10 Best Countertop Water Filter – Reviews, Benefits and Buying Guide 2022

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Best Countertop Water Filters

Recently, people are taking more concerns about the filter system rather than bottled, filtered water. It is all due to water filtration systems that can eliminate chemicals, contaminants, dust, rust, chlorine, and much more. Not only that, they are pretty cost-efficient, easy to use, and maintain. They don’t require higher efforts and save your time too. Best of all, they provide more extended service in a better way. One of them, the best countertop water filter system, has no exception.

Unlike faucet Filters or whole house water filter systems, this system provides quick filtration in high quality and inexpensive way. More than that, the countertop water filters have a compact design, deliver the best quality of water by removing all impurities and contaminants so you will get tasteful, clean, and freshwater.

However, there are so many best options available regarding the countertop water filters. It would be hard to find out the best one. No worries, we are here to provide top-rated products with convenient features so you can enjoy filtered water quickly and efficiently. Let’s check out!

List of 10 Best CounterTop Water Filter for Kitchen




New Wave Enviro 10...
Editor Choice

New Wave Enviro 10 Stage

  • 800 gallons of purified water
  • Eliminates most of the contaminants
  • 10 stages filtration process
iSpring CKC1C...
Editor Choice

iSpring CKC1C

  • Allow up to 500 gallons
  • Easy to view housing
  • Easy to install
Ecosoft Countertop...
Editor Choice

Ecosoft Faucet Mount

  • Get 1500 gallons of water
  • Offers great warranty
  • Runs long and effective
Aquasana AQ-4000W...

Aquasana AQ-4000W

  • Offers 450 gallons of filter water
  • Easy attachment
  • No plumber required
APEX MR-1030...


  • Get 1500 gallons of purifying water
  • Portable and compact
  • Most effective
AlcaPure Reverse...


  • Get 75 gallons of filtered water per day
  • Better performance
  • Zero installation  
Lake Industries...

Lake Industries Stainless Steel Countertop

  • 1,000 gallons of water
  • Get unsurpassed performance
  • Easy to install
Countertop Ultra...

iFilters Ultra Countertop

  • Eliminates most of the impurities
  • Get 750 gallons of water
Home Master TMJRF2...

Home Master, TMJRF2 Jr F2

  • 500 gallons of water
  • Great tasting water
  • Efficient space-saving tech

Cleanwater 4Less

  • Without replacement filters
  • Get 10,000 gallons of filtered water
  • Has stylish diverter valve

1- Enviro 10 Stages Plus Water Filter System

Enviro 10 Stage Plus Water Filter System

Top on our list is Enviro 10 Stage Plus Water Filter System. It has a sleek and stylish look. They are specifically designed to support health and active living.

It carries ten stages plus ability. This stage ensures the delivery of chlorine-free, smell-free, and highly pure water.

What’s Special? It removes the inorganic arsenic from water. Arsenic increases the risk of prostate cancer, skin, Lungs, and kidney diseases.

This unit carefully removes all the harmful agents and bacteria. Cleans the water properly, Thus supplies to the sink and taps of the house.

This treated water will ensure clean water’s complete satisfaction because all the insecticides, pesticides, inorganic elements, lead, and mercury have been removed from the water.

Pure and filter water is a basic necessity for every home. Thus, this need is ultimately fulfilled by this unit. It maintains a regular and continuous flow of water.

This water system provides help for a lot of work. Treated water will be best for making tea, coffee, and juices also.

In addition to all this, this filtration system easily attaches to the kitchen faucet. This connection allows changing filter water into tap water quickly. Thus you can use tap water also for some purposes.

It is easy to install and operate. So, there is no need to hire any professional plumber. It gets a connection with the faucet in just a few seconds. Moreover, it also fixes under the sink due to its compact design.

Furthermore, the Enviro Filter System has increased functional performance. It works to deliver and ensure the natural taste of water.

  • Countertop filter
  • Easy to install
  • Remove contaminants from water
  • Provide the best quality water
  • Do not remove fluoride molecules
  • Do not have a reverse osmosis


Above all, the 10 stage filtration method removes almost all types of disgusting agents. This removal technique is highly effective for the health of families. It is highly recommended equipment in small households and small social sites.

