Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews

To get a hold of safe and clean drinking water, it is imperative that you choose the best countertop water filter which will serve all your needs to the fullest. As you know that there are some contaminants which are present in your water source which affect your water and end up bringing harm to your body, especially in the long run. Just like your bath tub needs a cleaning spray, your house needs a water filtration system. When you use a countertop filter for drinking water, you not only are able to remove the harmful chemicals and other contaminants in your body but also you get a safe drinking water as the filter alkalinizes your water. 

Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews

With all the different sorts of water filters available in the market, it becomes quite difficult for an amateur to pick the best water filter which could fit the bill. Half knowledge about the genre often leads to one making poor choices, and later regretting the money he has spent on a product. Since it is always better to be safe than sorry, we have come up with a handful of water filters which could be an ideal choice for you. Keep reading further to find out everything you need to know about the water filters and which ones are the best in the market.

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5 Best Countertop Water Filters Reviewed

1. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Countertop Water Filter

If you want a top quality countertop water filter for your needs, to provide you with clean drinking water, and remove all the contaminants from the water source, then Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Countertop Water Filter could be a great option for you to look at. This water filter will remove about 93% of chlorine, fluoride, and various harmful chemicals which are present in the water. 

The compact design of the Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Countertop Water Filter ensures easy handling, and that it will not take up excessive space in your kitchen or wherever you choose to install it. The design of the filter looks attractive too, and you could fit the filter anywhere you like without facing a problem of any sort. 

One of the best things about the Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Countertop Water Filter is the fact that it is easy for a layman to install it and carry it around to various places, as and when he wishes to.


  • It has a compact design which makes it easier for a user to carry it anywhere he wants
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to install
  • Removes 93% contaminants from the water


  • The filters of this model are difficult to replace, which means you need to be extremely careful while using this filter

2. Aquasana Countertop Drinking Water Filter System

Over the years, Aquasana has delivered promising water filter systems to the users and the Aquasana Countertop Drinking Water Filter System is a perfect example which demonstrates the quality of the brand. This efficient piece of product is guaranteed to get rid of 97% of the contaminants which might be present in your water source, ensuring that all you get is clean drinking water. 

With the Aquasana Countertop Drinking Water Filter System, you will be able to eliminate harmful chemicals such as lead, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, etc, and also get rid of the smells and bad tastes which affect your water

When you have the Aquasana Countertop Drinking Water Filter System at your home, the water you drink becomes healthier as the filter retains elements like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. There is no permanent fix for the filter, making it a mobile filter, extremely suitable for those who travel frequently.


  • Removes 97% of the contaminants present in your water
  • Perfect for those who travel
  • Makes your water healthier by retaining the elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium


  • It is a bit slow

3. Royal Berkey Water Filter 3 Gallon System Bundle

If you want a water filter system that does not affect the taste of your drinking water while simultaneously eliminating the contaminants which might be present in your water source, then the Royal Berkey Water Filter 3 Gallon System Bundle is an ideal model for you to consider. The company guarantees that the product is able to filter 3000 gallons of water before there is any need to replace it. 

The best thing about the Royal Berkey Water Filter 3 Gallon System Bundle is the fact that there is no change in how the water tastes, when you use it properly. You can keep the water stored in the stainless steel container for ages, but the taste of the water will not change at all. 

The Royal Berkey Water Filter 3 Gallon System Bundle uses filtering system which removes germs, pesticides, herbicides, and organic solvent. It also reduces the nitrates that are present in the water while keeping the essential minerals intact.


  • There is no change in taste
  • Removes various nitrates from the water
  • Filters 3000 gallons of water before you replace it


  • The instructions you get for the installation process are poor

4. CleanWater4Less Countertop Water Filtration System

The CleanWater4Less Countertop Water Filtration System is one of the most cost-effective models which are currently available, which is why it is an extremely popular model. Not only does it come at a decent budget but also it offers high efficiency to the users. 

To add to it, the CleanWater4Less Countertop Water Filtration System has a top-tier water filtering capacity. The model is capable of filtering out the contaminants in nearly 10,000 gallons of water before you need to replace it. Along with that, the water filter also helps you get rid of bacteria, dangerous minerals, and harmful chemicals from your water. With that, you have safe and clean drinking water at your service.


