Best Water Cooler Dispenser Review & Buying Guide 2022

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Best Water Cooler Dispenser

Nothing like a glass of fresh cold water glass when you are thirsty, and it would only be possible with the best water cooler dispenser. This appliance is the most convenient way to get cold water instantly. Is that enough to make a purchase?

It is reported that tap water contains contaminants that are unhealthy to our health. These contaminants such as lead, heavy metals, chlorine, chemicals, and other harmful bacterial lead to serious illness. In this direction, clean and filtered water is safe for your entire family.

That’s why we are bringing water cooler dispensers that help you get safe drinking. Not only that, they complete all of our hydration needs instantly, which is good for well-being.

Best of all, the water cooler dispenser cools the water instantly. It is easy to use and maintain. NOt only that, you don’t need to worry about its replacement filters because bottled water is already filtered. Thus, if you want to get a convenient way to stay healthy, then you can choose your favorite water dispenser from here.

Let’s get started!

Are You in a Rush? Here are our Top Picks

Best Overall
Primo Bottom Loading...
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COSTWAY 2-in-1 Water...
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Primo Bottom Loading...
COSTWAY 2-in-1 Water...
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2,916 Reviews
828 Reviews
503 Reviews
Best Overall
Primo Bottom Loading...
Primo Bottom Loading...
Top Load
2,916 Reviews
Editor's Choice
COSTWAY 2-in-1 Water...
COSTWAY 2-in-1 Water...
Top Load
828 Reviews
Runner's Up
Top Load
503 Reviews

1- Avalon Premium Hot/Cold Water Cooler Dispenser


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The Avalon Premium Hot/Cold doesn’t take much space and dispenses cool and hot water alike.

Whether you need to toasty beverage or cool refreshments lets you choose between a crisp cold and piping hot output.

Look wise; it won’t seem bulky, unlike other models in their size or shape. Even you can place it in small spaces or corners. It would also be fit on any tabletop.

More than that, this water cooler saves time when you have to make hot cocoa, tea, or instant soap. It is due to its hot dispense spout. Indeed, it saves your time to boil water in a kettle or pot.

Not only that, it allows top loading. You can see when the dispenser is running out of water. It would be most suitable for office settings.

When it comes to changing the bottles, it has a spill-proof built-in puncture rod. This feature ensures the great safety that the water dispenser required.

Having a handy dispenser ensures you make the best purchase for offices and homes regardless of how many members live. At the same time, it has slow water flow ate which makes it slightly inconvenient.

  • Spill-proof
  • Top loading
  • UL listed
  • Compact size
  • Slow flow rate


The standout feature is its UL/Energy star approved certification. This tested unit has a child safety lock, so your child stays safe. The worry-free design has a stylish look and innovative features.

2- Primo Button Loading Water Cooler

Primo Bottom Loading...

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The Primo Button Loading Water Cooler has a sleek design with convenient features. it dispenses both cool and hot water like a breeze. You have to push a button to get water as per your need.

Like other dispensers, it has a child-resistant safety feature. Its bottom loading provides easy access so that you can replace it with great ease.

The standout feature is its elimination of lifting as well as flipping. You can place the bottles inside the cabinets that look elegant and clean. Also, there is no need for plumbing for the installation.

When it comes to construction, it has a stainless steel door panel. More than that, it has a water reservoir that enhances durability. The best thing is that it has a removable drip tray, which is also dishwasher safe.

Besides that, there are two versions available either you can choose 3 or 5 gallons. With a multi-step reserve osmosis process, it ensures high-quality water drinking.

What’s additional? This unit has a night light, so you avoid stumbling and other obstacles while pouring water at night.

However, it has a slight drawback. It does make a bit of sound while operating, but it is bearable. At the same time, it provides a high flow rate of water and a Washable drip tray.

  • Bottom loading design
  • Ul certified
  • No plumbing required
  • Highly durable
  • Tray design could be improved


Best of all, the Primo Button Loading Water Cooler is UL certified, and energy-star rated that makes it the best dispenser. It also offers 1 year of warranty so you can get a reliable service.

3- Avalon Self Cleaning Touchless Cooler Dispenser Water


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This water dispenser by Avalon will make a difference. It provides both hot and cold water when you need it. It lets you choose between a crisp cold and piping hot output.

This unit is designed to make cool refreshments or toasty beverages. There is featured a child-safe locker. Not only does it lets you stay worry-free but also your child will be safe from accidentally burn.

With bottle design, it reduces the cost of constant purchases of water. Not only that, but it also eliminates the strain of lifting bottles.

More than that, it comes with a self-cleaning function. This feature sanitizes as well as purifies the unit that avoids the accumulation of harmful bacteria and germs.