2- iSpring Countertop Water Filtration System

iSpring Countertop Water Filtration System

The iSpring Countertop Water Filtration System has a portable design. It brings every needed thing either for higher performance or installation.

This unit eliminates all contaminants and chlorine up to 95% from your healthy water. Because of the CTO carbon block design, it can give the best by removing chemicals and sediments.

The unpleasant water with chemicals is bad for our health and causes diseases. But this filtration is a life changer due to its 10 inches filter cartridge. It is more significant than other models and traps up to 5 microns in size.

In addition to this, whether your water has sand, sediment, dust, rust, herbicides, chemicals, chlorine, or pesticides, it can clean the water more than your expectations.

Its filter capacity is up to 500 gallons in its 6-months life. Not only that, its housing is clear enough to keep an eye on the filter. It lets you know when the time arrives to change it.

These include 2 sealing washers, the connecting house, and the divert valve. Using them, you can connect this filtration to your kitchen faucet.

Moreover, the installation process is pretty straightforward due to its handy instruction manual to follow. There are written instructions as well as you can also get it visually.

It prevents you from hassles hence why it is giving compatibility even for non-standard faucets. Some adapters allow connection to non-standard kitchen sink faucets.

Connectivity apart, this water filter makes the taste better by eliminating the foul odor. It ensures tasteful water with fresh and clean tones.

Without any wait, it allows you to get the water instantly. There is no long wait for the water. It lets you get filter water whenever you open the tap.

Again, clear housing lets you view everything. It makes it easy to see any defects or leakage issues so you can fix them.

Best of all, its filtration system works more than your expectations, particularly for chlorine. After installing, it takes only 5 minutes to purify water.

The standout of the iSpring Countertop Water Filtration System is that it offers up to 30 days guarantee with a refund. In addition, it also provides a one-year warranty on technical issues.

  • Clear to see and install
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Large filter and better quality
  • Improves taste and odors
  • Instruction could be clear more.
  • No flow restrictor


Thus, the iSpring Countertop Water Filtration System is ultra-safe to use with easy installation and complete filtration. Its specialty is to trap tiny particles that none other water filter does in this efficient way. Also, there are lots of handy essentials included for both performance and installation.

3- Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System

The Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System is a lightweight, compact, and well performance unit. It is manufactured to provide high-quality filtration, so you stay healthy by drinking contaminant-free water.

Without demanding any help from a professional plumber, it is easy to install. Other than this, it has a whole host of contaminants. This feature is designed to capture organic compounds, sediments, fluoride, lead, sodium, manganese, iron, and more.

Comparatively, it requires less maintenance. You can connect it with the sink in your kitchen. It can provide up to 1,500 gallons of filtered water in its 3-months filter life; then, you will need to replace it.

Indeed, this filtration system is cost-effective. There is no need to spend your money on bottled water because it provides high-quality filtration at less price and in the long term.

It has a coconut shell carbon filter, which runs up to 6 months when it comes to the filters. After that, you have to replace it. However, the filter is dark blue, and there is no need to set it up for use.

It comes with an information flyer and instruction manual, so you connect it with the faucet easily. Also, there are details to know about filter replacement, maintenance, and installation.

Besides that, if you want to learn visually, then it also provides online videos. It demonstrates how to set it up correctly to get the most out of it.

More than that, this brand eases the installation by giving everything you need to get it done. It comes with a service wrench, adapters for non-standard faucets, and a hose.

The performance level is on the next level using the EcoSoft system. It is not only using the more advanced design but also filters water never like before.

It is capable of reducing all the unpleasant tastes so you will get the best quality tasteful water. There are no contaminants, heavy metals, sediments, chlorine, or odors found after filtration.

What’s more? It uses BPA-Free material and allows instant water by removing contaminants efficiently and instantly. It ensures the quality of water without affecting its natural nutrients.

  • Simple to use and install
  • All accessories included
  • Great value for money
  • Affordable and impressive
  • The installation document should be improved.


The Ecosoft Countertop Water Filter System provides amazing quality filtration. It is a good dispense with compact and lightweight design yet powerful technology. It uses plastic construction with BPA-free and ensures you will get valuable clear drinking water at less price.

4- Aquasana Countertop Water Filter System

Aquasana Countertop Water Filter System

The Aquasana Countertop Water Filter System provides the most reliable performance. It is designed to remove up to 97% of chlorine, including 76 types of contaminants that are cool.

