Aquasure Harmony Series Review

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Aquasure Harmony Series Review

Did you know that more than a million people in America have to make use of hard water daily? Hard water has an excessive amount of minerals such as manganese and iron that is greatly harmful to health.

It can cause the user to have dry skin, dingy clothes, red rusty stains on the floors, crockery, and clothes and may even damage hair for some people. Hard water is a very common issue in the States that can affect both city and well water. The hazardous effects of this messy situation are very hard to live with and can cause a lot of trouble for the citizens.

Although, there is an effective and low-cost solution to this mess that will allow you to have better quality water running throughout your entire home. That solution is installing a water softener in your home and enjoying the perks of high-quality freshwater running through your faucets and taps at all times.

There are several water softeners available in the market to choose from. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that they are responsible for ensuring a healthier lifestyle so you need to make a choice wisely.

We have chosen the Aquasure High-Efficiency Water Softener as the perfect choice for city and well water that you can have at your home.

Aquasure Harmony Series Review

What is the one thing, one main purpose that water softeners are there to fulfill? Well, they are installed to get rid of the water of all the hard contaminants and to ensure the quality remains intact.

The science behind water softeners is very simple. In salt-based softeners, magnesium and iron are captured through an ion exchange process that is salt-based and then flushed away. As compared to the latest softeners, the older ones used to be annoying which was one of the reasons why people didn’t give much importance to installing softeners at home. However, as time passed and technology evolved, the water softener systems became much more advanced and convenient to use.

Aquasure Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener

The Aquasure Efficient Water Softener is one of the best new-generation water softeners that you can opt for. It has a grain capacity of 48,000 and is recommended for smaller apartments where around four to five people live in.

It features a high-quality 8-percent resin that is known for its impeccable lifespan. You can replace it every five years or when you feel the softening isn’t as efficient as it used to be. We also appreciated the digital LCD that is completely programmable and made it easier for us to keep an eye out on the regeneration process.

The Aquasure Harmony Efficient Water Softener has three regeneration options that offer excellent efficiency and give you complete control over the unit. The device is also made up of formidable components and has a heavy-duty construction.

  • Capacity

The Aquasure Harmony Series has a grain capacity of 48,000 which is pretty sufficient for a family of around four to five people. But you need to make sure that you test the hardness of water before you make your purchase. If you’re still confused about the size and capacity then Aquasure’s expert guides can help you with that.

  • Footprint

This softener has a very reasonable footprint so it is easy to install but it is very heavy so make sure you have extra help with yourself. If you want to ensure that it doesn’t cause damage to water heaters then keep at least ten feet away from the pipe.

  • Safety feature

One thing that we would like to mention about this unit is the extra safety feature. To ensure the water doesn’t overflow, the brine tank in Aquasure Harmony Water Softener comes with a float that turns off the water when it has reached the desired level.

  • Metered regeneration option available
  • Low water wastage
  • Easy to understand backlit display
  • Straightforward and easy to install
  • The salt tank is quite large, makes it difficult to move

Installation and Maintenance

Like most water softeners in the market, the Aquasure Water Softener also comes with a control head, brine tank, and a resin tank. The head has a smaller footprint but the brine tank is pretty large. This is a balanced volume for placing it anywhere you like and gives it very compact size.

If you have a little know-how of DIY, you will be able to install this unit within five minutes of unpacking. However, the system weighs around 120lbs so you will need some extra help.

Keep one thing in mind that salt-based softeners aren’t accepted everywhere so check for protocols in your building before you purchase it. Another thing that is worth adding here is that a 5-year warranty backs it for extra security against your hard-earned money.

Some FAQs about the Aquasure Harmony Series!

Answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Aquasure Harmony Series Water Softener!

  • Can I use this water softener with well water?

Yes, you can but the iron levels are above 2ppm then make sure you add an iron pre-filter.

  • Is it a compact-sized water softener?

Yes, the water softener comes in a very compact size and can be placed conveniently anywhere.

  • Does the brine tank come equipped with an overflow control system?

Yes, it comes with a safety float that shuts off automatically if the water overfills.


If hard water is an issue for you then installing the Aquasure Harmony Series Water Softener is an incredible option to install in your home. It is going to save you a lot of money that you’re probably going to spend on plumbing and fixing your pipes while you can say bye-bye to the stains on your crockery and floor.

It’s a straightforward installation and a unit worth investing in.

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