Additionally, there is a built-in nightlight. It makes the spouts visible so you can pour the water with ease. Thanks to its replacement indicator, it lets you know when you need to change the filter.

Unlike other models, it has reduced unwanted spills. It allows you to get 1500 gallons of purified water for 6 months.

  • Hot water capacity is low


The most standout feature for the Avalon is its UL/energy star rating. Thus, it is an approved model, so you will get clean water for drinking.

4- COSTWAY 2-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser

COSTWAY 2-in-1 Water...

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The COSTWAY 2-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser has a sleek and elegant design. It doesn’t only look classy but also provides better performance, unlike other models available in its range.

This unit is powerful enough to last long for many years to come. It features a built-in ice maker that can hold up to 4lbs of ice with no hassle. It lets you make 9 bullet ice cubes within 14 minutes.

In addition to this, it can make up to 9 bullet ice cubes at no time. Hence it allows you to make 27 lbs per day. It will let you make pesky ice easily.

There are LED indicators so you can get water according to your needs. Not only that, it has to control panels so you can handle ice, got, or cold water with maximum ease. It ensures easy setup, and you can see at a glance whether the dispenser is off or on.

Unlike other models, it has a tri temp water button that is easy to press to dispense the water as per your need. Whether you need instant hot water for beverages or meals and ice, it would be a perfect choice for you to choose.

  • Control panel
  • Led indicator
  • Child safety lock
  • Elegant, sleek design
  • Drain plug could be improved


Overall, the COSTWAY 2-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser offers a child safety lock. It provides great safety for the hot spot. The best thing is that a user-friendly security lock prevents accidental burns.

5- Primo Easy Top Loading Water Dispenser

Primo - Easy Top...

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Now we have the Primo Easy Top Loading Water Dispenser with convenient features. This unit is designed to prevent accidents. It is built from strong material that also enhances its durability.

It has a stylish top loader that provides simple maintenance. Its spill-proof design doesn’t make any issue for leakage. It is made to tightly fit that stops all messes that you are having with other cooler dispensers.

Unlike other models, it provides you easy installation. Its standout filters provide the long-lasting performance that you need.

When it comes to maintenance, it will make your life easy. It is engineered to fit primo bottles perfectly without any leakage. Its spill-proof design avoids messes as well as water wastage.

  • Great filtration
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Spill-proof
  • UL certified
  • Temperatures are unclear


Not only that, the Primo Easy Top Loading Water Dispenser delivers both cold and hot water with a child lock, which keeps you and your family stay safe from accidental burns.

6- White BottleLess Water Purification Cooler

White BottleLess...

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The White BottleLess saves your money due to its bottle-less design. It removes all the heavy lifting that you need for maintaining plastic bottles.

This unit has commercial-grade stainless steel that enhances its durability. Best of all, it allows both hot and cold water capacity so you can pour water according to your needs.

It would be handy enough to get clean and safe drinking like the water cooler dispenser. It has a built-in safety function that avoids overflowing, so you would get a safe experience for years.

Unlike other models, it allows control over the exact temperature. It lets you decide on a versatile model that suits almost everyone compared to other models with a built-in thermostat.

More than that, it provides easy installation that won’t be a hassle for you. You can directly connect it with your water line, and it would work well.

  • Improves water taste
  • High-quality filtration
  • Easy to use
  • Very durable
  • Installation Is not easy


Besides that, its custom commercial-grade stainless steel material ensures better performance. The White Bottle Less is built to last as well as saves your money on maintenance and is quick to pour due to solid faucets.

7- Costway Water Cooler Dispenser

Costway Water Cooler...

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The Costway Water Cooler Dispenser comes with a large capacity with a top-loading design. It can hold up to 5 gallons of water, perfect for you and your family and office.

Out of its amazing features, it has a child-safe design. It locks the hot spout so the entire family can use it with no hassle.

What’s more? It is very easy to clean, so you will get a prolonged life. It helps avoid water spills due to the removable drip tray. Also, it ensures easy cleaning that makes it the best water cooler dispenser.

When it comes to time-saving, it ensures instant cold and hot water. It lets you enjoy safe drinking whenever you want.

Moreover, it has a modern design due to stainless steel construction. Its design is stylish and modern. It takes compact space, which makes it suitable for a small kitchen.

Additionally, there is a removable drip tray. It keeps your drip tray sanitary clean.

Unlike traditional water cooler dispensers, it features mechanical push-in faucets. It also provides control over a power-down switch for both cold and hot tanks.

  • Child safety
  • Stainless steel liner
  • Removable drip tray
  • Large capacity
  • Noisy


Overall, The Costway Water Cooler Dispenser provides easy control and maintenance at a fair price that you are looking for the best value.