  • Can filter up to 10,000 gallons of your water
  • Eliminates harmful bacteria from your water
  • Comes with an excellent instruction manual which helps easy installation


  • You do not get a warning for a change in filter, after it reaches the 10,000 gallon mark

5. Santevia CounterTop Water Filtration System

If you are looking for a water filtration system that helps you save money in the long run on filters and bottled water, then Santevia CounterTop Water Filtration System is a serious option to look for. This filter goes through an 8-stage water filtration system which ensures that the water you in-take is safe to drink. 

Although the Santevia CounterTop Water Filtration System is a little bit expensive, the overall cost it saves you in the long run will compensate for it well within a year. This system is a gravity-powered system which cleans your tap, as well as remineralizes the water you drink, making it healthier for you.

All in all, the Santevia CounterTop Water Filtration System is easily a top choice for you to go for, especially with the contaminants and other harmful chemicals which it removes from your water source.


  • You do not need electricity to run this water filter
  • It comes with an excellent customer service
  • The water you get to drink is crystal clear and safe
  • The water filtration process goes through 8 stages


  • The filters are a little hard to change

6. APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Quality Dual Countertop Water Filter

APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Quality Dual Countertop Water Filter is an alkaline model which is extremely easy to install and set up, without having the need to call up a plumber to do the work for you. It is one of the most effective water filters currently available in the market. With this model, you can easily get rid of chlorine, asbestos, arsenic and lead, and also helps to filter out pathogens such as giardia and cryptosporidium, which are factors that cause waterborne illnesses

The APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Quality Dual Countertop Water Filter is a dual set-up water filter which comes with a five-stage process of filtering the water. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about its installation because this is a standard model which fits right in with the domestic faucet models. 

Along with these, the manufacturer of APEX EXPRT MR-2050 Quality Dual Countertop Water Filter offers the users a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure 100% satisfaction of the consumer. On top of that, there is a 1-year warranty against the material and workmanship defects.


  • Easy to install
  • Removes harmful chemicals and prevent waterborne diseases
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Can fit with mostly all the domestic faucets


  • It is good only if you are looking for an Alkaline model, otherwise it is not good for you

7. Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water System

What makes the Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water System stand-out among its competitors is the 10-stage water filtration process that it goes through. Usually, there are about 5 stages which other water filters go through, but this one goes through 10 stages, assuring the users safe drinking water. 

Each stage removes the dirt, debris, sediment, toxins, and other contaminants from the water which leaves nothing but crystal clear and pure water for you to drink. With the reverse osmosis system in this model, the water which is wasted is less, and the price is not sky high either. 

Along with that, in the Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water System, you can easily change the filters without much of a hassle and get rid of over 92% contaminants present in the water. All in all, it is an excellent product to consider.


  • You can easily change the system’s filters
  • The reverse osmosis ensures less wastage of water
  • Instructions are easy to understand and well-written
  • There is a 10-stage water filtration process


  • Takes a lot of time to install this water filter

What Is A Countertop Water Filter?

A countertop water filter is basically a device which you can install right next to your sink so that you get clean drinking water. When you have one of these installed, the water quality you drink is improved massively because these water filters eliminate 90% of the harmful chemicals and other contaminants which might be present in your water source. Thus, with one of these at your home, you can simply take a glass of water and drink it without any care in the world about harmful chemicals which you could possibly intake. When you have a countertop water filter, you do not have to be dependent on a plastic bottle to drink crystal clear and pure water. 

What Is A Countertop Water Filter?

Not only do the countertop water filters provide you clean water, free from all the harmful chemicals, but also these are easier to install and carry around because of their compact size. Thus, if you are one of those who travel frequently, then a Countertop Water Filter is a perfect fit for your vacation.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Countertop Water Filters

With the wide variety of countertop water filters available in the market, it becomes difficult for a user to pick one of the thousands products available to them. It is like picking a needle in a haystack and you know how hectic it could turn out to be. To narrow down your search for a water filter, there are a few things that you must consider and that will help you save your time in choosing the model you finally choose. The things to consider are: 

1. Type

It is pivotal that you know the kind of filter which you want to use as there are two different kinds of water filters in the market; Water Filter Pitcher and Faucet Filters. Without knowing the kind of filter you want, you can never make the perfect decision for yourself. 

