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Eddy Electronic Water Descaler
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The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a direct alternative to the salt-based water softeners and does exactly what these water softeners do, but in their own way. This model does not use salt to purify your water, it instead has two coins of wire which are wrapped around your water source which changes how the minerals behaved in fluid. It does not change the chemical composition of water, it simply suspends calcium and magnesium from sticking to your pipes. The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is also a cheaper option for the people to consider and it does not take up the entire space of your kitchen.


  • Quite affordable
  • Low maintenance 
  • Very easy to install
  • Retains the healthy magnesium and calcium in your water source


  • Does not eliminate all contaminants

Over the years, the salt-based water softeners have been the go-to product for removing those harmful minerals from the hard water. These salt-based water softeners reduce the magnesium and calcium proportion from your water and these elements are responsible for limescale. However, there is one problem that comes with the salt-based water softeners and it is that these come expensive and might not fit everyone’s budget. Along with being extra costly, these also occupy a lot of space in your kitchen. Furthermore, there are some areas that also restrict the usage of salt because of their negative impact on the environment. 

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler   Review

Keeping these reasons in mind, one always aches for an alternative which falls right within his budget. And yes, there is an excellent alternative to the salt-based water softeners. If you also are looking for one, it is the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler which is a cheaper option for you to have and it occupies less space as well. Moreover, you do not have to pay any maintenance fee because it does not need any sort of maintenance. It is eco-friendly and takes up zero salt which makes it one of the hotter alternatives to the salt-based softeners. 

One thing you ought to keep in mind before buying the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is that it is not a water softener, it simply solves some of the problems as a water softener does. It is a salt-free solution to the limescale problems and it does not change your water’s composition, it simply changes how the water you have the access to, reacts with the appliances and pipes.

Who Needs The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler?

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a perfect piece of equipment for those people who do not have the budget for the salt-based water softeners or for those who live in the area where there is a government restriction on the salt-based water softeners. Furthermore, this product does not require you to have massive space to fit, it just requires tiny space for you to run it as you please. This makes it a perfect buy for those people who have smaller kitchen space.

Why We Recommend The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

  • Performance

As mentioned above, the Eddy Electronic Descaler does not actually get rid of the minerals like calcium and magnesium from your water source. What they do instead is reduce the negative impact with the help of electromagnetism, which some elements have, on your body. The water is healthy enough for us to drink and they do get rid of the elements by altering their chemical state, but not directly eliminating these minerals. 

The electromagnetic waves, sent through the water, target calcium, manganese, and magnesium which are the prominent elements responsible for causing limescale. These waves change the form of calcium and magnesium crystals, eventually turning them into soluble particles. Thus, they are less likely to bind to taps, pipes, boilers and appliances in your household. Thus, the limescale threat is massively nullified as these crystals do not interact with their surroundings. 

You must, however, know that your water does not become softer with this, it simply has the properties of soft water. Thus, there will be no buildup for limescale but the tests will still show that the water you in-take is hard. 

Why We Recommend The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

  • Softening Capability

It is always salt-based water softeners that completely eliminate the calcium and magnesium proportion from your hard water. However, the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler does not exactly eliminate these minerals from your water source, hence these are referred to as descalers or conditioners. 

If there are hard minerals present in your water source above 20 grains per gallon, then there is a massive chance that your descalers do not perform as effectively as a water softener would. Despite this, the descalers prove to be an asset for most homeowners as they get their job done without going through much of the installation hassle as well as without breaking their bank. There is also no need for maintenance because all you need to do is wrap your pipes with the coil, plug it in and forget that you ever installed an appliance. 

You must also keep two things in mind before you buy the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler. These are: 

  • This model, or any similar model for that matter, does not remove iron from your water source, thus it can affect the performance. If iron levels in your water are high, you could additionally get a pre-filter which would be a massive help to you. 
  • The descalers do not eliminate minerals from your water source, thus the percentage of the dissolved solids in your water remains intact. Thus, the TDS meter readings are not the reliable source to analyse the performance of this model. 
  • Help & Support

One of the most important things that give the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler an edge over its competitors is that Eddy backs its products like no other and you can see it yourself as the warranties and guarantees Eddy offers are second to none. The products come with hefty guarantees glued for lifetime when it comes to repairing or replacing the system. On top of it, there is a 1-year full money-back warranty which comes along with the system. The installation is also easy when it comes to the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler. In most cases, there is actually no need to get an expert to install the system for you, but even if you need an expert to install the system for you, you ought to get a top-notch service.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Alternative

Though the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a supreme option in its genre, we recommend the following product in case you are looking for an alternative.

1. Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System

If you are not satisfied with the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler, then we have another top of the ladder product for you and it is the Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System. What makes it one of the best in the business is the fact that there is 100% money-back guarantee for a year and there are ultra flat impulse bands which are attached to the pipes. It changes the water crystals as it flows by.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does this product have any effect on water pressure?

No, it does not have any effect on water pressure.

Q. Can the model be installed outdoors?

The model is not waterproof and it is electronic, thus it is imperative that you install it indoors. 

Q. How many grains of hardness can this system treat?

The system is highly effective up to 20 grains per gallon.

Q. Can I install the system myself?

Yes, it is easy to install the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler and you can do it yourself.

Q. Is this a water softener?

No, it is not a water softener, but it does get rid of the limescale in your water supply, thus keeping you safe.

A Final Word

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is an excellent choice for you to choose especially if you are running short on budget and if there is less space in your kitchen. It is not exactly a water softener, but it is still extremely effective.

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