Best Water Filter Pitcher for Well Water

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best water filter pitcher

A high quality water filter pitcher can deliver you significant savings compared to bottled water without compromising water quality. Like other filtration systems, filter pitchers are designed to eliminate harmful contaminants from water, leaving you with clean drinking water for your whole family. Unfiltered water can pose a serious danger to our health.

Pitchers are a simple, efficient system that can remove up to 99% of contaminants from tap water without the need to pay for an expensive plumbed-in filter or purifier, which means they can deliver excellent value for money.

Along with offering great quality filtration, pitchers are also easy to use and portable. You can simply fill your pitcher at the kitchen faucet, wait for the water to drain, and you’ll have plenty of clean, fresh water.  Pitchers are easy to buy, easy to maintain, and simple by design. They’re a straightforward solution for every household.

One important thing to bear in mind, these pitchers are only designed to be used with cold water. They don’t filter hot water! Below, we have listed the best water filter pitcher for well water for you. These models deliver matchless performance and come with convenient features that you’re sure to appreciate. Let’s start!

10 Best Water Filter Pitchers for Well Water




Propur ProOne Water...

Propur Water Filter Pitcher

  • Eliminates up to 2000+ contaminants

  • Up to 6 months for filter replacement

  • Provides 225 gallons of water

Brita Standard...
Editor Choice

Brita Water Pitcher

  • Get 120 gallons of purified water

  • 100% BPA free construction

  • Allows up to 6 months for filter capacity

Ehm Ultra Premium...
Editor Choice

EHM Alkaline Water Pitcher

  • 300L capacity per filter

  • Up to 2 months of water filtration

  • Increase and maintain the pH level

ZeroWater ZD-018...
Editor Choice

ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher

  • 5-stages of filtration

  • Capacity is 5.4L of each cartridge

  • Reduces TDS

LEVOIT Water Filter Pitcher

  • The tank holds up to 2.5L of water

  • Takes 15 minutes to clean up water

  • 5-layer filtration system

SOMA 10-Cup Water...

Soma Pitcher Water Filtration

  • BPA Free plastic construction

  • 40 gallons of filtration water for 2 months

  • Lid doors open automatically

PUR Large Filtered...

Pur Ultimate Water Filtration

  • 40 gallons filtration capacity

  • Lock Fit Top cap design

  • Great performance

Clearly Filtered...

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

  • Treat 100 gallons of water

  • Clean 230 types of contaminants

  • Require 5 months for filtration

Epic Pure Water...

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

  • Removes up to 2000 percent contaminants

  • Comes with 150 gallons of filtration

  • Up to 6 months for replacement

LifeStraw Home 7-Cup...

LifeStraw Home Water Filter

  • 264 gallons of filtration capacity for 2 months

  • Doesn’t destroy essential minerals

  • Sustainable design

1- Propur Water Filter Pitcher

Propur Water Filter Pitcher

The Propur Water Filter Pitcher delivers outstanding filtration quality. Its filter is made from silver infused white ceramic integrated with activated carbon. Its filter cartridges have a long lifespan, up to 6 months, and provide 225 gallons of filtered water.

You can use this pitcher with water drawn from any source, whether your kitchen tap, a lake, rainwater, river water, well water, or more.
It removes up to 96% of heavy metals, chlorine, VOCs, viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants certified by independent lab testing. It also completely eliminates traces of lead.

Best of all, it doesn’t remove the healthy minerals from your water, and because it’s so transportable, this pitcher is an ideal product for camping or for the home.

The most convenient thing about it is, you don’t need to prime the filter. This makes it easy to use, however, its filtering process is slower at first use than other pitchers.

This model holds up to 3.5l water and 1.5l of filtered water. It also comes with a built-in fruit infusing device if you want to add fresh fruit flavours to your water. Simply remove the infusion tube, fill it with a slice of fruit, and replace it.