8- Brio Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser

Brio Limited Edition...

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The Brio Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser has a compact and durable design. It is built to last that fits in compact locations not only in your home but also office.

With sleek style and a modern finish, it provides full control. It provides easy access to both cold and hot water. It has a user-friendly design that makes it convenient to use.

Not only that, it is designed to give customizable features that completed all of your hydration needs. For the safety of your child, it keeps you safe from any accidental pouring of the hot spot.

Other than that, it ensures unmatched quality with attractive, sleek finishings. Its stainless steel construction enhances its life span.

The self-cleaning ozone feature provides cleaning entirely. There is a large dispense point that refills almost any cup within seconds. There is no struggle you need for pouring.

What’s additional? It has a removable drip tray that you can remove without any hassle.

With an anti-rust BPA-free drip tray, it provides great safety for your drip tray sanitary. It lets you quickly and easily clean up.

Besides that, it includes a tri-temp mode that ensures instant hot, room, and cold temperature water on demand.

  • Tri-temp mode
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Child safety lock
  • Unmatched quality
  • Noisy


Overall, the Brio Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser purifies your water either you need a hot or cold water reservoir. The best thing is that it maintains the cool longevity you need.

9- Brio Countertop Bottle less Water Cooler Dispenser

Brio Countertop Self...

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The Brio Countertop Bottle less has a user-friendly design. It comes with an installation kit. It is pre-assembled with lots of accessories. Not only that, there are lots of instructions with illustrations included.

Best of all, it offers lots of free replacement filters. There are water filters that provide the purest form of hydration all day long.

There is an equipped 2 stage filtration system that features a 5-micron pre-carbon and a sediment filter. It provides 1500gallons of filtered water for up to 6 months.

Moreover, it lets you choose hot, cold, and room temperature. With three settings, it allows customization when it comes to a safe drinking experience.

Furthermore, this unit features self-cleaning that minimizes maintenance. It uses UV light technology, which reduces sediments from your favorite cooler. It ensures pure and fresh water whenever you need it.

Besides that, it uses 2 steps of filtration, which reduces a sediment and carbon block filter. Its first stage completes all the common contaminants that tap water has. In contrast, its second filtration removes impurities and makes its taste better.

  • Premium filtration
  • Child lock
  • UV light technology
  • Large dispense point
  • Slight bitter taste


Unlike traditional ways, the Brio Countertop Bottle less provides hassle-free operation to get clean water. It transforms the tap water so you can stay hydrated all day.

10- Frigidaire EFWC498 Water Cooler Dispenser

Frigidaire EFWC498...

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The Frigidaire EFWC498 is the best water cooler dispenser that you are looking for. It makes you sure to get the safe drinking that you need.

Out of the amazing features, it dispenses both cold and hot water. It features 100w of cooling power and 420w of heating power, so you complete all of your needs.

Not only that, it ensures you will get the right temperature that you need. There is included a thermos electric cooling unit that makes it the best dispenser.

Best of all, it is powered by a robust compressor cooler. It is making the water dispenser nice and cold. It does provide up to 3 or 5 gallons of dispensed water that you need.

Additionally, it is safe for drinking and fit in any kitchen, dorm, and office.

Moreover, it features an indicator of the need for cooling, heating, and power activity. It also allows a removable drip tray or easy cleanup.

  • Premium construction
  • Filters water
  • It has a safety lock
  • Hot and cold water
  • Instructions are not clear


It prevents overheating and drains water. It ensures great adjustability for front leveling kegs and filters up to 5 gallons of water.

Complete Buying Guide for Best Water Cooler Dispenser

Water Dispenser

When choosing the best water cooler dispenser, you need to ensure what you have need. To make the right purchase, you have to know which aspects should be kept in mind. Thus, be keeping crucial considerations in mind helps you to get the best bangs for your bucks.

However, you might have notched about the types of water cooler dispensers. So let us know which type is suitable for you. After that, we provide important aspects so you can know what would be the right one for you.

Three Types of Water Cooler Dispenser

Probably you know already about the types of water dispensers. You should pay attention to its types so you can choose which one is suitable for you since each has advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Bottom Load Dispenser

If you are looking for the most practical dispenser, this type would be the best one. Believe it or not, this type of unit usually conceals the water storage container as its name implies. Thus, it would be an ideal deal for a professional environment.

The advantage of the bottom load dispenser is its storage. You don’t need to worry about its lifting and turning it upside down. Also, this process might be inconvenient for some people. No need to mention that this type of dispenser prevents water spillage incidents. So it is recommended for those who have back strained.