  • Water Filter Pitcher

The water filter pitchers are those filters which are not connected to your faucet but still ensure that you get clean drinking water. If your skin has a narrow or a small countertop, then a water filter which is not connected to the faucet is an ideal option for you because you can place the water filter on another counter, like it is a completely different appliance. These usually work the best for those who are running a small business or simply want one of these for an office environment. One major drawback associated with these is that you have to frequently refill the water filter. 

  • Faucet Filters

Going by the name, you must have figured out that these types of water filters directly connect with your faucet. Such water filters are extremely efficient when it comes to the filtration of your water. Moreover, these water filters are easier to use than the water filter pitcher. If you want to get the best countertop water filter for your household, then the faucet filters should be your automatic choice. The installation of these water filters takes a few minutes as they can easily attach to the faucet’s aerator without being troublesome. One of the major drawbacks of using the Faucet filters is that you cannot figure out the amount of water that has been filtered, therefore, you need to keep a check on that. 

2. Filtration Capacity

The filtration capacity of your water filter is also an essential thing which you need to consider. The main aim of these water filters is to remove the harmful chemicals, foul tastes, bad odours, heavy metals, sediments, etc from your water source. However, the filtration capacity of these water filters vary from model to model. While some of the water filters are efficient enough to quickly get rid of chlorine from the water, the others might take time to perform the same task. Some could easily remove the chloramines from the water source, some are unable to do the same. Some can remove the contaminants from the water source, but simultaneously, they remove essential and beneficial minerals from the water as well. 

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Countertop Water Filters

Keeping all of that in mind, you must know the primary elements you want to remove from the water you drink. There are water test kits which are available in the market which can help you find that out. With these kits, you will have the answer to everything, such as the hardness of the water, pH level of the water, heavy metal concentration, etc. After the test results are out, you can look for the water filter that primarily removes those elements. 

3. Size

Size of your water filter should be according to the size of your kitchen because you do not want a water filter which will take up the entire space and leave the other appliances out. You need to plan properly, about where you will fit your water filter before you buy it. If you choose a faucet filter, you must go for a model that will fit beside your faucet, either on the sink or the counter. This is also the scenario with the pitcher filters as some of them are too small and can fit in anywhere. 

4. Alkaline Water

Some of the water filters available in the marker make your water more alkaline and alkaline water helps in boosting your immune system. Furthermore, it has anti-aging properties, helps in weight loss, hydrates your skin, and helps your digestive system as well. There are special filter cartridges which come, that help in making your water more alkaline. Thus, if you too want such benefits, then you should go for the alkaline models. 

5. Price

Everyone has a specific budget that he can spend on certain products and the water filters are no exceptions. You need to know how much money you are willing to spend to get yourself a water filter because there are thousands of water filters available in the market and all of them come under a different price range. Usually, there is a myth cemented in the mind of a user that the more expensive the product, the better quality it gives. It is not true in a lot of cases, especially because there are a lot of water filters which could be perfect for you, doesn’t matter how much they cost. 

It all depends on what you need because some models help in getting rid of heavy metals while some are perfect to eliminate pesticides and pharmaceuticals off of your water. Therefore, it all depends on what you require because even if you spend money, you might not be able to get the job done. 

6. Taste

It is a known fact that once you use a water filter to drink water, the taste of the water changes and some people complain about the water tasting bad. Most of the people are used to drinking chlorinated water and it is difficult to make a sudden shift from chlorinated water to unchlorinated water. 

Water filters also tend to remove a few healthy minerals from the water as well. Hard water contains a large amount of magnesium and calcium, and these two minerals create limestone. People have gotten used to drinking hard water over the years, especially because it is usually difficult to get rid of limestone. There are a few water filters that remove the calcium and magnesium from your water easily and efficiently. 

When you remove these elements from your water, the taste of the water ought to change because there are lesser minerals present in your water. Having said that, if you get a water filter that remineralizes the water you drink, you can avoid the whole change of taste to some extent. Those water filters add calcium and magnesium to the drinking water which makes the water tastier as well as healthier, simultaneously. 

7. Maintenance

When you choose to buy a water filter for your needs, you also sign up to regular maintenance which your water filter requires. It doesn’t matter how expensive your water filter is, you will still have to keep a check on the maintenance. There is a maximum point of each filter which varies from model to model. It is extremely important that you do not use the water filter after it has reached its maximum capacity because then, it is as good as drinking tap water. Each model has different capacity as some reach in 4 months while some reach in 12 months. 

