Bottled Water vs. Filtered water – Which is better?

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Water is essential for living, UK and the US are blessed countries that can access clean drinking water. The majority of people in the world are deprived of this blessing. Many people have to drink in the same ponds as their animals.

When it is about drinking water, you have easy access to filtered tap water. It is the standard water you are supplied within your taps. But few people are not content with it, and they prefer to drink bottled water.

Filtered water which is supplied to the typical household is of two types:

Charcoal Filters

Charcoal filters are incredibly porous, and they remove bacteria and chemical minerals from the drinking water, particularly chlorine.

Reverse Osmosis

A reverse osmosis filter system helps to separate clean water from impure components by passing it through a high-pressure porous membrane. It eliminates 100% harmful bacteria, organic material, and solids that somehow dissolved in it. And all this process makes water clean by consuming very little energy.

There are lots of discussions about which one is better, and there are many reasons for it. For instance, those who prefer bottled water believe that filtration means all essential minerals are also filtered.

On the other hand, tap water drinkers say that bottled water is not environmentally friendly at all. The discussion is never-ending and getting a better idea here are the pros and cons of both filtered and bottled water.

Filtered Water

filtered water


  • Budget-Friendly

The cost of a filtration system seems high. Still, with lots of filtration companies around and its popularity with durability, it has become a very affordable and economical choice for everyone. It has become one of the money-saving investments in a concise time.

  • Taste of filter water

Filter water tastes precisely the same or better than bottled water. You might be surprised to know that many retailers use ordinary filter water in bottles and sell it openly.

According to survey results, 24% of bottled water is, in fact, the standard filter water. Many people think that bottled water is better in taste, but it is just a myth.

A test was conducted where blind people were given both tap water and bottled water, and they did not find any difference. So when tap water tastes the same, then filtered water tastes much better after there are no contaminations are left.

  • Enjoy water whenever you want

Filter water is available in every house and every place. So you do not need to buy it when you feel like drinking. Neither, you might need to store the bottle in bulk for a future drink as much as you want without paying much and fussing about keeping it.

Fill the jugs and offer them to your guest at parties and get-togethers. You can also fill your portable water bottles and carry them outside while running errands. Some people use reusable bottles and fill up and place them in the fridge. So you can drink cold water right when you want it.

  • Healthy water

Filter water is healthy water as there are no contaminations, chemicals, and harmful chemicals are left in it. Herbicides and pesticides which are common in lake water can harm human health. By using reverse osmosis, anything that is harmful to digestion and human health is removed completely.

  • Odor-free water

After filtration, there are no chemicals left, not even chlorine. That means you will be able to drink clean and clear water which is delicious and odor-free. Even the most straightforward water filtration system removes chlorine from it. So you can enjoy the best taste without any smell.


  • Cost of the filtration System

The initial cost of many filtration systems can be very high, and it is hard to install them at first. Although it is money-saving in the long run at first, you must have some significant price.

  • The need for replacement

After a few years, you may need to replace the filtration systems. There is no restriction of time when you need to replace it; some might need to change in months, and some can be replaced annually.

Bottled Water

bottled water


  • Taste better

Bottled water tastes better than regular tap water. It is filtered, cleaned, and then it is stored and sealed in the bottles. The seal ensures its taste stays locked in a bottle, and you will get every sip of the bottle delicious than before.

  • Convenience

Bottled water is convenient to drink anywhere. Buy your favorite bottled water and take it anywhere at home or outdoor. Sip in your courtyard or carry it along while you are jogging. It is easy to carry. You may not need to find or buy some portable bottles to take water around you.

  • Save than tap water

Whenever you go somewhere, you may always worry about one thing – that whether the water is safe to drink or not. On the other hand, bottled water is still a safe option.

  • Digestion stress

Whenever you may travel to a long-distance location – water can seriously disturb the sensitive stomach. Tap water tastes different from place to place, and the components in water are also not the same as your hometown.

And this may cause problems to digest water for some people. Bottled water is filtered, and it is the same anywhere you travel in the world. It will keep your stomach happy, and you will enjoy your trip.


  • Environment Impact

Although 98% of plastic is recyclable, only 80% of water bottles are recyclable. Plastic is one of the most dangerous types of environmental hazard, and water bottles are continually increasing the damage.

  • Price

The price of bottled water is never low. You may need to pay around 500 dollars annually as compared to simple filtered water when you drink only bottled water.

  • Ethical impact

Bottled water means a high price of living and not all people can afford that luxury.

Let’s conclude

Bottled Water vs. Filtered water both have their pros and cons, but water is essential for living, and no matter which water you choose – drink more water and stay hydrated to avoid health problems.

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