Do PUR Water Filters Remove Fluoride? A Discussion

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Studies show that excessive exposure to fluoride in drinking water has been linked to a number of health issues. How to remove it and make water safe for drinking? Talking especially about PUR water filters, I’ll discuss in detail Do PUR Water Filters Remove Fluoride? So keep reading…

Do PUR Water Filters Remove Fluoride

Drinking pure and clean water is very essential for health. It is a very crucial necessity for healthy survival, but unfortunately today we cannot say it confidentiality whether the water we are drinking is safe or not. So, how to make sure that the water we are drinking is contaminants-free?

Here is the answer! PUR filtration makes filtering chemical and physical contaminants including “Fluoride” from your tap water easy, so you can feel confident that you’re drinking cleaner water at home.

Now, get cleaner water from the tap with PUR which is certified to reduce both chemical and physical contaminants. To know more details about PUR filtration read the below-mentioned information.

Why it is beneficial to remove excess Fluoride from water?

Fluoride is good for the prevention of cavities in teeth, and several toothpaste companies claim that they use fluoride in their toothpaste. However, its excess ingestion may lead to various diseases.

For instance, it is said that ingested fluoride can be accumulated in our bones, which has made some people worried that drinking fluoridated water might increase the risk of various health problems. These might be cancer, particularly osteosarcoma, which is a type of cancer that starts in the bones.

Apart from that Fluoride poisoning can also be a threat to health by causing diseases like nausea, vomiting, seizures, and muscle spasms. Besides these problems, fluoride can also harm human skin, it can cause acne and abdominal pain as well.

How Do PUR Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

Several water filters malfunction to remove the chemical fluoride from water, but it is not the case with PUR Water Filters. PUR does take out fluoride from the water due to its MAXION feature.

PUR Water Filters comes with MAXION technology, which effectively removes Fluoride.MAXION is PUR’s highly recommended and extremely well-specialized formula made from a combination of carbon and ion exchange materials.

PUR water filters utilize different methods to eliminate basic contaminants and other chemicals like fluoride and chlorine.

In addition, the faucet-mounted filters from PUR are specifically built and known to eliminate chlorine and fluoride, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and any other organic compounds that can affect the quality of water giving it a bad odor and taste.

Types of PUR Water Filters:

PUR manufactures the following faucet filters and filter pitchers:

  • PUR Basic and Classic faucet filter
  • PUR MineralClear faucet filter
  • PUR Basic filter pitcher
  • PUR Faster filter pitcher

How Long PUR Filters Last?

A PUR filter replacement should be done every 100 gallons or more or less every two to three months. When the filter needs to be changed an indicator on the filter housing makes you alert.

For efficient working, replace the filters with a Genuine PUR Filter when you require replacement.

Why choose PUR Water Filters?

PUR filters are one of the most leading and well-known brands. In addition, they are one of the most popular and longest-lasting brands in water filtration which provides you many different types of water filters.

By the same token, PUR has been developing innovative technologies for better and better water filtration for years now to ensure filtration with good odor and taste.

If you filter your drinking water by using a PUR device, it will remove 99% of the lead in your drinking water and consequently will provide you peace of mind by assuring good quality and taste of drinking water. Isn’t it a fair deal?

It is also interesting to know that on the report of NSF International data, the filters found in PUR pitcher water filtration products reduce 2x more contaminants than its leading competitor. Even more notable, PUR faucet mount systems reduce 10x more contaminants than the competitor.

Furthermore, gleaned from consumer reviews to ensure widespread compatibility and durability, these filters install with just one click and come in four stylish finishes. Moreover, also available in a new black and chrome color combination.

Another remarkable point about PUR is that it provides freshly filtered, clean, and crisp-tasting water at a reasonable price.

PUR vs Brita Comparison:

Brita Grand

Filter: Standard

Capacity: 10 cups

Contaminants removed: 5+

Filter lifespan: 40 gallons or 2 months

Warranty: 90 days

PUR Basic

Filter: Standard

Capacity: 11 cups

Contaminants removed: 24+

Filter lifespan: 40 gallons or 2 months

Warranty: 90 days


Q: How hot water is bad for PUR Filters?

Answer: Running hot water through the filters is not advisable as it will decrease the effectiveness of the filter. Moreover, water temperatures above 140 degrees may cause damage to a water filter if exposed for more than just a few seconds.

Q: What are the filters made of?

Answer: The faucet mount, countertop, and undersink cartridges are carbon and active agents to remove lead. The carbon and active agent are bound in a block form.

Q: Why it is useful to soak PUR Replacement Filters?

Answer: Soak the replacement filter in cold water for 15 minutes. During this time, any excess carbon from the filter will lift out and separate so it doesn’t get in your drinking water. Soaking the filter also ensures that water flows evenly when you use it.

Q: How can you clean a PUR Water Filter?

Answer: You can use mild dish soap or just 1 cup vinegar mixed in 3 cups of water. Soak the canister in the water and vinegar bowl; clean it with a damp cloth and then leave to dry. Important! Make sure that there are no harmful chemicals involved in the cleaning process.


After going through the whole article, I hope that you are aware that PUR Waiter Filters remove other contaminants and fluoride. So don’t you think that your loved ones deserve PUR water?

Moreover, I am hopeful that this article has at least answered your basic queries. Thank you for giving it a read!

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