Not only that, it is manufactured by America’s leading company. These are the most trusted manufacturers when it comes to water filter systems.

This NSF-certified unit doesn’t let you waste water. There are no harmful contaminants added to your water for drinking. Its filtration process removes lead, pharmaceuticals, and other chemicals in the best way possible.

Its countertop filter design is eye-appealing and easy to use. The small design is simple to store even under your kitchen sink by attaching it to a faucet.

Without permanent fixtures or messy installation, it allows long-lasting durability. The best and standout feature is, it requires fewer filter replacements.

For the filter performance, it features an activated carbon filter. It is designed to eradicate chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, mercury, lead, pharmaceuticals, estrone, and more.

While unboxing, it comes with a flexible hose, adapter, and diverter valve. Hence it makes it easy to compatible with non-standard faucets.

Unlike a standard cylindrical unit, it has a different shape. Inside, it has a rectangular white filter, which makes it nice and compact. Indeed, it is the best water filter for a kitchen countertop with less space in the kitchen.

It has a booklet, so you will get to know about the instructions properly. Even it allows written and virtual instructions for maintenance and replacement of the filter.

It is flawless for reducing up to 76 types of contaminants, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and much more when it comes to performance.

However, its filter’s capacity is 450 gallons and lasts up to 6 months that males fewer filter replacements and great tasting of water.

With an intelligent system featuring the mind, its design is manufactured with the environment in mind. It minimizes plastic and disposable parts, unlike other brands on the market.

However, its two-stage filtration technology is 2 times faster than other models in its range. It processes with four steps: activated carbon filter, catalytic carbon filter, Ion exchange tech, and sub-micron mechanical filtration.

All of these steps make the healthy water clean. As soon as you connect it with your faucet, it will provide instant filter water. There is no need to call your plumber for its installation.

  • Fairly high flow rate
  • Portable and simple
  • NSF certified
  • Extra efficient
  • Use twine cartridge
  • Short lifespan filters
  • Expensive


The Aquasana Countertop Water Filter System is easy to use and install with no plumber required. It doesn’t waste your water and make it clean from every harmful contaminant. Not only that, it improves your health because it is NSF certified.

5- APEX Countertop Water Filter

APEX Countertop Water Filter

Next up, we have the APEX Countertop Water Filter, which makes drinking safe for health. Its filter is producing better quality water by eliminating chlorine, contaminants, sediments, and much more.

Its 3-stage filtration system removes even heavy metals without affecting natural minerals, magnesium, potassium, and more. It ensures you have a pleasant alkaline taste.

Nevertheless, this filtration system eliminates all impurities, odors, and smells. It doesn’t impact the color or natural minerals of water. Hence, you will get high-quality water quality that is good for your health.

Other than that, it increases the water’s pH and balances it that is better for taste. This feature doesn’t purify it and allows you to detoxify the benefits of water to get a healthy lifestyle.

This filtration system works in three stages, and it removes heavy metals in the first stage. Also, it controls microorganisms with KDF-55. It ensures chloramine-free water.

In its second stage, it eliminates the foul odors. With coconut shell-activated carbon, it removes chlorine maximally.

While the last stage of filtration lowers the acidity and raises the water’s pH due to Calcite; thus, you will get the best quality filter water that many nutritionists recommend.

Best of all, there is no mess to deal with the filtration. This system comes with all setups, and you just need to install it on an existing faucet in your kitchen.

Not only that, but it is also helpful for a bunch of faucets, so you have the correct size. In this regard, it offers two adapters. Each filter will produce up to 1500 gallons of water and last for approx. 6 months.

Apart from its compatibility with a range of faucets, it is made from high-quality material. It is also completing all the quality standards by NSF and ANSI.

What’s more? All the parts are imported from the US, and all hardware is included. It is also passed with an individually passed test for quality and sanitizing.

Unlike other filtration systems, it is an ideal purchase for household needs of drinking. Not only is its performance effective, but also easy to maintain and install.

  • NSF certified
  • Easy installation
  • Improves the taste of water
  • Slim and portable
  • At the end of filter life, it doesn’t provide better quality


Hence, this filtration system offers a better taste of water and contributes to water-borne illness and other impurities. As a result, you will get the best performance from this water filter.