One thing you must keep in mind is that the price of the water filter doesn’t contribute to the longevity of the water filter. There are some water filters which are cheaper but still have a maximum capacity of 12 months and at the same time, there are expensive water filters which last only 4 months. There are some models which use four filters to purify your water and once they reach their maximum capacity, you have to change all four of them. Thus, you should know how much a change of filter will cost you before you buy one. 

8. Ease of Use

As we have mentioned above, the faucet water filters are easier for you to use as compared to the pitcher water filters. Faucet water filters have to be installed close to where your sink and faucet are, which is not the case with the pitcher water filters. All you need to do is turn the switch on and you will be able to use the filter. Pitcher Water Filters, however, do not enjoy the same privilege because you have to ensure that the container is often refilled, if you are to enjoy full benefits of the water filter. 

Usually, it is not a problem, especially because some models can store 5 gallons of water. The problem arises when you are at your office or when your home is busy with whatever reason. In such a case, you fail to realise how 5 gallons of water ran out quickly. One huge boost this water filter has is that you can add fresh fruit and vegetables into this pitcher to drink infused water rather than simply drinking regular water. With this, you can improve on your health.

Pros and Cons of Countertop Water Filters

There are two sides to everything and countertop water filters are not an exception. There are various advantages as well as disadvantages of having countertop water filters to yourself and you must do extensive research before you finally come to a decision. Some of the advantages and disadvantages have been mentioned below:

Advantages of Countertop Water Filters: 

  • Cheap

One of the biggest advantages of having a countertop water filter is the fact that they come under everyone’s budget because they are extremely cheap. When you compare other filtering solutions to this, you will see how you only have to pay a small fraction of money, when compared to these solutions. At the same time, they offer high-quality and positive results to the users, which helps in making an average user come to a decision. 

  • Easy Installation

The countertop water filters are effortless to install. These come in two different kinds of models; Faucet Models, and Water Filter Pitchers. To use the faucet models, all you need to do is connect them to your faucet and you are ready to go. The water filter pitchers, on the other hand, do not require any sort of installation, they just require an assembling process. To use them, all you need to check is whether the filter cartridges are fit into the right place. When they are, you can use them for good. 

  • Space Saver

Another thing that makes the case for the countertop water filters is their compact size. They are not the smallest in the market because some models are capable of storing 5 gallons of water, but some of the best countertop water filters which are available to you, are smaller in size and do not take up half of your kitchen’s space. 

  • Low Maintenance

Unlike glass shower doors with hard stains, you don’t need to regularly maintain your countertop water filters. Once your water filter has reached its maximum capacity, you simply have to change the filter cartridges and it will be as good as new. There are some countertop water filter models that come with an in-built feature which helps you figure out when to change the cartridges. There are different ways which indicate that it is time to change the cartridges. There is either a colour-coded system to warn you about changing the filter, or a counter to tick the gallons of water you have filtered. Either way, it is extremely helpful and you do not have to keep a count to change the filter. 

  • Efficient

Another advantage which influences the average user’s decision to buy the countertop water filter is the fact that these water filters are extremely effective despite their compact size. The models, especially the ones we talked about, are guaranteed to remove over 90% of the harmful chemicals and contaminants which are present in your water. These include heavy metals, herbicides, chlorine, foul smells and tastes, debris, fluoride, pesticides, chloramine, pharmaceuticals, etc. 

  • Easy Priming

With the Countertop water filters, it becomes easier for you to prime the filter cartridges as it is a necessary step you need to take before you use any kind of a filtering solution. Mostly, the manufacturer provides the users all the instructions they need to know to successfully complete the priming process. Sometimes, you even get a video which demonstrates how one can prime his unit. 

  • Remineralized Water

Some of the countertop water filters often remineralize your water after filtering it. Sometimes, when your water is filtered, along with the contaminants, some essential minerals are also filtered, which are pivotal for your health. However, these filters remineralize your water and make sure that you get all the minerals you need and improve your overall health. 

Disadvantages of Countertop Water Filters

Although there are a lot of advantages which incline you towards the countertop water filters, there are some disadvantages it comes with, as well. Some of the disadvantages of these water filters are: 

  • Aspect

No matter how attractive the design of the water filter is, it is still going to tamper with the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

  • Not Overly Efficient

There is no doubt that the countertop water filters remove over 90% of the contaminants off of your water source. However, there are a lot of other water filtering solutions present in the market which do the job more efficiently and get rid of more contaminants as compared to the countertop water filters. 

