Diamond Crystal Vs. Morton Water Softener Salt: Comparison 1

Water is an elixir of life which just can’t be replaced by any other However, as time is passing, there seems to be an uncontrollable increase of impurity in water that is supplied to us. Most common pollutants in water are a significant variety of soluble salts such as calcium, sulfate compounds, magnesium, barium, etc. These salts make the water ‘hard,’ unfit for human consumption, and severely impact other utilities as well.

If there is excess quantity of a variety of salts in water, it may also harm human health. Studies have shown eczema disease among children due to hard water consumption. Not just health implications, hard water leaves stains and residue on utensils besides damaging home appliances that use water. Hard water usage is a drain on resources and energy.

Diamond Crystal Vs. Morton Water Softener Salt: Comparison

Hard water also poses a significant problem for industrial machinery besides water fittings in residential areas. Cooling towers, pipe fittings, boilers, among many other also get rusted or ruptured due to the accumulation of iron, calcium, and other salts resulting in serious plumbing challenges. Therefore, in order to deal with hard water, you need a good water softening system that is backed by a reliable water softener salt.

What Problems Does Hard Water Cause?

Some of the other problems related with hard water are:

  • Dry skin
  • Dull and brittle hair
  • Clogged pipes, rusted taps 
  • White sediments at the bottom of home appliances
  • Faded clothes
  • Less foam of soap during bathing or cleaning clothes
  • Watermarks on glassware

How To Soften Hard Water?

Looking at the harmful effects of hard water usage at homes, it becomes essential to soften it. One of the most common and inexpensive methods to convert hard water into soft water is ion exchange. And to use ion exchange, you can use the following two water softening salts:

  • Diamond Crystal
  • Morton Water Softener Salt

How Does A Hard Water Softener Salt Work?

Water softeners have two tanks. The first tank (Resin tank) carries resin beads that contain electrostatically charged sodium ions. These ions get exchanged with impurities like calcium or magnesium ions. After a while, when the sodium ions are exhausted, the other tank (brine tank) carrying water softener salt water is pushed into the resin tank and recharges the resin beads. Thus, the water softener is again prepared to soften the hard water. This process of removing minerals from hard water is called Ion exchange.

Diamond Crystal Vs. Morton Water Softener Salt: Which Is Better?

Diamond Crystal Water Softener 


Diamond Crystals are one of the most popular water softening items out there. They are produced using solar evaporation. Naturally occurring saltwater from sea, lake, river, or underground resources is channelled through a sequence of ponds. During the procedure, water gets evaporated due to the action of the sun and wind. After some time, when the saltwater dries, salt crystals are formed. These salt crystals are treated and then packed for use.


  • It comes in the form of soft pellets, crystals, or cubes (depending upon the requirement), which dissolves in water quickly.
  • Helps remove rusty stains from home appliances.
  • Water fixtures don’t get clogged easily.
  • Clothes don’t lose brightness due to hard water.
  • Soaps make more lather, thus help in cleaning.
  • Easy to use and highly effective.
  • Softened water is safe to use and drink.
  • Available in an easy to carry bag.
  • It can also be used in pools.
  • Managing household chores becomes more manageable.
  • Value for money

The purity ratings of the Diamond crystal water softener are 99.6% pure Sodium Chloride that indicates its efficiency. No doubt, it is the best investment for your health and your home.

Diamond crystal softener is made of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) or Potassium Chloride (KCl) with no additives. When used in a water softener machine, it effectively removes calcium and magnesium minerals from the water, making it soft.

Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride based water softener salts can be used alternatively by people depending upon their health issues. If an individual is advised by a doctor to reduce sodium intake from his diet, such individuals can opt for Potassium Chloride water softener. Any individual with kidney or such health issues may use Sodium Chloride water softener.

Diamond Crystal water softeners are available in different product ranges to suit varied requirements. In areas with high iron content in water, its Iron Fighter variant is highly efficient to reduce iron content and can become an ideal choice. 


It is important to note that a diamond crystal water softener is not meant for human consumption directly, nor can it remove the odor from the water. It shouldn’t be given to domestic animals also. It is purely a water softener salt meant to reduce the hardness of water and make it soft after the treatment.

