Top 10 Best BPA Free Bottle Water Brands in the USA

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Simply drinking purified water is not enough if the water is stored in bottles with potential contaminants. Some water bottles have BPA exposure making the water in these containers pose a health risk for those drinking from them. According to several studies, drinking water from a BPA Free bottle will undoubtedly eliminate unnecessary interaction with the BPA chemical that can cause health issues for you and your family. Let’s now discuss BPA Free, why you should drink BPA free bottle water, and the top 10 brands implementing BPA Free policy in their water packages.

BPA Free Bottle Water

What is BPA Free?

BPA Free companies do not use a chemical compound called Bisphenol-A when making their bottles for water storage. This chemical is prevalent in manufacturing various plastics and resins used in carrying beverages and foods or coating the inside of metallic bottle tops. Studies have indicated that BPA from plastic storage can slip into foods and drinks, creating various potential health hazards for adults and children. Fortunately, there has been increased research on BPA alternatives and enhanced consumer awareness, leading to the invention of BPA Free food and beverage packages.

Why should you drink from BPA Free bottled water? According to some studies, BPA chemicals in your drink can cause various health problems such as eroded teeth, male infertility, retarded learning in children, heart disease for females, memory loss, asthma, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, and depression. These health complications underscore why you should avoid drinks not packed in BPA Free containers.

Top 10 BPA Free Bottle Water Brands

The following discussion is an overview of some of the brands that have adopted BPA Free bottles.

1- Essential

Essential products are IBWA, FDA, and EPA approves, meaning their packages are BPA Free and water is 99% pure in composition. This water adds an ionized alkaline electrolyte to enhance its taste. Essentia water is free of contaminants such as metals, chlorine, fluoride, microorganisms, and bacteria. Its pH value is 9.5 as it is charged with an alkaline electrolyte for perfect rehydration.


  • Essential water is a BPA Free product
  • The water is alkaline and has a beautiful taste
  • The bottle is made from quality materials.
  • The water can perfectly be used by individuals on workouts, camping, and added to lunches.


  • It is relatively expensive, considering the bottle size.

2- Dasani

Dasani is a product of Coca-Cola company and is BPA Free bottled water. Dasani water is made through the filtration process and the addition of some minerals to improve its quality, making it fresh, clean, and premium in its taste. The water meets standards set by the FDA, EPA, and IBWA since it is purified through reverse osmosis to rid all contaminants.  Dasani water with a pH value of 5.6 is stored in bottles that do not have any GMO components and have very minimal non-carbonated sodium levels for enhanced taste.


  • The bottle is BPA Free.
  • The minerals added in the water brings good taste
  • Its pricing is reasonable and quenches thirst faster.


  • Some clients have complained about the rough finish and sour taste

3- Fiji water

This water is also BPA Free and has been enhanced using electrolytes to provide added taste. The ingredient and the purification process meet the IBWA, FDA, and EPA standards for purified drinking water. Since the water is sourced from a natural artesian aquifer in Fiji Islands, it has a basic pH value of 7.7 and is perfect for rehydration.


  • The bottle is BPA Free, thus no risk of water contamination
  • The water has natural minerals and is enhanced with electrolytes
  • It has an impressive taste and comes in a variety of sizes
  • The packaging is beautiful to see.


  • It is expensive than most BPA Free brands.
  • The bottle sometimes gets swollen during the shipping process


The water is packed in a plant-based bottle, making it eco-friendly, and is sourced from springs. The water is 100% sourced from natural springs from the Glen Falls and then packed in bottles made using paper from ESC-certified forests. JUST water also recycles used bottles to make tissues, paper towels, or building materials. The water has a nice taste of freshness since it is also enhanced with electrolytes and other additional minerals, bringing its pH value to 8.0


  • The bottle is made from plant material hence BPA Free.
  • It is sugar or preservative-free
  • The bottles come in various sizes and are recyclable.


  • Since they come in boxes, they can easily be dented during shipping.

5- Evian

This purified water is packed in BPA Free bottles and is collected from natural sources, then electrolyzed and balanced mineral composition added for better taste. It offers a unique and distinctive taste than other BPA Free brands, and it is considered crafted by nature since it has a neutral pH value of 7.2 with natural mineral content. It is packed in bottles of different sizes for different occasions.