  • Single Point

One of the major drawbacks of countertop water filters is that you can connect them to only a single faucet at one time, whereas in other water filtering solutions, you have an option to connect multiple faucets.  

  • Slow Filtration Rate

Countertop water filters are not the fastest filtering solutions present to the users. Even though some models have a faster rate of filtration as compared to the others, they are still on the slower side.

How to Install A Countertop Water Filter

Installing a Countertop Water Filter is not a rocket science and you do not need an expert to install the water filter for you. You would probably need to get an adjustable wrench to complete the installation process, but there are some models that come with plastic wrenches for you to do. To install a Countertop Water Filter, you need to follow these steps: 

  1. First of all, you need to place your water filter right next to the faucet and ensure that the filter is close enough for the water line to connect the filter and faucet without bringing any interference in your movement. 
  2. Now, you need to remove the aerator from your faucet. 
  3. Now you need to see whether the faucet has an outside thread or an inside thread. If it is an outside thread, then you simply need to connect the filter. However, if it is an inside thread, then you need to connect your adaptor to your faucet and screw in the filter. 
  4. Now you will have to attach the diverter valve to the faucet and right after you start the water, the water will flow out of the faucet.

How Do Countertop Water Filters Work?

It might seem a little easy to use a Countertop Water Filter, but it is really not as easy as it comes off to the naked eye. It takes a lot of complicated steps to filter the drinking water, which is usually the same for every model, except for those models that take extra steps to filter. If you want to know how they do it, simply scroll down: 

  • Mechanical Filtration

Mechanical filtration is the first step involved in the process where the water is pushed through a filter with small pores. The pores are generally between .1 – 0.3 microns and remove any trace of the rust, sediment, impurities and other particles which end up contaminating your water. This step also gets rid of bacteria and parasites. 

  • Water Softening

After the mechanical filtration, the next step is the water softening, which eliminates the toxins and heavy metals from your water source. This process is done with ion exchange resins which remove calcium and magnesium in the water, resulting in your water being softer. 

  • Activated Carbon Filtration

The most important step in the filtration system is none other than activated carbon filter because it removes all the harmful chemicals from your water such as pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, disinfectants, volatile organic compounds, etc.

How Do Countertop Water Filters Work?

  • Alkalization (Optional)

Alkalization is an optional step taken in the process where the infrared rays are used to make the water more alkaline as it ionizes the acidic components present in the water. 

  • KDF Filtration (Optional)

With KDF filtration, the elements such as lead, mercury, chlorine, iron, and hydrogen sulfide in the water is further neutralised. 

  • Silver Filter(Optional)

This step eliminates toxins, heavy metals, and viruses which might still be present in the water. 

  • Remineralization (Optional)

Here, calcium and magnesium are released into the water which makes your water healthier to drink.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does the countertop water filter remove chlorine from the tap water?

Yes, the chlorine is eliminated completely from your water. 

Q. Which is a better choice to go for? Filtered water or bottled water?

Countertop Water Filter is easily the better option because it ensures that you are drinking clean water and the bottled water is also a little bit expensive.

Q. Does the taste of water and the water flow rate indicate the need to change the filter?

No, the taste and water flow rate of your filter has no role in this. You can check the maximum capacity of the filter before you buy it.

Q. Is it possible for me to connect the water filter to multiple faucets?

It is one of the major drawbacks of Countertop Water Filters that it only connects with one faucet at a time. 

Q. Is it possible for bacteria to grow in the faucet water filter?

Yes, it is quite common for bacteria to grow in the faucet itself, if not taken care of properly. Thus, it is important that you flush the water for about 20 seconds before you turn on your filter and drink the water. You should also wait for another 5 to 10 seconds after you have turned the water filter on.

Q. Do I have to have a big countertop to install the water filter?

No, that is not required because these are compact in size.

A Final Word

If you have been procrastinating getting the best countertop water filter for your household, now is the time to make a decision. It is always beneficial for your health when you drink safe and clean drinking water, free from all the contaminants and other harmful chemicals and the above-mentioned models will do the job for you.

On an ending note, we personally recommend you to buy:

Of all these products, our favourite here is the Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water System, especially because of its ability to save water and the fact that it goes through 10 stages to give you clean drinking water.

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