6- RKIN AlcaPure Reverse Countertop Water Filter

RKIN AlcaPure Reverse Countertop Water Filter

THE RKIN AlcaPure Reverse Countertop Water Filter is our excellent recommendation due to its killing performance and features.

It would make you happy if you don’t want any installation. This unit comes with zero installation, which’s quite interesting.

The most impressive feature is, it purifies any tap water into pure form. It lets you maintain a healthy life by drinking soft, refreshing, and delicious water without any contaminants.

Apart from that, it raises the pH level and balances it between 7-8 pH. There is a reverse osmosis filtration function. It affects best on it and provides you the best bangs for your bucks.

Not only for your kitchen, but it is also suggested for condos, RV’s, and apartments. It uses space-saving technology that doesn’t make you worry when it comes to placement.

In addition to this, its compact design allows you to place it even under the kitchen cabinets. Also, the material is BPA free which ensures removing contaminants up to 99%.

For the functionality, it works on four stages of filtration. Its first stage of filtration works against five-micron sediments. It traps large particles due to a unique gradient pore structure.

Also, it eliminates the deposits, sands, and rust effectively without any issue.

The second filtration stage is equipped with a coconut-based activated carbon filter. It can get rid of harmful chemicals such as odors, VOCs, pesticides, and other chemicals.

While its third stage of filtration provides a reverse osmosis membrane, it cleans the water virtually up to 75 gallons per day. It ensures you will get harm-free water.

The last stage of this filter offers AlcPure technology. This makes better taste by balancing the calcium and magnesium for Alkaline pH.

For added convenience, it comes assembled. That said, there is no need to mess in the home because zero installation is required.

All you will need is to follow the most straightforward rules. These include that unpack the filter and placing it on your kitchen counter. In the next step, you have to plug the AC adapter into the electrical outlet.

Additionally, you have run the flush for 2 minutes, and it is ready to provide constantly pure and tasteful water.

More than that, there are two colors available with one year warranty and refund guarantee.

  • Space-saving design
  • Zero installation
  • Modern and stylish
  • Perform better
  • Not certified


The RKIN AlcaPure Reverse Countertop Water Filter comes with bells and whistles that you need for high-quality filtration. It features reverse osmosis function and alkaline 7-8 pH, and no installation is required. But it is third-party certified, so you should check that before making it a purchase.

7- Lake Industries Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter

Lake Industries Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter

The Lake Industries Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter would be a perfect deal. Professional nutritionists suggest it because of its high-efficiency filtration.

Its easy installation and higher efficiency can eliminate up to 97% of chlorine, chemicals, particles of dust, sand, and rust, and more.

This water filter system has successfully made the top-rated product in a short period for many reasons, so let’s discuss.

It offers the most appealing look. Stainless steel construction doesn’t make only reliable but also provides the highest durability. It uses a KDF cartridge, which makes its performance to the next level.

Its unsurpassed performance makes the taste of water better. It eliminates all the odors, VOCs, and radon up to 97%.

Not only that, it ensures high-quality filtration without chemicals, organic particles, heavy metals, irons, and other contaminants.

More than that, its filtration capacity is up to 1,000 gallons. It can purify water for up to many months without any need for replacement.

Additionally, there is no need to call an expert plumber for the installation process. It is easy to set up on the countertop beside your sink, and you can do that yourself.

All you will need to attach it with your kitchen faucet, and it is ready to provide filter water at your disposal.

Unlike other models, it only needs the cleanliness of the cartridge once a year. The heavy-duty construction and low maintenance make it the best water filter for countertops available on the market.

Best of all, it allows water to flow fast during the filtration process without any hassle. Its elegant performance will be worth what you have paid for.

When it comes to accuracy, it offers a precise performance by eliminating up to 0.01 particles. Hence, it is the easiest and affordable way to get purified water at an affordable price.

Not only drinking, but it also allows you to cook or make coffee or tea. For your satisfaction, its manufacturers have added a whole 30 days money-back guarantee with no question asked.

  • Easily cleaned
  • 1-step installation
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Replacement of filters is easy
  • Not proper installation can cause leakage


Overall, the Lake Industries Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter is an excellent value for your investment. It offers a 1-step installation process, easy to replace filters, and 97% of trapping contaminants. Hence, its stainless steel construction improves its level of durability at a low price.