Perhaps the best thing about this model is the long lifespan of its filter cartridges. A six-month duration means that you won’t have to constantly be running to the shops to replace the filter cartridge. Its design is compact and it can easily fit in any refrigerator, which is a bonus if you want to cool down your water in hot weather.

  • Removes heavy metals
  • 90 days warranty
  • Can use non-potable water
  • Useful in emergencies and natural disasters
  • Highly efficient
  • Slow filtering when first used


The Propur Water Filter Pitcher is a high quality, space-saving addition to any kitchen. It’s made with BPA and PVC-free plastic, and can transform any kind of water into clean, fresh water with a refreshing taste. It can remove 200+ contaminants and each cartridge can last up to 6 months with regular use.

2- Brita Water Pitcher for Well Water

Brita Water Pitcher

Brita filters are well known on the market, and this capacious model shows you why. It offers fast, efficient, and high-quality filtration and can store enough water for an entire family, making it a great option for big meals and gatherings.

It can hold up to 10 cups of filtered water, enough to fill three 24 oz plastic water bottles. If you’re a regular purchaser of bottled water, just think how much you would save from your weekly grocery bill. 

Brita is an established and reliable brand with a wide range of products.. Their strong reputation means that you can make your purchase with confidence. And their reputation is justified; Brita filters deliver great quality when compared to other brands in the same price range.

Although it can hold a lot of water, the Brita pitcher doesn’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter. Indeed, it even fits inside most refrigerators.

For added convenience, it has an easy to fill locking lid. This feature means you get a steady flow when it comes to pouring your water. 

It filters out chlorine, mercury, cadmium, copper, and zinc, as well as other contaminants, ultimately removing up to 99% of undesirable particles from your water.

Additionally, comes with an electronic indicator to let you know when the time has come to change the filter cartridge.

While not as long-lasting as the Propur cartridges, the Brita will still last for up to two months’ regular use before it needs to be replaced (each cartridge has a life of about 120 gallons of water).

It has a simple, durable design, made from entirely BPA-free plastic. 

When you first set up the water pitcher, you will need to wash your hands and flush the filter with cold water for at least 1 minute. After that, place the filter into its reservoir and add tap water, and it is ready for use.

However, according to some reviews, this filter only starts to work properly after the first three filtrations. Then, you can use this excellent water filter pitcher for two months without any hassle.

  • Reliable filtration
  • Comes with an indicator to remind you when to replace the cartridge
  • Efficient and affordable
  • Compact design
  • Just 2 months capacity with each cartridge
  • The quality of filtration could be improved


The Brita Water Pitcher looks appealing and is easy to use. It refills quickly and provides an indicator so you’ll know when the cartridge needs to be replaced. Its flip flop lid makes it easy and efficient to use with the kitchen tap.

3- EHM Alkaline Water Pitcher

EHM Alkaline Water Pitcher

Next up, we have the EHM Alkaline Water Pitcher. This model is a great solution to get filtered water from your kitchen tap. It comes with multi-level filtration with an alkaliser filter.

The filter has two stages of filtration to remove all chlorine and other contaminants, even including up to 90% of heavy metals such as copper and lead. Helpfully, however, it won’t remove essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, or magnesium from water. It has a substantial capacity of up to 3.5 liters of filtered water, making it suitable for a small to medium-sized family. The cartridges last approximately two months before needing to be replaced.

This water filter pitcher helps to enhance hydration through its micro-clustering technology. It very slightly alkalinizes water, which has a number of health benefits including our immune system and energy levels.

What’s more? It has an efficient design with a flip-top lid similar to that of the Brita filter pitcher. 

It is simple and easy to set up, unlike faucet or spigot filters. And even better, it doesn’t come with a heavy price, making it an affordable option that will suit most household budgets. This pitcher’s premium yet compact construction also allows you to fit it into your refrigerator.

  • Alkalinizes water
  • Filters out harmful heavy metals
  • Great capacity
  • Filter cartridges need to be regularly replaced


This pitcher filter’s 6-stage filtration with micro clustering technology retains essential minerals whilst alkalinizing water to improve its odor and taste. Thus, it doesn’t just provide contaminant-free water but also has health benefits for your skin and immune system.

4- ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher

ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher

The ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher’s 5-stage filtration system makes it stand out when it comes to the search for the best water filter pitcher for well water.

This water system has the power to reduce TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) such as minerals, salts, hard metals, and more.

It’s a durable product made from entirely BPA-free plastic. It can hold a large volume of water, making it suitable for large families. 

The 5 stages of the filtration system can eradicate up to 99% of TDS, chemicals, pesticides, and sediments. Whether you are using plumbed municipal water or well water, it can treat both.

For your peace of mind, this model is ANSI and NSF certified, purifying water according to the standards set by EPA WaterSense.

It has an ergonomic, slim tank design, which allows it to fit comfortably in any kitchen while also being portable, and the handle is made of non-slip material.

Best of all, it has a capacity of 5.4L. That’s enough for your whole family. It continues to filter as you pour to give you a constant supply, and its no-drip spout makes pouring easy.

Unlike other models, it has no obvious disadvantages. Although it looks bulky, it is easy to place inside your refrigerator. The one downside of this water filter is that there is no indicator available for changing the filtration system.

Besides that, this system is an excellent option if you are looking to provide an advanced level of filtration technology. It takes the water quality to the next level by removing all contaminants, sediments, chemicals, and many other particles.

  • Recommended for large families
  • Multi-stage filtration system
  • TDS-free drinking water
  • Easy to pour and maintain
  • No indicator for when the cartridge needs replacing


Whether in the comfort of your home or busy at the office, the Zerowater Water filter offers high efficient water filtration solution. Its advanced filtration technology purifies water to an extremely high level.

5- LEVOIT Water Filter Pitcher

LEVOIT Water Filter Pitcher

Next, we have the Levoit Water Filter Pitcher with its easy-to-use design. A common problem in low-quality pitchers is the tendency for them to leak when you pour your filtered water. You won’t experience that problem with Levoit.

The pitcher is comprised of a number of detachable parts that can be separated for easy cleaning.. Like the Zerowater pitcher, this one comes with a 5-layer filtration system, but with the added advantage of a handle to make it more portable.

Its 5-layer system is extremely efficient, removing contaminants to a similar level as many higher-priced products. The pitcher comes with an electronic indicator that alerts you whenever a cartridge needs to be replaced. . We suggest replacing the filter cartridge after it has filtered 40 gallons of water or approximately 60 days.

This considerable capacity of the Levoit pitcher makes it a relatively sustainable option in terms of reducing plastic waste.

Additionally, it is carrying certifications from the FDA and ROHS, and it is LFGB compliant and BPA free. 

It has a compact design and can hold up to 2.5 liters of water, making it easy to store in a standard refrigerator.

You should soak new cartridges in clean tap water for 15 minutes before use. After this time has elapsed, check the restrictor cap position as per the pitcher’s instructions. Then the cartridge will be ready to use.

To prevent leakages, firmly secure the filter cartridge in the filter chamber. To clean the lid, use a damp cloth. And remember, like the others in this list, this filter is only suitable for cold water.

  • Electronic indicator for cartridge replacement
  • 1-year warranty
  • 40 gallons of filtration per cartridge
  • Need to replace the cartridge more frequently than some other models


The Levoit Water Filter Pitcher comes with 5-layer filtration that can filter all major contaminants from tap water effectively. It also comes with a reliable reminder indicator, BPA-free construction, and a 3-pack of replacement filter cartridges included.

6- Soma Filtered Water Pitcher

Soma Pitcher Water Filtration

The Soma Water Pitcher has a minimalistic and stylish design. With an amazing look, it’s an eye-catching addition to any kitchen.

It comes with a powerful plant-based filtration system to remove traces of mercury, heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants. The pitcher is made with an environmentally friendly design (its wooden handle is made of sustainable white oak) in mind as well as ease of use.

