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The human body is roughly made out of 60% water. That makes it by far the most essential dietary requirement for everyone especially considering how often it leaves our body through sweat and urination. Nutritional research suggests that one should drink at least half a gallon (2 Liters) of water everyday. However, doing so on a busy schedule can be a tough ask for some people. That is when a water infusion pitcher comes into play.

A water infusion pitcher is a beverage serveware that is specifically designed to make normal tap water more palatable. It comes with an infusion rod wherein the user can add ingredients (usually fruits or iced tea) of their choice and refrigerate them overnight with water. Once the refrigeration process has completed, the pitch infuser shall infuse the flavor out of the ingredients into the water jug. Overall, a great product for those struggling to complete their daily water intake goals. In this article, we will discuss the best water infusion pitches you can buy right now!

Editor’s Picks: Top 3 Best Infusion Pitchers

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5 Best Water Infusion Pitchers In 2021

1. Chef’s INSPIRATIONS 3 Core Infusion Water Pitcher

When it comes to water infusion pitchers, reliability is a big factor. For starters, it assures the user a high-quality output for a large variety of ingredients. Secondly, it also provides value to the user over a long haul. With Chef’s INSPIRATIONS 3 Core Infusion Water Pitcher, you get exactly that.

It is a 3-in-1 water infusion pitcher that comes with an impressive capacity of 2.8 liters. In terms of design, it is made out of crystal clear plastic that is BPA free and shatterproof. The no-spill lid on the infusion pitcher ensures tight enclosure of both the ingredients and the liquid at all times. Overall, a sturdy product that is expected to have a pretty good life cycle.

Chef’s INSPIRATIONS’ water pitcher comes with three infusion rods out of the box – one for fruits and tea bags, one for classic loose tea and the last one for ice cubes. That is where it gets the 3-in-1/3 Core name comes from. All the appliances of this product are also dishwasher safe making them very easy to clean after use regardless of ingredients used. Additionally, the company also provides a money back guarantee to its users in case satisfaction isn’t reached upon using.


  • Made out of high-quality plastic that is bound to last quite long
  • Every appliance is dishwasher safe
  • 3 Core mechanism makes it ideal for a variety of ingredients
  • Narrow design allows the pitcher to fit most refrigerators


  • Large spout could be tough to handle at times

2. Prodyne FI-3 Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher

The primary purpose of a water infusion pitcher is add flavor to the user’s life. But what many consumers miss is the design of their infusion pitcher. A good water infusion pitcher will come with a design that suits most people’s requirements and is also easy to use. Prodyne’s FI-3 Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher is created while keeping the same idea in mind. Made out of BPA-free acrylic, the product comes with a hollow rod that makes it ideal for a wide range of ingredients such as fruits, citrus wedges, herbs, or savories.

It has a thick built overall that prevents spillage while pouring infused water, making it quite ergonomic for all kinds of users. Speaking of ergonomics, the infusion rod on this product comes with a lid of its own assuring safety at all times. Apart from that, the lid also comes with open slots that allows ingredients to mix naturally with water. In short, it is a great product for people looking for a stylish water infusion pitcher for juices and iced tea.


  • Thick body and handle makes it very easy to use
  • Personalized lid for the infusion rod holds ingredients quite well
  • It has an attractive design


  • It is not dishwasher safe

3. VeBo Tea and Fruit Infusion Pitcher With Ice Core Rod

If retail teaches you one thing about consumers it’s that no matter what the requirements are, almost everyone is looking for a product that provides them with a bang for their buck. But what exactly provides bang for one’s buck when it comes to water infusion pitchers? Infusion quality? Durability? Ease of use? Well, that’s subjective. But what’s certain is that despite being on the cheaper side, the product should at least provide a good combination of features that at least surpasses the conventional requirements. With VeBo Tea and Fruit Infusion Pitcher With Ice Core Rod you can expect that and much more.

The Tea and Fruit Infusion Pitcher by VeBo is made out of non-toxic acrylic that is not only BPA free but also shatterproof. The ice core infusion rod that comes with the product keeps the liquid in the pitcher cool while preventing melted ice to mix with it. This makes this product ideal for iced tea, punch, sangria and more. When it comes to capacity, the pitcher can hold up to 2.75 liters at once. Being dishwasher safe, it is also very easy to clean.


  • Build quality is quite impressive
  • Every appliance is dishwasher safe
  • Ice core rod is quite useful for making cold beverages
  • Extremely cheap


  • Some customers have faced durability issues

4. Primula Flavor-It Beverage System

Kitchenware tends to be on the move on a daily basis and water infusion pitchers are no different. Cleaning, refilling and consuming, it is a given that these pitchers must have it in them to take the toll. Primula’s Flavor-It Beverage System is made out of BPA free Tritan making it one of the sturdiest water infusion pitchers out there.

Similar to Chef’s INSPIRATIONS 3 Core Infusion Water Pitcher, Primula’s water infusion pitcher also comes with a 3-in-1 core for fruits, tea and ice. This makes it usable for all kinds of water infusions. At 2.75 liters, the capacity of this product is quite generic.

As we mentioned above, this pitcher’s build quality outclasses most of the competition. But adding to that, its lid is also made out of a high-quality material that prevents all kinds of spillage. The company also provides a money back guarantee if any issue is faced by the customer.


