Berkey Shower Filter Review – Filter with Massaging Shower Head

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Berkey Shower Filter Review

Clean water means healthy life, whether you are drinking or showering. Most people are only concerned about drinking clean water but overlook the quality of water in their showers. What they forget is that dirty water contains contaminants like heavy metals that can vaporize on heating and enter bodies through the lungs.

Harmful minerals can also form tough limescale stains on fixtures and clog showerheads. Worse still impurities can make your skin dry and itchy and ruin your hair. So, if you are a busy person with less time to check and purify your water before showering, getting a suitable shower head filter like Berkey should be a great step. To help you with your search, here is the Berkey shower filter review to get started.

Berkey Shower Filter Review

Berkey manufacturers have been in the water industry for a long time, providing high-quality filtration systems for family usage. Berkey shower filter is designed with ultra-pure KDF 55 media that removes chlorine and other water-soluble heavy metals like mercury and lead.

The showerhead also removes bad odors caused by hydrogen sulfide and reduces the effects of mineral stains on fixtures. This results in cleaner water with a pleasant smell, which is also soft and gentle on your skin. Berkey shower head filter is compatible with any existing showerhead, and you don’t need to buy anything else.

Features of Berkey Shower Filter

There are various reasons why should consider buying a shower head filter. However, the universal reason is to remove contaminants and soften the water before allowing it on your hair and skin. Therefore, if the price of the filter is not a significant factor to consider, check for the following features in your Berkey shower filter;

Berkey Shower Filter
  • Highly Effective

No filter will give you everything you need in the shower. This means what is crucial is how effective your filter is in removing contaminants and bad odor from your water. Therefore, if your sole purpose of buying a shower filter is to reduce the effects of harmful contaminants and unpleasant smells, then the Berkey shower filter is your choice.

This filter removes 95% of harmful components such as; chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, and iron. Its KDF 55 filtration media also inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms growing in most showerheads, including bacteria, fungi, and algae. However, it does not remove hard minerals, although it reduces the formation of limescale on your bathtub and shower walls.

  • Filtration Capacity

Filtration capacity refers to how many water gallons a filter can clean before replacement. When the first model of Berkey was released, it was rated to clean 10,000 gallons of water or last for 12 months. However, the upgraded version of the same model can clean up to 25,000 gallons within the same year.

This is a great advantage considering the price of the filter. Although Berkey is more expensive than other filtration systems, it has a higher capacity that saves you replacement costs. It is also four times durable than other shower filters. Berkey filter also has a backflush tool that keeps the filtration media cleaner and suitable for heavily contaminated water.

  • Flow Rate

The flow rate of any shower filter is determined by the showerhead. Additionally, federal regulations limit shower head filterThe showerhead determines the flow rate of any shower filterte regulations have reduced this flow rate to 1.8 gallons per minute to conserve water.

Fortunately, the Berkey shower filter can flow at a maximum of 2.5 gallons per minute, depending on your shower head. Other factors determining flow rate are water pressure and contaminants levels. However, the backflushing feature in the Berkey filter helps it to maintain a maximum flow rate by limiting the build-up of large particles that can clog the filters.

  • Easy Installation

Berkey shower filter comes with easy-to-read installation instructions, making it the simplest filter to fix on your shower head. All you need is to remove the showerhead, screw the filter onto the water source, use Teflon tape to seal the threads to prevent leaks, and reconnect the showerhead to the front of the filter.

However, you have to buy the Teflon tape because it is not included in the package. Berkey only sells the filter that can fit on any showerhead.

  • Suitable for both cold and hot water.
  • Its simple design saves space.
  • It does not interfere with the water pressure. Even if it does, the backflushing feature eliminates larger particles accumulating on the shower system and returns the pressure to normal.
  • Suitable for any shower head and allows you to add any handheld showerhead, provided it is of the same size.
  • It is durable with a higher flow rate than other shower head filters.
  • The manufacturers offer s six-month warranty and free replacement for defective products.
  • Doesn’t remove bad odor
  • Not NSF and ANSI certifications.
  • The plastic material is prone to cracking and breaking.

Why Should You Buy Berkey Shower Filter?

Do you think this Berkey shower filter review is enough to make you buy it? If not, you probably need more reasons to choose Berkey filters and not other filters in the market. the first reason is that Berkey has been in the market for a long time to understand your needs for cleaner and softer water.

This shower filter is also suitable for any showerhead, so you don’t have to look for a new shower head when buying this filter. Not forgetting, it’s the simplest filter to fix on the water source in your home, and you can use it anywhere; on the kitchen sink or shower.


Berkey shower filter has proven to be the best choice for people who have little time to treat water before using it. Although it does not remove chloramines and does not soften water, it is a great choice for those who are only concerned with the removal of harmful contaminants and heavy metals from water. Therefore, in our review, we conclude that this shower filter is worth your money.

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