The Soma pitcher can hold up to 10 glasses of filtered water, so you will have plenty of filtered water at the dining table.

Although it certainly looks more attractive than many other pitchers, its makers haven’t sacrificed functionality. The compact design of this pitcher means that it can easily fit into your refrigerator, and its excellent filtration system will deliver you clean, great-tasting water.

Additionally, you can hold the pitcher and fill the water. When you hold it, the lid door will automatically open. That’s a good sign.

When it comes to the water treatment of this pitcher,  its filter cartridges are constructed with shell-activated carbon and plant-based material.

Each filter cartridge can filter 40 gallons of water, about enough to last an average household two months. After that, the cartridge will need to be replaced.

The pitcher is NSF and ANSI certified, and it also fulfills all the requirements for the Water Quality Association.

Not only that, Soma donates water all over the world, helping to provide clean drinking water in many regions where it is otherwise inaccessible.

  • Shatterproof BPA-free plastic
  • Automatically opening lid
  • Wooden handle
  • Holds 10 glasses of water.
  • Design performance could be improved.


Overall, this pitcher delivers incredible performance at an affordable price. If you are looking for a stylish, eco-friendly option, look no further.

7- Pur Ultimate Water Filtration

Pur Ultimate Water Filtration

The Pur 7-cup Water Filter delivers great value for money. Its competitive edge is its excellent capacity.

It is designed to cut out a huge variety of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, unhealthy contaminants, and more, removing up to 96% of tap water contaminants, improving your water’s taste as well as any unpleasant odors.

The tank can hold up to 18 glasses of water, which makes it perfect for a large dinner gathering. Each cartridge has a capacity of 40 gallons, so it should last a typical household around two months. It takes about 2-3 minutes for a full tank of water to filter through.

It’s made from BPA-free plastic, and pouring is easy thanks to its ergonomic handle. One of the best features of this model is its spout cover, which prevents the buildup of germs or dust particles over the spout. Despite its space-saving design, its large capacity does mean that it won’t fit in all fridges.

  • Exceptional filtration
  • Great quality construction
  • Electric indicator for cartridge replacement
  • Stylish design

  • Doesn’t fit in all fridges


The thousands of excellent reviews for this product suggest many satisfied customers. Its large capacity and clever design features help it to stand out from the crowd.

8- Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher can remove more than 230 harmful chemicals from tap water, as well as other contaminants such as bacteria. It is a well-designed, practical addition to any kitchen that helps to make tap water 100% safe for drinking.

One of the big pluses of this model is that it has a longer lifespan than a number of the other pitchers we’ve mentioned in our list. Each cartridge should last an average household about four months, or about 100 gallons of water.

It is certified as meeting the NSF/ANSI standards and is and 100% BPA free.

  • Flawless design
  • High capacity unit
  • Excellent filtration quality
  • Expensive
  • Low water flow


Overall, the Clearly Filtered Water Filter is a reliable option thanks to its high quality filtration and its large capacity. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, outstanding customer support, and NSF/ANSI certification.

9- Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher stands out from the crowd both for its excellent capacity and its long-lasting filter cartridges, which only need to be replaced after six months (or 150 gallons of water). This makes it both a convenient and environmentally-friendly option.

Like other models we’ve mentioned, it works with a five-stage filtration system to ensure you will get contaminant-free water, including the removal of any traces of mercury or harmful chemicals.

The first stage of filtration consists of a coconut carbon filter, where water passes through pores just 2 microns wide. 

The second layer of filtration is effective at trapping any bacterial contaminants, while the third, fourth, and fifth layers consist of organic filters that strip out heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants.

Even though the filter cartridges last for six months, it won’t slip your mind that they need replacing, because the pitcher comes with a digital indicator that reminds you when they need to be replaced.

The pitcher has excellent functionality, convenience (it can be stored in the fridge), and capacity, making it perfect for a large family.

As well as all this, its sophisticated filter system provides outstanding performance against harmful contaminants.