8- iFilters Countertop Water Filter

iFilters Countertop Water Filter

iFilters Countertop Water Filter is aimed to provide clean and purify water to stay healthy. It is made from high-quality water quality, and NSF approved. It ensures you get rid of harmful chemicals and contaminants free from water while keeping the healthy minerals.

The flawless quality of water is due to its coconut shell carbon filter. It traps up to 0.5 microns, which is great, unlike other water filtration systems.

Its compact design makes the storage like a breeze. It can clean water up to 750 gallons in its life. So if you want to say goodbye to bottled water with better filtration, then this is the best countertop filter available out there.

The water filter manufacturers promise to provide up to 10x better performance in a less expensive way. It doesn’t make only suitable in your home kitchen but also boats, studios, washing food, coffee, tea, and other household needs.

Moreover, many accessories are included, such as a housing wrench, an adapter to connect non-standard faucets, and an o-ring installation with leakage proof.

Hence, all of the hardware parts are available to install. The replacement of filers is also easy and requires maintenance. It needs changes in the filter in 6-12 months. The cleaning process is also timeless.

Moreover, it allows for many designs and sizes for water filters. Therefore, you have to make sure what your need is for water filtration.

What can it do best? This countertop water filter efficiently cleans the water up to 10 times faster than other models available on the market. It removes sediments, chlorine, lead, contaminants, chemicals, and more.

  • Takes small space
  • Highly efficient
  • Installation easy
  • Accessories include
  • Might face leakage issue after changing the cartridge


To sum up, the iFilters Countertop Water Filter down to 0.5 microns and reduces cysts, particles, rust, dirt, organic chemicals, chlorine, and more. It makes the test better and installation easy without tools. Additionally, there are different designs and sizes available at such an affordable rate.

9- TMJRF2 Countertop Water Filtration System

TMJRF2 Countertop Water Filtration System

TMJRF2 Countertop Water Filtration System is an efficient water system. It is reliable for all tiny homes, apartments, and temporary living spaces.

It has an advanced compact design that makes it easy to fit on all types of sinks. Moreover, its installation process is easy. The installation does not require any additional tool for proper setting.

This unit has an easy-to-use design and reliable system. Additionally, it takes up minimal space. It is easy to set anywhere, such as under the sink or sink top.

It provides pure water throughout the home. Thus, the whole house enjoys bacteria-free water.

It is made to remove fluorine elements from water. It easily removes 93% of fluorine and 98% of chlorine, along with other chemicals. That makes an exceptional water quality and removes all types of bad smells and tastes from it.

Furthermore, it contains replaceable granular filters. These fine filters do not allow the water to be passed unfiltered.

It installed a compression disk at the inlet and outlet disk. Moreover, the disk is also available between the filter layers. All this ensures an even filtration activity for the water. It requires to be changed after every three months.

Furthermore, the filters fit exactly into space. It can remove all the dangers and hazards of leaking. Thus it ensures a great taste of water.

Besides all, the working ability of filters can be checked with the help of chlorine testing strips. These strips provide you with the overall cleaning ability of the filter system.

  • Compact design
  • Space-saving frame
  • Replaceable filters
  • Also, it has an affordable price
  • Do not set the high heat setting


This is the unit that provides the solution to all the problems related to water. It is one of the best options for all health-conscious individuals. Ultimately it offers superior performance, and this performance makes it popular among the users.

10- Cleanwater 4Less Countertop Filtration System

Cleanwater 4Less Countertop Filtration System

Cleanwater 4Less Countertop Filtration System is designed for safe water supply to the whole home. Keeping all its features in mind, it is contemporary yet elegant.

It is well-built filtration equipment. More than this, it consists of a stainless steel framework. Thus it exactly matches the kitchen’s interior. Its compact design makes it look more lavish and unique. Moreover, it consists of efficient quality filters.

These filters are not replaceable. It comes with detailed installation instructions and a large number of pre-filters. Besides this, Granular activated carbon removes almost 97% of chlorine. It maintains the real taste and odor of water.

All the sediments, volatile organic compounds, and harmful microorganisms are eliminated from the water.

This countertop filter is easy to install. Additionally, it has a stylish diverter valve. This valve quickly switches the filtered water to tap water. This is a versatile feature and works well in the kitchen.