  • One of the sturdiest water infusion pitchers out there
  • 3 Core mechanism makes it ideal for a variety of ingredients
  • Narrow design allows the pitcher to fit most refrigerators


  • Hard to clean

5. Mami Wata Fruit & Tea Water Infusion Pitcher

Water infusion pitchers get quite heavy once you’ve filled them with water and ingredients. Therefore, it is preferred if the product comes with a lighter weight naturally. Although most companies have noted this issue, a very few have been able to master it. One of these companies is Mami Wata who have created an extremely reliable yet lightweight product in the form of the Fruit & Tea Water Infusion Pitcher.

When people think of a lightweight product, the general consensus is that it will have been made from a bad quality material. But with this product, that is not the case. It is made out of thick and durable Tritan that is heat resistant, BPA proof and shatterproof. Adding to that, it also comes with a hermetic seal mechanism that makes it odor resistant as well.

At 2 liters, the capacity of this product is quite low when compared competitors. However, it does come with the benefit of being able to fit any kind of refrigerator. It is ideal for both hot and cold beverages. Speaking of cold, the company also provides a free ice ball maker alongside their water infusion pitcher which is quite a fancy yet useful addition.


  • One of the lightest water infusion pitchers out there
  • Sturdy design allows for both hot and cold water infusions
  • Odor resistance is quite helpful
  • Free ice ball maker is a useful addition


  • Only 2 liters of capacity

Features Of A Good Infusion Pitcher

Despite being a simple beverage serveware, water infusion pitchers come with a variety of features. We will be discussing a few of them below. As a consumer, you should look for as many of these possible on your product.

Best Water Infusion Pitchers of 2023 2

1. No-spill lid

As its name suggests, a no-spill lid makes sure that the top (including the spout) of the product is completely sealed. It is almost an essential infusion pitcher feature as it makes sure that everything inside your product is safe at all times.

2. Non-slip handle

A thick and easy to hold handle is quite useful for water infusion pitchers. It eradicates the tension of spilling liquid while pouring beverage through the product. A good infusion pitcher will certainly provide this feature.

3. Rapid cool

Commonly known as “flash chill”, rapid cool is a great feature to have on an infusion pitcher. Generally, for doing so, the product requires the addition of ice to the liquid or a separate cooling attachment (rod) that comes with it.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Water Infusion Pitcher – Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have looked at some of the cool features that brands provide with water infusion pitchers, here are some of the things you should consider before buying one.

Best Water Infusion Pitchers of 2023 3

1. Size

When it comes to infusion pitchers, size DOES matter. Choosing the wrong one could essentially prove to be disappointing for both ends of the spectrum. If you are someone who will use the pitcher for a full family, then a larger size (2.75 liters and upwards) is recommended. Likewise, if you are an individual or someone who doesn’t need daily refills, a smaller size (2 liters) should suffice.

2. Infuser rod

The infuser rod of your infusion pitcher is its most prominent appliance. Without it, all you have is a plain jug that stores liquid. Therefore, a good quality rod is always recommended. There are three types of infusion rods – standard cores, loose tea cores, and ice cores. Standard cores come with medium holes making them ideal for tea bags and fruits. Loose tea cores are made from fine mesh while their usage is given away in the name itself. Lastly, the ice cores are a simple attachment that are meant for rapid cooling.

3. Pitcher material

Similar to most kitchenware, brands tend to create water infusion pitchers with plastic as they are lightweight, inexpensive and sturdy at the same time. The best type of pitcher material is Tritan plastic as it is also the most reliable over a long haul. Some brands also make glass-based infusion pitchers but we recommend our readers to avoid them despite their stylish appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should I infuse water?

The longer you keep the ingredients for infusion, the more flavor gets added to the water. Ideally, you should infuse for 1-2 hours at room temperature or 3-4 hours in the fridge to attain a slight but tasty pinch. However, if you want a strong flavor, even overnight infusion can be practiced.

How do you use a water infusion pitcher?

Water infusion pitchers are very easy to use. First of all, you need to fill the required amount of water into the pitcher. Then, the ingredients are added into infusion rod and later placed inside the infusion pitcher, and voilà, you are done. All you have to do now is to wait for the infusion.

Is it good to drink infused water everyday?

Yes, it is completely fine to drink infused water everyday as it helps you keep your body hydrated while also providing nutritional benefits of your added ingredients.

What are some of the healthiest infused water?

Any kind of fruit is always considered a healthy option. Some good ones for infusion include berries, apple slices, mint, cucumbers, oranges, and lemons.

Is infused water food for me?

Yes and no. Although, infused water adds calories to plain water, the added amount just isn’t enough to count as a fully fledged meal. But in terms of nutritional benefits, infused water provides a good amount of micro-nutrients depending on the added ingredient.

A Final Word

Considering how important water is for our body, water infusion pitchers are a great appliance to add to your kitchen. They will add flavor to plain water helping you achieve your daily water intake goals. If you have kids, infusion pitchers are quite useful as the added flavor will keep them attracted towards drinking water regularly. They are also great to lighten up the room when guests arrive. In short, they are a great investment for pretty much everyone.

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

This product is one of the best in its class at the moment. It is built with high-quality plastic that ensures durability. It comes with a no-spill lid and ergonomic design which makes it usable even by children. The 3 core mechanism on this product provides versatility as you can create all kinds of water infusions.

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