  • Food grade materials
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Carbon water filters
  • Infrequent replacement of filters
  • Easy to use

  • Not Dishwasher Safe


Overall, the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher is our top recommendation for large families. Its high-capacity filter cartridges last up to 4 times as long as similar products. Performance apart, its compact design allows you to store the pitcher in your fridge so you can enjoy cold water even at the height of summer.

10- LifeStraw Home Water Filter

LifeStraw Home Water Filter

This elegant water pitcher serves all the essential water filtering needs of your home. It is made of 100% BPA-free plastic, is equipped with an easy-fill lid, and can hold up to 7 cups of filtered water. 

It provides excellent filtration quality, removing pesticides, bacteria, microplastics, lead, and mercury from your tap water with its unique and advanced filter that combines activated carbon with ion exchange.

The carbon filter removes organic chemicals, bad smells, and any bad taste from the water. At the same time, ion exchange filters are crucial for the removal of contaminants. The water then passes through a microfiltration membrane that removes bacteria and parasites. Filter cartridges last for 40 gallons of water (about two months) before they need to be replaced.

Importantly, this filter doesn’t strip away any healthy nutrients such as sodium, magnesium, or calcium.

Plus, its gorgeous design looks attractive on any kitchen countertop, or anywhere else for that matter.

  • Attractive style
  • High performance
  • Reasonable price
  • Short cartridge lifespan


The LifeStraw Home Water Filter purifies up to 40 gallons of water. Its sustainable design is made of BPA-free plastic and comes with an easy-fill lid. It powerfully removes bacteria, microplastics, heavy metals, chemicals, and more. Not only that, it improves the taste of water by keeping essential minerals in water due to its high-quality filters.

Buying Guide for Best Water Filter Pitcher For Well Water

Water Filter Pitcher 2021

While you might want to buy a water filter pitcher, it is not an easy decision. There are many factors to consider before you make your choice, including:

There are many filtration pitcher types, but you have to choose depending on your household’s needs. For instance, if you are using water with high chlorine, you need a water filter pitcher that is most effective at removing chlorine from your water.

However, if you want to drink alkaline water, you have to purchase a pitcher with an alkaline water filter. Many of the best water filter pitchers for well water deliver an alkaline taste and are also excellent at removing contaminants.

A carbon water filter pitcher is great for absorbing the impurities and odors of water. This type of pitcher comes with a multi-stage filtration system to reduce chlorine, lead, bacteria, and other contaminants.

You should note that water filter pitchers don’t come with reverse osmosis technology to purify water.

Filtration Time

You have to find out which filtration time is suitable for you, which will also depend on the capacity of the pitcher. Some are quick, while others take longer; it’s up to your personal preference if this is an important factor for you.

Filter Replacements

Each water filter pitcher comes with a certain duration for its filtration. It determines the time when it’s necessary to replace the cartridge. Again, this time span varies from product to product. If you don’t mind frequently going to the shop to get replacement cartridges, then maybe lifespan won’t be an important consideration for you. However, if you want something that will last a long time without needing to give it any attention, it might be best not to buy a model that needs a cartridge replacement every two months. 


Materials are crucial. They play a major role in your pitcher’s durability, as well as how environmentally friendly it is. The best material is 100% BPA-free plastic. Most of the pitchers in this list are made of this but make sure to check. Poor quality products can break or be hazardous for your health.


This will depend on your household’s needs. If you have a large family, then you should get a large pitcher. In contrast, if you have a small family, other factors might be more important.


If you don’t want to compromise over the product quality, you should get a certified product. There are lots of good brands that provide certified models. These models are tested by independent organizations including the  NSF, ANSI, and WQA.

We recommended getting NSF-certified products because they use TDS to analyze water quality before water filtration.

Filter Change Indicator

Lots of water filter pitchers come with a filter change indicator. It’s a convenient reminder for when a cartridge replacement is due. Perfect if you’re busy or absent-minded!

Ease of Installation

Even though water filter pitchers are easy to use, bear in mind that some have more steps than others when it comes to setup, and you should always pay attention to the individual instructions of the product you have purchased.