Similarly, this valve keeps in the same position. It removes all the leaking damages. It does not require additional tools and equipment for the proper setting and installment. After proper installing, it can purify 10,000 gallons of water easily.

Furthermore, it is easy and reliable to clean. All parts are cleaned with high efficiency. This cleaning action improves the functional ability of the filtration system.

In addition to all this, the unit consists of two faucet adapters. These faucet filters ensure the normal pressure of water. Thus, the system can filter one gallon of water instantly.

  • Stainless steel framework
  • Highly efficient in working
  • Much better than pitcher filters
  • Great taste water
  • Faucet adapter
  • Also, Clogs up quickly


Above all, it saves many. Other expensive filtration systems do have many features. But they stress the budget. But this is an all in all machine that fully facilitates the user in all ways. This countertop water filter begins the delivery of a fresh, crispy, and natural taste of water.

Countertop Water Filters Buying Guide 2021

CounterTop Water Filter for Kitchen

Let’s know why you should use countertop water filters?

What Are the Countertop Water Filters?

Like other water filters, the countertop is also designed to filter water from contaminants, particles, chemicals, etc. However, they are efficient, portable, easy to use, and don’t occupy significant space on your kitchen countertop.

How Does It Work?

It works simply, unlike faucet water filters. You have to place them near the faucet and attach the system with its aerator. Install it properly by reading the instruction manual. When it’s done, run the faucet and turn on the valve of the filtration system. You will get dispensed water. That’s all.

What Are the Benefits of Using Counter Top Water Filters

  • Cost-Efficient

Water is our basic need and unfiltered water cause damage to our health and illness. To get filter water, we move to bottled water, which does not make a cost-saving way. You have to drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water daily, and it can be costly for many of us. Regarding this, we move to filters water, and there are many types of filtration systems available. One of them is the countertop water filter. This water filter system is not cost-saving but also offers so many great benefits.

Once you have bought the countertop water filter, it will last at least 3-6 months, depending upon its filter life. After the filter capacity, you have to change the filter. It saves you lots of costs, effort, and time to get filtered water whenever you want at the comfort of your home.

  • Better for The Environment

Out of the countertop filter’s amazing benefits, it is also better for the environment. It is because you all have to buy a filtration system and install it, then drink water. However, when it comes to bottle filtered water, as we drink, we throw it. That bottle is further recycled, and in this process, the plastic doesn’t break down completely. Then the water bottle doesn’t affect our health but also not safe for the environment. Not only that, but water bottles also come with toxins such as BPA, which we drink that causes healthy illness.

On the other hand, the countertop filter doesn’t feel safe for our health but also the environment. It doesn’t spread plastic and filters water in the best way.

  • Low Maintenance

Either we have the best faucet water filter or the best whole house water filter. Both require maintenance. But when it goes to the countertop water filter, you don’t need to maintain it. It makes a convenient option for filtering water. Also, they come pre-assembled, unlike other filtration systems. The only thing is to replace the filter when it has completed its capacity.

Replacement of filters is not a messy way as compared to other water filter systems. You can simply do it without calling or paying a plumbing fee. In all that said, the best counter water filter requires low maintenance.

  • Easy to Move

Apart from the faucet connection, they are easy to move. Mostly they come with a compact design, which increases the portability factor. Thus, you can move them from one place to another without any hassle and store them anywhere you want. It is because they don’t require attachment with the sink. So once you have done your job, you can store them for later use.

  • Clean Water

Like other water filtration systems, it also cleans the water but less expensively and effectively. You can conveniently get high-quality filtered water from it. It can filter out contaminants, chemicals, chlorine, herbicides, particles, dust, sand, rust, and other unpleasant material from the water.

Depending on the models, it can remove the maximum of contaminants and other impurities to get the best quality of filtered water.

Things to Consider while buying Countertop Water Filter

Before purchasing the countertop water filter, let us know which things you should consider.

  • Water Test

First of all, you should have to know what is in your water. It is because the filters are designed for specific contaminants. So it requires knowing what is inside your water.

In this regard, you contact your local water supplier or get scales from the market to know water quality. You can also check the water quality and pH level at home using the best water testing kits. After determining it, you have to look for the filter type to decide which one is completing your needs.

