ease.

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