  • The water is packed in recyclable BPA Free bottles
  • It has an amazing taste suitable for all-weather temperatures
  • It has a natural pH level and is packed in different sizes for different occasions.


  • It is relatively expensive

6- Perrier

Perrier’s water is packed in BPA Free bottles and has carbonated mineral content. The water has a palatable taste to help you quench your thirst with every hydrating bubble. It is pure with no sweeteners or calories so that you can drink it without the concern of additional weight. Apart from the natural taste product, Perrier also has branded BPA Free water flavored with green apple, orange, peach, lime, strawberry, watermelon, and grapefruit. the Ph level of this water is 6.0


  • The bottles are BPA Free, thus no risk of contamination
  • It offers a wide range of flavor options for your choice
  • It has bursting water bubbles that make it appealing
  • Though flavored, it has zero calories and sweeteners.


  • During shipping, the water can become less carbonated.

7- Nestle Pure

The Nestle Pure Life Water brand is also packed in BPA Free bottles, has no calories or sweeteners, and is used as an alternative to sugary drinks by those struggling with weight and type 2 diabetes. The product quality is enhanced through a light blend of electrolyte and natural minerals to accord it a consistent refreshing natural taste. The bottles are recyclable, and the water content has a pH value that ranges from 6.8-7.4.


  • The bottles are 100% reusable and are BPA Free
  • The water is soft with a refreshing taste
  • It has zero calories, thus a perfect replacement for sugary drinks
  • It is electrolyzed and has naturally occurring minerals for an improved taste.


  • The bottle is relatively smaller than other brands.

8- Core

Core Hydration Nutrient Water is packed in BPA Free bottles and is ultra-purified. The water uses a 7-stage reverse osmosis purification process, ozonation, carbon filtration and micron, and ultra-violet exposure to rid the water of any harmful contaminants and bacteria. The water is ionized and has the correct amount of minerals free from chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, chromium 6, and MTBE. Its purification level is 99.9% and a pH value of 7.4.


  • The bottles are BPA Free and are designed with an increased mouth size for easy drinking.
  • The water is contaminants-free due to the 7-stage purification process
  • It has the right amounts of electrolytes and minerals.


  • The bottles are thinner and can collapse when half empty.

9- Propel

This unflavored water is also stored in a BPA Free bottle and is delicious, refreshing, and clean water with an amazing taste. It is sugar-free and has an impressive amount of essential minerals and electrolytes for your body. The electrolyte in the water helps you replenish the ones you lose through sweat without adding calories to your body. Due to ionization, the water has a pH value of 6.9, relatively neutral.


  • The package bottles are BPA Free.
  • The water is sugar-free with no flavors or colors
  • It is rich in vitamin B6 and E
  • It is ideal for gym and fitness enthusiasts


Some of its bottles are challenging to open

10- Penta

Penta Ultra-purified Water is a filtered water brand that is also packed in BPA Free bottles. The water is designed to allow for quick absorption in the body cell, thus perfect for rehydration. The water is taken through a 13-purification process that takes approximately 11 hours to ensure that all harmful chemicals such as chlorine, MTBE, fluoride, arsenic, lead, and BPA are removed from your drink. During the process, water is also infused with oxygen to give it a crisp, clean, and refreshing taste and a pH level of 7-8.


  • The bottles are 100% recyclable and are BPA Free.
  • The water is infused with oxygen giving it a clean, crisp, and refreshing taste.
  • The intense purification removes all the impurities.


  • The pricing is higher than all the other BPA Free brands.


BPA is a chemical used to manufacture several plastic bottles used for carrying drinks such as water and soda or food. Studies have shown that BPA chemicals can slip into the drink or food and cause potential health damage to consumers. Due to this researches and increased consumer awareness, some manufactures now use BPA Free bottles to package their drinks for consumer safety.

Furthermore, these waters we have discussed are not only super purified but are sometimes boosted with minerals and electrolytes to help boost your body’s immune system. The above-discussed products have the approved stamp of regulatory bodies such as EPA, FDA, and IBWA for approved purity and safety of their package material. You can be confident that the water or the beverage you buy from these companies has no BPA contamination and is safe for you and your family.

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