  • Understand Your Use Case

Here is another thing convenient to make the best purchase for a countertop water filter. You have to determine which is best, a faucet water filter or water filter pitcher?

  • Faucet Water Filter

The faucet water filter needs connectivity to the main supply of water using the faucet. The basic thing that you need to understand is that water flows into your system directly from the faucet via a pipeline. Then the work is at the end of the countertop water filter to dispense the water for drinking.

In general, this type of filter is easy to use, efficient, rather than others. They also require less maintenance, and you can install them without any hassle.

The only downside of this type of filter system is to know the ideal of how much water has been filtered with time. Most of them don’t come with an indicator for replacement when it comes to filtering.

  • Water Filter Pitcher

Another type of water filtration is a water filter pitcher, which doesn’t require a connection for your faucet. It will filter the well water out of your current kitchen faucet straight into the pitcher. Hence, you will get filtered water for drinking. But it needs replenishing whenever water pressure is less in the waterline.

Additionally, they are not an instant way to clean water because they take up to 15 minutes for filtration. Perhaps, they are not easy for you to use. But the benefit is, you can carry the pitcher wherever you want, even on vacation.

  • Size and Space

The most important factor is the size and space so you can place them easily where you want. So before making a purchase, it is good to get the best countertop filter according to your kitchen. If it is large, you can have the bigger one; otherwise, you have to get the filter’s compact size. It makes proper adjustments to fit in the kitchen.

  • Filtration Ratings

It is worth knowing about filtration rating. It is because each filter comes with specific technology in mind. Some can remove all types of or maximum types of contaminants, while some are good for chlorine. Some units are good for heavy metals and vice versa. It makes you take a wise decision and knowing the filtrating ratings before purchasing.

  • Maintenance

When you buy an appliance, it requires some or high maintenance. You have to maintain it for more prolonged use. Similarly, when you buy the countertop filter, you should look at its care. There are different requirements in this regard. Thus, you should manually check it.

For instance, every filter comes with a fixed duration for performance. When it eventually reaches a point, it will no longer provide filtered water. Then you have to buy a new one. So, for the replacement filter, you have to fix it. It might not be easy to buy again, or there are several other reasons.

In short, you have to take the best filter, which requires less maintenance and works effectively till its filter’s life.

  • Cost

This factor depends on several other factors. Let’s take an example to comprehend you. There are lots of manufactures that provide expensive models with fewer features. Simultaneously, some offer great features with a heavy price and some less price with the best quality and vice versa.

You have to look at its features to know that they are worth your investment.

  • Ease of Use

The countertop filter should be easy to use. It depends on its design. But the countertop provides maximum ease when it comes to using. The process of installation should be easy, and replacement filters won’t be a hassle. Make sure about it!

A quick Installation Guide

Let’s follow these steps:

  • Find a place around your kitchen faucet.
  • At the end of the faucet, you will find an aerator. Remove it.
  • Now install the water filter here.
  • Attach the diverter valve and screw it tighten.
  • To get the appropriate direction for the diverter valve, rotate it.
  • Now turn on the handle of the valve diverter and run the tap/faucet.
  • At first, let the water run up to 5 minutes.
  • Now it is ready to drink.
  • Make sure you have switched back your diverter valve back after pouring water.


1- Is A Countertop Water Filter Better Than Bottled Water?

The only thing is the price that can differentiate it. But you should also know that bottled water is not better for the environment and somewhat for your health. Comparatively, the countertop water filter is safe for both humans and the environment.

2- Can I Attach A Countertop Water Filter To Other Faucets?

No, you can not attach it with more than 1 faucet at a time. It is only designed for one faucet. If you need to attach the other one, then you can connect them after detaching from the first one.

3- What Contaminants Can Be Eliminated By The Countertop Water Filter?

A best countertop water filter can eliminate contaminants, chemicals, herbicides, heavy metals, and other particles. It also depends on the water filter manufacturers. Some filters eradicate specific contaminants, so make your which one is best for you before buying.

The Conclusion

As you have seen, the best countertop water filters. You have an idea of how important it should be and which one is the best filter for you. All things apart, health should be your priority and if you don’t want to compromise over it, choose which one can complete your needs. Besides that, we are 24/7 here to help you, so let us know if you have any queries.

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