Not only that, but some water filter pitchers don’t allow for easy pouring.

Ease of Use

You may be wondering what is hard about using a water filter pitcher. It is true that they are easy to use, but may not be easy to handle. Due to the size of the design, they may not be compatible with your fridge. If so, you have to put the filtered water in the bottle to cool it, which might be a bit of a hassle.


Some water filter pitchers use fruit infusers so you can get a different taste. Thus, you can also look at this factor before making a choice.


Price is always crucial. You have to make sure how much you can afford to spend on your water filter pitcher. If you can spend a lot, make sure to get a quality product.  There are many expensive pitchers out there, but not all of them are the same in terms of quality.


Last but not least, the most important factor. You should always get a water filter pitcher with a warranty to make your investment secure. If you find your product is not working well, you can claim that and get support. Usually, most products come with a 12-month warranty.

Water Filter Pitcher Review

Why Should You Use a Water Filter Pitcher?

Regardless of what type of water (plumbed municipal or well water) you are drinking, it can come with many contaminants that are unhealthy for you. When the water comes from the tap, it travels to you through many pipes. This water can contain contaminants like bacteria as well as unhealthy mineral sediments. It should be treated properly. When it comes to filtration, we have many options. One of the best and simplest is a countertop pitcher with a filter cartridge.

Filtered water has long-term health benefits as well as excellent taste.


Let’s look at some of those benefits in more detail.

Most of us waste so much money on bottled water in order to drink purified water. It’s not only costly but also takes time and effort.

Plastic water bottles are not BPA-free, meaning that even when we drink purified water from them, we’re also drinking microplastics. A water pitcher solves this problem. It’s also better for the environment because it saves on the amount of plastic that’s produced and then taken to the landfill.

Filtered water also encourages you to drink more water, which is good for your health.

Replacement – How to Change A Filter Cartridge?

When you unbox the pitcher, you will find an instruction manual where all the instructions are written to replace the water filter in the pitcher.

  • Take your new filter and place it in a bowl. Fill the bowl with water and make sure the filter is fully submerged.
  • Now you have to leave it for 10 minutes to make sure the cartridge is fully soaked.
  • Then, remove the old cartridge from the pitcher.
  • Once the 10 minutes is up, firmly affix the new cartridge properly so it will not come out while pouring.
  • Fill the pitcher up 2 times with water and drain the water.
  • The third time, fill and drink the filtered water. That’s all.


Every appliance requires maintenance. When it comes to water filter pitchers, you can easily maintain them. Take a mild dish soap and a soft sponge and clean it by gently rubbing. When you have cleaned the pitcher thoroughly, rinse it under cold water and let it dry.

Before the cleaning process, don’t forget to read the instructions written in the manual.


  • Do I Need a Water Filter Pitcher for well water?

It is the simplest alternative to bottled water. Water filter pitchers are recommended if you want to drink filtered water every night at your dining table. Although they offer less capacity than faucet or countertop water filters, they are nevertheless a convenient and inexpensive solution.

  • How Often Do I Have to Change the Water Filter?

It depends on the quality of your product. Each water filter pitcher comes with a different filtration capacity. If you are using a water filter pitcher with 40 gallons of filtered water capacity, it takes 2-3 months until you’ll need to replace the cartridge.

  • Is It Worth Buying a Water Filter Pitcher?

A pitcher is an inexpensive way to get filtered water. Apart from the health benefits, they are portable and easy to use and maintain. That’s why we do recommend them rather than bottled or tap water.

  • Does Pitcher Filter work?

A good quality filter works effectively against almost all types of contaminants.


As you have seen, there is a lot to know about water filter pitchers. Importantly for many households, along with incredible features and unbeatable performance, they are affordable. They ensure you get clean water without chlorine, chemicals, TDS, and other contaminants.

Make sure to examine your personal priorities before making your choice. If you have any questions, then we can answer all your queries. Thanks for visiting!

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