  1. Top Load Dispenser

Alternatively, to bottom load dispensers, this type of dispenser comes with top loading. They require you to lift the water bottles. So you need to place them upside down. That is to say, the water bottle is not concealed. In general, they are open and easy to view, which might not be aesthetically pleasing for some people in a certain environment.

The benefit of having the top load dispenser is, you don’t have o spend so many bucks in contrast with their counterparts. Meanwhile, this type of unit is easy to operate. On the other hand, the drawback is you might have spilling incidents.

  1. Counter Top Dispenser

Lastly, the countertop water dispenser comes in a compact size. They don’t take so much space, so recommended for the kitchen. In this way, you can save space. But these types of dispensers are not looking appealing as other options. The advantage is that they are handy and practical.

Things to Consider while Buying Water Dispenser

Let’s have a look!


Every household comes with certain requirements that you need for the best water cooler dispense. One of its requirements is its capacity, which should be convenient. You should get a high-capacity unit, so you don’t face the hassle to replace the water bottle very often.

Some places, such as the office, demands sufficient space. It is mandatory to get a high-capacity dispenser; otherwise, you have to replace the bottle frequently. At the same time, it is also notable that the unit’s capacity should not be greater than your need.

Ease of Use

It is an arguably important aspect when you are looking for the best water cooler dispenser. Since it is a common appliance and used regularly, you don’t need to spend lots of money to understand its works. You should get that offers user-friendly operation so you can use it with ease.

Not only that but it is also suggested to see the details how easy it is to maintain to avoid future problems. It would be perfect for getting a unit that doesn’t require too much maintenance. For instance, lots of products required filter replacements. Also, you should check the drip tray, which should be removable. That is to say; these features ease the maintaining process.

Safety Feature

Moving on, the next feature that is required to consider the best dispenser is safety. It is most important for you and your family to have a safety feature when buying any appliance. If you have children, you should get a unit with a safety lock on the hot spot. It protects them from accidental burns. Also, it would be better to choose a water dispenser that protects itself from overheating.


Last but not least, the material of the unit is most important regardless of the unit type. You should get a unit that is made of durable material so you will get a long lifespan. The high-quality construction determines the best bangs for your bucks.


Do Water Dispensers Filter The Water?

It is the most asked question that does a water dispenser filter the water? If you are confused with that, you should know a water cooler cools the water as the name shows that you will instantly get the cold water. It is manufactured to let you get water with ease.

It is a fact that they don’t come with filtering mechanisms. In this direction, you need to get a filter. You should invest in a filter that filters your water to make a sensible investment. For this purpose, you have to connect your unit with the waterline, so the water comes to you after filtration. Meanwhile, bottled water already filters because they come with purified water inside.

How Does Clean A Water Dispenser?

To get a prolonged service and good performance, it is important to maintain the appliance regularly. However, the water dispensers need to clean once a week so you can enjoy a good tasting. Not only that, it will stop unwanted bacteria build up so you should clean it. For this purpose, you have to see its instruction manual, or you can follow these instructions.

  1. The very first step is to unplug the cooler or disable its electricity connection.
  2. Remove the water bottle depending upon its type, baffle, and lid.
  3. You have to add almost 3 cups of hot water and one cup of vinegar inside its reservoir.
  4. You can also clean with a soft cloth by using this mixture.
  5. After that, you have to drain the reservoir through the taps/spouts. And place the taps inside the dishwasher so you will get an efficient cleaning.
  6. To get optimal performance, you have to wash the reservoir at least two times and drain the water through taps. That’s all.

Not to mention, it is good to sanitize your after dispenser every six months so you can get its optimal performance.

Is The Best Water Gallon Dispenser Make Noise?

It depends on the model which you are choosing and the environment where you keep it. Most people prefer to keep the water dispensers in the kitchen, so if it is noisy, it would be fine. It would not be overwhelming for you. However, if you want a product to keep in your office, then it should operate quite.

How Long The Best Water Cooler Dispenser Lasts?

To determine its life, you have to check its certain features. For instance, you should check its warranty. If you are getting up to 5 years of warranty, it would be fine for 10 years or more, depending on how you use it. To get a long lifespan, you should not make them overheat, and electrical faults are also more difficult to deal with. It is also recommended to clean it once a week to get optimal performance.


All in all, we hope you have found your best water cooler dispenser as we have listed the top-rated products so you can purchase them without any worry. We assured you these products would never be a loss or regret for you as they are offering the most convenient and amazing features for the price.

Before making a purchase, it is recommended that you check out your needs. It would be good to get a reliable product. Besides that, if you need any help, then you can comment below. WE are always here to help you. Thank you for visiting us!

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