Morton Water Softener Salt


Morton Water Softener Salt is manufactured naturally through the evaporation of salty water from different natural resources. The salt residue left after the evaporation process is treated, packed and dispatched for delivery. It is available in various forms, such as crystals, pellets, and cubes.

salt made with evaporation

In conjunction with the water softener, it provides pure, tasty, and more refreshing water in households. The water, thus treated is easier on clothes, making them brighter. The glassware or ceramic dishes are less stained and are more vivid. The net result is better management of household chores, bringing a refreshing smile on the occupant’s faces.


  • The water is tasty and safe to consume.
  • Less soap is required to bathe or lesser detergent needed for washing clothes.
  • Pipes and water fixtures are clean and unclogged. Less expenditure on changing defunct valves and rusted taps.
  • Clothes are bright and softer than before.
  • Stains free kitchenware, a refreshing change for house inmates.
  • No deposit of sediments on water fixtures.
  • No dry skin and softer hair.
  • Available in an easy to carry bag for convenience.
  • Removes the minerals (calcium, magnesium) efficiently, making the water soft effortlessly.
  • Value for money.
  • Household electricity bill reduces.

Morton Water Softener Salt is meant to make life easy for people. There are no harmful chemicals used, and thus, it softens the hard water naturally. It is around 99% Sodium Chloride pure with no additives that showcase its efficiency.

It is available in pellets, crystal form and can be used as per requirement. It is a highly recommended product based on user experience. Furthermore, it has developed a loyal customer base for its products over a period of time.

Like Diamond water softener salt, Morton salt is also available in Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and Potassium Chloride (KCl) packs. Depending upon the need and health consideration, any one variety can be chosen by customers. The quality and performance of the water purifier aren’t affected by switching between Sodium or Potassium based water purifier salt. People who don’t like the slight salty taste of water can use Potassium Chloride water purifier salt.

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A Brief Comparison 

Quality: In terms of quality, Diamond Crystal Water Softener is 99.6% Sodium Chloride pure while Morton Water Softener Salt is around 99% pure. 

Price: Diamond Crystal Water Softener is cheaper in comparison to the Morton Water Softener Salt. 

Packaging: The quality of the bag of Morton Water Softener Salt is slightly better than the Diamond Crystal Water Softener. Thus, it is easy to carry or transport Morton Water Softener Salt bag.

How To Choose A Hard Water Softening Salt?

Based on the following parameters, consumers can decide for themselves the best suitable salt for them. 

Price: It is one of the most critical deciding factors before purchasing as the salt is used throughout the year. Only the water softener salt, which is economically viable, should be chosen.

Health Issues: People who have high blood pressure problems should opt for potassium chloride-based water softener and not Sodium Chloride water softener.

Environment: Potassium salt is not harmful to the environment, while some amount of sodium discharged from a Sodium water softener is detrimental to plants.

A Final Word

Hard water is becoming a troublesome issue in every household today. People tend to ignore the problem of hard water until it becomes gigantic and end up rupturing water fixtures, staining kitchenware, clogging pipes, water heaters, and other appliances. Some people are not even aware of the hard water problem in their homes and believe dry hair, dry skin, and dull clothes is because of the changing environment.

Water softener machines are available that use a different type of water softener salt to remove the excess amount of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. and make the water soft. The soft water thus produced is tasty and brings a refreshing change in the lives of the people. From reducing electricity bills to rust-free pipes, the sweet liquid is a blessing for households. The benefits of soft water are immense and is a prudent investment for home and your family.

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  1. I completely agree with the concern raised in this blog post about the increasing impurity in our water supply. It’s a topic that hits close to home for me as I experienced a water contamination incident in my neighborhood a few years ago.

    I live in a small suburban area where the water supply comes from a nearby river. One summer, there was heavy rainfall, causing the river to overflow and flood the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, this floodwater carried various pollutants and contaminants into the river, which ultimately made

  2. I completely agree with your statement about the increasing impurity in our water supply. It’s a concerning issue that affects not only our health but also the environment. I would love to hear the author’s thoughts on potential solutions or actions that can be taken to tackle this problem. Are there any specific measures or technologies that they believe could help ensure a cleaner and safer water supply for everyone?

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